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13 of the best receipt apps to earn money in the UK

Looking to make a little extra, or do you need to save money on your weekly shop? Well, plenty of apps pay you to take photos of your receipts and upload them. Here are the best receipt-scanning apps available in the UK.

Selection of receipt scanning apps

Cash for receipts apps in the UK

The apps looked at in this post include:

  1. Shoppix
  2. Amazon Shopper Panel
  3. SnapMyEats
  4. Storewards
  5. ZipZero
  6. Snap & Save
  7. ShopandScan
  8. Swagbucks
  9. CheckoutSmart
  10. Shopmium
  11. GreenJinn
  12. Jisp
  13. Consumer Pulse

Top receipts apps in the UK 2023

There are two types of apps will pay you when you scan receipts.

  • Simple receipt apps – these want to know what you have bought, which can be from a photo of paper receipts or digital receipts can be sent in by email with some apps
  • Cashback apps – these want you to purchase certain items from selected grocery stores and then you send in a copy of your receipt. You’ll then receive cashback, sometimes up to 100% of the item’s value.

You only need one thing to get started – a smartphone. Then, download the apps below to your mobile device and get started. A PayPal account is needed for some apps, but others can send vouchers as payment.

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How much can you earn?

This is a tough one as it depends on how much you shop. However, there’s no reason why the average household can’t make more than £150 per year just from scanning receipts. With the cashback apps also thrown in, you could possibly make double.

Which apps pay you for receipts?

Below is a list of all the best receipt apps to earn money. Please note that many apps only take on a certain number of customers. In some cases, you may be able to join a waiting list. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep trying.


Shoppix app homescreen

Take a photo of your receipt with Shoppix to earn 25 points and an extra 5 if you take the photo on the same day. 3,200 points will earn you £5 in Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash.

There are opportunities to earn extra by completing surveys which also reward you with scratch cards for the chance of even more points.


  • ✅ Accepts most receipts
  • ✅ Earn extra from surveys
  • ✅ Good choice of rewards
  • ✅ Can send in e-receipts


  • ❌ Takes a while to reach the payment threshold
  • ❌ Receipts can’t be older than 7 days
  • ❌ Maximum of 30 receipts per week
  • ❌ Often a waitlist to join the app

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Amazon Shopper Panel

As if Amazon didn’t have its fingers in enough pies, it has now entered the receipt scanning market.

Each month, upload photos of 10 receipts and you’ll earn £5 worth of Amazon vouchers which are paid straight into your Amazon account.

You can earn extra by sharing advertising info and completing short surveys.

Amazon Shopper Panel home


  • ✅ The best-paying receipt app
  • ✅ Quick to do
  • ✅ Surveys pay well
  • ✅ Receipts can be up to 30 days old


  • ❌ Payment is only in Amazon vouchers
  • ❌ Maximum of 10 receipts per month
  • ❌ Limited number of users for the app


Snapmyeats app

As it sounds, this receipt app wants to know what you eat and drink. For every 5 photos you take, you earn a £1 voucher, with a maximum of £5 per month. However, you can only withdraw in £10 multiples, so you will have to wait every 2 months. It’s not restricted to restaurants; you can take photos of any receipt with food or drink items.

Vouchers can be exchanged at Amazon, Caffè Nero, Great British Pub, Harvester, iTunes UK, M&S and Pizza Express.


  • ✅ Easy to use
  • ✅ A decent reward for little effort
  • ✅ Plenty of vouchers to choose from


  • ❌ Limited to how much you can earn each month
  • ❌ No cash option
  • ❌ Only one photo per receipt – not much good if you have a longer receipt


Storewards is the successor to Receipt Hog, which is no longer available in the UK (good, because it was a terrible app). Earn points with Storewards for snapping receipts, which will move you up levels and earn you even more points. Plus, you can earn extra for logging in each day.

You can withdraw with Amazon vouchers or through PayPal.


