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The Best Receipt Scanning Apps – Money For Old Rope (Well, Receipts)

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Looking to make a little extra or save money on your grocery bill? Well, I’ve listed some of the best receipt scanning apps available to help you on your way.

I shouldn’t admit it, but I’m one of the least motivated people out there. I really want to earn a lot of money, it’s just that I’m incredibly lazy. Oh, and not the cleverest of people.

But, I do enjoy earning easy money. Even if it’s not going to make me rich, as long it takes minimal effort, I’m interested.

And scanning receipts is one of those easy methods.

Why do companies care?

You may be thinking why would anybody pay for photos of your receipts?

Information is king. The receipt scanning companies collect information about what you buy and when. They can then collate this data and sell it on to retailers.

The good thing for us is that plenty of companies collect this data, so we can earn multiple times from the same receipt.

So, which are the best receipt scanning apps?


zipzero receipt scanning

This is one of my favourites, mainly because there are very few restrictions. All receipts will earn you 1% cashback, with up to a maximum of £50 per month. The money you earn can then be paid towards a utility bill of your choosing.

Find out more about ZipZero


shoppix app

Take a photo of a receipt with Shoppix to earn 25 points and an extra 5 if you take the photo on the same day. 3200 points will earn you £5 in Amazon vouchers or cash. There are opportunities to earn extra by completing surveys which also reward you with scratch cards for the chance of even more points.

You can also earn extra by referring your friends.

Download the app for Apple

Download the app for Android

Use the Shoppix referral code:  7IRN5UVK when you sign up and we both receive 200 points.


shopprize rewards

Probably one of the best paying receipt scanning apps. Each receipt pays 120 coins with 10,000 paying a £5 Amazon voucher. But you also earn extra coins for logging into the app each day and bonus points as you move up levels. Plus, you can earn extra for referring your friends.

Unfortunately, Shopprize is only available for Android devices.

Take a look at Shopprize



A little more restrictive as you can only earn from taking photos of supermarket receipts. Each receipt earns you 5 points and you need 500 points for £5 worth of vouchers. You can earn extra by completing surveys or by connecting your computer to HuYu and sharing extra data.

You can download the app from Apple

Or download for Android



As it sounds, this receipt app wants to know what you eat and drink. For every 3 photos you take, you earn a £1 Amazon voucher, with a maximum of £5 per month.

Visit the SnapMyEats website

Receipt Hog

I don’t have much to say about this one. Like the others, you take photos of your receipts and earn. Except the pay is worse and the app doesn’t work particularly well.

Visit the Receipt Hog website.

But that’s not all folks…

There are several receipt scanning apps that work slightly differently to those above. Instead of receiving money for any old receipt, you earn money back when you buy certain items. And why would you do that? Because they pay far more and you can often receive some items for free!



Probably my favourite, mainly due to their discounts on alcohol. However, they also have plenty of offers for 100% cashback. Even if it’s not usually something you buy, why not try some new food for free? Any money you earn is paid to you via PayPal, although there is a 5% for withdrawals under £20. And any day you upload a receipt, you stand the chance to win £10.

Find out more or download the app.



Shopmium doesn’t have quite so many offers compared to CheckoutSmart but it’s still worth joining. Plus, you get a free gift for joining and they send any cashback you earn straight to your PayPal account with no fees.

Apple users can download here or Android users can download here.

Use the referral code AMUAFFUR for a special offer when you join.



ClickSnap is brought to you by Quicdo – one of the biggest cashback sites out there. Once you buy your item, upload a copy of your receipt and the money will be paid into your Quidco account.

If you haven’t joined Quidco yet, follow this link.



A little restricted to where you can shop – Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose at the moment. However, this app allows you to personalise your offers and money you earn can be paid into your bank account or to PayPal.

Apple users can download here

Android users can download here

Snap & Save

Not to be outdone by Quidco, TopCashback has its own grocery cashback scheme called Snap & Save. Generally, you won’t see as many offers as the others, but this is still worth checking out (pardon the pun)

Take a look at TopCashback

It’s important to note that CheckoutSmart and ClickSnap are owned by the same company. Sometimes they will give you cashback from the same receipts and sometimes they won’t.

So, these are the best receipt scanning apps. If you join all of them, there’s no reason why you can’t earn over £200 per year from having these apps. And it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes per day to scan them all.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links to some sites. That means that if you join, I may receive a small referral fee.

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