Earning Extra With YouGov Surveys


Fancy earning some extra cash? Then answering questions with YouGov is worth giving a try.
There are a lot of survey sites out there, some are much better than others, but how does YouGov compare?

Who is YouGov?

YouGov is an international market research firm. Their headquarters are in the UK, but they operate across most of the globe. They conduct surveys on behalf of a diverse group of clients to get a better understanding of the public’s view on current affairs, consumer products and brands. There are also political polls which you can take part in.

Signing up is a fairly simple process. You can state how often you want to receive surveys, but I suggest selecting as often as possible.

For every survey you complete, you receive points which can be converted into cash.

The good

The surveys are quite interesting. Although some cover politics, they don’t require particularly deep thinking. The surveys will generally take just under 10 minutes, so you don’t need to put too much time aside. I have also never been thrown out of a survey half way through.

The bad

You don’t receive many surveys. Of course, this depends on your demographic, but the majority of people I spoke to received two or three every week. This means that it requires some commitment before you reach the target of 5000 points before you can withdraw your hard-earned money.

The money

1000 points earns you £10. However, you cannot withdraw any money until you reach 5000 points. You earn an average of 50 points per 8-10 minute survey. Longer surveys will proportionately pay more. With this in mind, YouGov pays £3-4 per hour. If you’re feeling lucky, you could opt to convert your points for the chance to win cash instead. The question

If you’re feeling lucky, you could opt to convert your points for the chance to win cash instead. The question is if it’s taken you five hours to earn enough points, do you want to risk losing them?


Is it worth it?

Overall, not the best paying survey site. However, I actually like this site as you never waste time being thrown out of surveys. The surveys can be quite interesting too compared to some other sites. Plus, there’s little chance of you spending much more than 30 minutes per week answering questions. I think this is a site worth signing up to, to earn alongside others.

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