  • ✅ Low minimum cashout of £2
  • ✅ Choose between Amazon vouchers and PayPal


  • ❌ You can’t appeal if a receipt is rejected
  • ❌ Lower-paying than other scanning apps


ZipZero Premium offers

This is slightly different to the other shop and scan receipt apps on this list. Instead of earning vouchers or PayPal, anything you make from ZipZero can be paid straight towards a utility bill of your choosing. This includes council tax, energy accounts and your phone bill.

You’ll earn 0.1% from the value of your receipt. So, scan a receipt worth £100 and you’ll get 10 pence towards your chosen bill. It might not sound great, but you can get between 2-3% on some receipts thanks to boosted offers and cashback. This works both online and in-store.


  • ✅ Accepts most receipts
  • ✅ Plenty of boosted offers
  • ✅ Should make more than the app above


  • ❌ Can’t withdraw as cash
  • ❌ Cashback rates can be better elsewhere
  • ❌ Can take over a month before earnings are payable


ShopandScan doesn’t come with an app for your phone… it’s available for Windows computers only. When you become a member, you’ll be sent a scanning device.

When you complete a shopping trip, you’ll need to use a small device to scan the barcodes of everything you buy and transmit them to ShopandScan. You’ll also earn bonus points for uploading photos of till receipts.


  • ✅ Could earn an extra £80 per year


  • ❌ Only works with Windows computers
  • ❌ Requires more effort
  • ❌ You will need to find an invite code

Save money on your supermarket shopping

But that’s not all folks…

There are several receipt-scanning apps that work slightly differently from those above. Instead of receiving money for any old receipt, you earn money back when you buy certain items. But why would you do that? Because you can get some brilliant deals and sometimes items for free.

These apps are used to promote new products. They hope you’ll be a customer for life if you try and like an item.

Snap & Save

Snap & Save from TopCashback

Snap & Save is brought to you by TopCashback, one of the biggest cashback sites in the world. It used to have its own dedicated app years ago but has since been scrapped.

However, you can still find some offers on the TopCashback website. Although the items you can earn cashback from are a little limited compared to the apps below, you have a bit more freedom and often aren’t store-specific.

Plus, if money from scanning your old receipts isn’t enough, TopCashback has some great deals from a whole host of stores.


  • ✅ A great money-saving app
  • ✅ Pays fairly quickly


  • ❌ Very limited number of offers


Swagbucks is the only company that pays you for scanning receipts and gives you cashback on selected items. In all honesty, it’s not worth scanning simple receipts as you’ll only be given 2 Swagbucks for your time (500 will earn you a £5 gift card).

But you can earn 400+ Swagbucks when you buy certain items and send in a copy of your receipt – also known as a Magic Receipt. You’ll find that the offers are similar to CheckoutSmart.

But the benefit to Swagbucks over all these other apps is there are plenty of other ways to make money.

Magic receipts from Swagbucks


  • ✅ Some generous cashback offers
  • ✅ Many other ways to make money


  • ❌ 2 Swagbucks for simple receipts is a terrible return.


Offers from CheckoutSmart

Probably my favourite, mainly due to their discounts on alcohol. However, they also have plenty of offers for 100% cashback.

Even if it’s not usually something you buy, why not try some new food for free? Any money you earn is paid to you via PayPal, although there is a 5% fee for withdrawals under £20.

And any day you upload a receipt, you can win £10.


  • ✅ Lots of discounts to be found
  • ✅ Payment is usually made within a couple of days


  • ❌ There is a fee for withdrawals under £20
  • ❌ Offers don’t change as much as I like


Shopmium doesn’t have quite so many offers compared to CheckoutSmart but it’s still worth joining.

It’s simple to use and anything you earn is usually within your PayPal account in a couple of days.

Use the referral code AMUAFFUR for a free gift when you join.

Apple users can download here or Android users can download here.

Offers from Shopmium


  • ✅ A good referral scheme
  • ✅ No fees or minimum withdrawal amount


  • ❌ Limited number of offers


A list of GreenJinn offers

GreenJinn has plenty of offers from Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, plus a limited amount from other stores like Asda, Co-op and Boots.

