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Discount Gift Cards? Try Zeek

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Searching for discount gift cards or have some you want to sell? Then look no further than Zeek, and you could save up to 30% off the purchase price.

* Please note that sadly, Zeek closed in March 2019 and you can no longer buy or sell gift cards. Let’s be honest, we all feel much better about ourselves when we find a bargain. I’m not sure why that is because we’ve ended up spending money, but we still feel good anyway.

One method of getting a better deal is by using cashback sites, which usually means you’ll get a few % back from your purchase. But don’t stop there. Why not look at getting an even better deal by using discount gift cards? Look in the right places and you can buy gift cards for less than their face value. And this is where Zeek comes in.

Zeek is a Gift Voucher marketplace. Basically, if you’re looking to get rid of a gift voucher or want to buy one, then this is a place to visit.

Why use Zeek?

You can buy vouchers for a large range of retailers including Tesco, John Lewis, Argos, Amazon and iTunes. The real benefit is that they will cost you less than face value – generally between 2-10%, but up to as much as 30%.

Rather uniquely, Zeek doesn’t allow you to use their website to purchase gift vouchers. Instead, it is all done by downloading an app. You can then purchase your vouchers using PayPal or a credit/debit card.

At the time of signing up, iTunes vouchers were selling at 9% off, Argos 5% off and PizzaExpress 12% off. It’s a very simple process and you can buy vouchers in a matter of seconds.

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So, let’s say you want to want to buy an album for £10 from iTunes. Purchasing a discount gift card would cost you £9.10. If you make your purchase through TopCashback, you will receive 7.35% (74 pence) back on your purchase. By combining the 2 discount methods, your £10 album will cost just £8.36. Bargain.

What about selling?

If you want to sell gift vouchers or cards, it will cost you 7% of the voucher’s value – the minimum cost being £3. The value of the voucher must range between £10-£500. eBay will charge you 10%, so I would stick with them for vouchers under £30 but anything above, I would recommend using Zeek.

My Zeek review conclusion

I like Zeek, and although the discounts may not always be massive, any saving is a good saving. If you plan to make a big purchase from a major retailer, then buying some gift vouchers from Zeek beforehand will help reduce the cost. Occasionally, you may find it difficult to find some of the more popular gift cards so it may be best to plan your purchases in advance.

If you’re looking to give a voucher as a birthday or Christmas gift, then it’ll usually be cheaper to buy it from Zeek.

Is it safe?

Zeek checks all vouchers and gift cards before the sale to make sure that they are valid. I have bought lots of vouchers and never had any problems.

The best place for discount gift cards?

Zeek really has the market cornered. Unless you have access to the likes of CSSC (which many don’t), then paying a visit to Zeek is usually worthwhile.

If you want ready to start making some savings, click on the banner below and start shopping. And you’ll receive £3 off when you make your first purchase of £30 or more.

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