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Vodafone Refer A Friend Code – Free £25 Amazon Vouchers

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Take a look at why I have been a customer with Vodafone for the last 3 years and use my refer a friend link and we both receive £25 worth of Amazon vouchers.

I have now owned a mobile phone for just over 20 years and have been a customer with all the major companies at some point. I have also been with some companies that no longer exist. In fact, my first contract was with a BT Cellnet, which was later taken over by o2.

I know there are plenty of negative reviews across the internet of all the mobile companies. Fortunately (touch wood), I have never had a particularly bad experience with any of them.

My last contract was with o2 who generally provided a good service and had I loved their loyalty scheme o2 Rewards. However, there were several times when the whole network would go down, which became fairly frustrating. Once I could forgive, but not when it kept happening. And sadly, I see it is still a fairly common occurrence, which is a shame as they provided a good service other than that.

Why switch?

So I switched to Vodafone for 2 main reasons. The signal in my home and where I worked was very strong and they provided the best price.

So far, they have been great. The network has never dropped out and the signal is strong almost anywhere I go.


Vodafone has recently started their own rewards programme called VeryMe. Offers include money off services, such as cinema tickets, hotels and car rental. Sometimes, you may be lucky enough to be offered free extra data for the month or even free food!

vodafone refer a friend
Free sausage roll!

Any downsides?

For me, the only downside has been that I keep receiving letters from them offering their broadband. Although the price is reasonable, I am in a contract with another company anyway, so can’t swap.

If you want to switch to Vodafone, then use my refer a friend link below and we share £50 worth of Amazon codes between us (£25 each).*

Vodafone refer a friend >>

*Terms and conditions: Refer a friend promotion: Valid on new Pay monthly phone plans and SIM only plans (over £10 a month) purchased on via the unique link (excludes Live Chat orders). Vouchers sent after two bills are paid. Excludes Vodafone Basics, upgrades, business plans, VOXI, indirect purchases, and affiliate offers (comparison sites for example). Terms apply

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