This app allows you to personalise your offers, although cashback rates tend to be a little lower compared to other apps.

Any money you earn can be paid into your bank account or to PayPal.

Apple users can download here

Android users can download here


  • ✅ Low threshold of £1.50 to withdraw


  • ❌ Cashback rates are quite low


Jisp works a little differently from the rest of the apps on this list, but it still gets you money off groceries. Rather than having to scan a receipt, you’ll need to scan a barcode of certain items when you’re in store. This will instantly give you a voucher which you show at the checkout.

The stores are mainly local convenience shops, but the app is still worth checking out (so to speak).

Use the code 7FTCEA when you join for a 50 pence bonus.

Jisp app


  • ✅ Something a little different
  • ✅ Quite a lot of vouchers on offer


  • ❌ Only available for smaller stores
  • ❌ Takes a little longer at the checkout as you show all of your vouchers

Consumer Pulse

Consumer Pulse homepage

Okay, so this one isn’t an app, nor does it require you to scan receipts. But Consumer Pulse does want to know about your shopping habits and it’s easy to use, so it makes the list.

Each week, you need to complete a diary when you’ve shopped from one of the following categories:

  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Mobile Phones and Accessories
  • Beauty

For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with points which can then be exchanged for gift vouchers. You can also earn extra by completing surveys.


  • ✅ Pays quite generously
  • ✅ Lots of vouchers to choose from


  • ❌ Takes more time compared to a scanning app
  • ❌ Can’t withdraw as cash

Which is the best receipt app for UK customers?

In all honesty, each app has its plus and minus points and I would suggest joining them all. But Amazon Shopper pays the most… as long as they have enough space to allow you to join.

If you decide to join all the receipt scanning apps, there’s no reason why you can’t earn over £200 per year from them. And it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes per day to scan them all.

Apps no longer with us:

Receipt Hog – taken from us back in 2019. No great loss as it paid poorly.

Shopprize – this was an Android-only app that closed in September 2022. A shame as it was quite good.

ClickSnap – a supermarket cashback app from Quidco, which was withdrawn in January 2023.

HuYu – an app that paid for supermarket receipts. It didn’t pay much but was easy to use. Withdrawn February 2023.


Can you make money from receipts?

Yes, you can. It’s a common way to make money and very easy to do. The more receipt apps you have downloaded, the more money you can make.

Can you use multiple receipt apps?

You can, which means you can earn from the same receipt more than once. The only apps owned by the same company are CheckoutSmart and ClickSnap.

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Vanessa smith

Sunday 19th of February 2023

Hi Pete, I hope you are well?! Thank you for providing your hot tips! Your referral code for Shoppix is not working and they are only accepting new sign ups currently with a referral code. Please can you contact Shoppix for a new referral code and forward this on. Many thanks, Vanessa smith

Money Saver Pete

Monday 20th of February 2023

Hi Vanessa. Sorry, I didn't realise that the code had now stopped. I will see if Shoppix will send me a new one and I'll update the post if one comes through.


Tuesday 5th of April 2022

Hi I joined Amazon Shopping Panel from here and my sister wants to join. I’ve read about ‘ invitation’ so just wondered if you knew if we can give someone an invite? I cannot find anything on my account. Thankyou


Sunday 24th of April 2022

@Lesley, Hi, I don't know if you'll be notified of this reply and see it - or if you still need the info - but in my experience no invitation is required. I just downloaded the app and was able to join there and then (this was only last month - wish I'd known about it much sooner!). HTH.

Money Saver Pete

Tuesday 5th of April 2022

Hi Lesley. I haven't seen any kind of invite bonus or referral scheme. My guess is that they won't introduce one either as these apps always seem quite popular.


Saturday 2nd of April 2022

@Toby Beresford, Seven months after you typed this, it still seems to be the case, as with Shoppix

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