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WonderBill Review – A Decent Bill Tracker?

Do you sometimes find managing your bills is getting the better of you? Then take a look at this WonderBill review to see if it’s the answer to your prayers or a waste of your time.

Wonderbill review

10-second WonderBill review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Fairly useful for keeping track of your bills and works with the majority of providers. Although the app can find you better deals, you should be able to find even better prices yourself.


Did you know that over 8m of us struggle with paying bills? And with inflation on the way up and wages struggling, there’s a good chance that this figure could increase. Unfortunately, most of us can’t magic up extra cash so another option is to keep a closer eye on what we spend. An easy way to do this is by downloading a bill tracker such as WonderBill.

What is WonderBill?

WonderBill is a service that allows you to place all your utility bill accounts (and a few select others) into one place. The idea is that this helps you keep on top of your outgoings. And best of all, it’s free to use. I decided to try it out to see how useful it really is.

Wonderbill is owned by Wonderbill Limited, a British company based in London that has been operating since 2016.

Is WonderBill safe?

As always, with any service like this, you need to trust them with the details you give. However, WonderBill claims to store all the information they hold using strong encryption and behind multiple firewalls.

On top of this, there is only access to your billing details, so the amount of harm that can come to you if somebody gains access is limited.

Joining WonderBill

First, you have a choice. You can either download the WonderBill app or use their main website. Both provide the same options, it’s just a matter of choosing what is most convenient for you. If you really want, you can use both.

Initial sign up is very simple to do, so no problems there. Once you’re in, the layout is clear and uncomplicated. The the first bill I thought I would tackle was my mobile phone. However, try as I might, I could not connect WonderBill to my Vodafone account. A little digging around and I discovered that this was due to Vodafone and happened on all bill tracker sites.

So moving swiftly on, I chose to add my broadband (BT) and energy supplier (First Utility). It takes around a minute to link each account, and a further 48 hours before WonderBill can gather data from your accounts.

You can also add television subscriptions (such as Sky) and there is an option for “other”. This covers any other kind of account where you pay a fixed monthly charge. This could be something such as Gym membership or charity donation.

WonderBill has also introduced the option to add your mains water account. At the moment, this is limited to a couple of companies but more should be introduced soon.

Within two days of entering my account details, I received an email from WonderBill telling me that my accounts were now linked. Sure enough, when I logged in, I was able to see the amount per month I paid for each utility and my total monthly bill.

How your bills are split

Is WonderBill worth it?

If you struggle to keep up with your outgoings, then this is a very useful site. A link to your latest bill is also kept on the WonderBill site. This means it’s far quicker to check your detailed bills, rather than having to log in and out of separate accounts. Another bonus is that you will receive an email from WonderBill to tell you when you have a new bill to view.

And if I change providers?

If you swap to a new provider or supplier, then it will take you just a few minutes enter the new login details on WonderBill.

How does WonderBill make their money?

WonderBill offers a “better deal” button. Clicking this button in my energy section allows me to enter my energy details and see if there are any cheaper options available.

This is no different from any other energy comparison site/app. In fact, it’s slightly disappointing that you have to enter in your tariff details, considering they have access to your energy account. If you make the switch through the app, then WonderBill will receive a referral fee.

At the time of writing, there is no option to find a better deal with any of the other utilities. Whether the plan is to introduce this or not is yet to be seen.

My WonderBill review conclusion

Overall, this is quite a useful service. If they made a few tweaks that allow you to find cheaper deals on all your utilities (without having to re-enter your details), then this would be a must-have.

Follow this link to visit the WonderBill site and find out more.

If my WonderBill review hasn’t convinced you and you’re interested in finding other ways to keep track of your bills and spending, take a look at the Money Dashboard app.

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Monday 24th of August 2020

Tried signing on to WonderBill but it didn’t recognise my email address so can’t proceed

Money Saver Pete

Tuesday 25th of August 2020

Hi Rosemary. It might be worth trying to sign up using another email. will provide you with a free address.

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