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How to find the best white goods deals

Finding the best white goods deals can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore, but follow these tips to help you find the best prices.

Finding the best white goods deals

The internet has been fantastic for shoppers. Not only has it stopped the need for us to leave the house if we want to buy anything, but we can now visit hundreds of stores with just a click of a button. And because of this, stores have become more competitive to offer the lowest prices.

However, it’s not always just a case of finding the lowest price and buying. There are usually plenty of ways to find further discounts, meaning that a more expensive option could be the cheapest.

Although this post is about items such as dishwashers, fridges and washing machines, you can usually apply it to most goods.

Finding the best white goods deals

Do some product research before you buy. Take a look at customer reviews across various websites such as Amazon, Currys and My dad subscribes to Which magazine, which always provides helpful information. It’s often harder to find good reviews as people generally leave reviews if they’re unhappy with a product.

Get an idea of prices

When you’ve decided what you want to buy, head to Google. Type in the model that you want and click on shopping. This should show something similar to the one below.

Clicking on compare prices will bring up a list of shops and prices, including postage. Remember that Google doesn’t always show prices from all retailers, so it will be worth checking some of the major electrical retailers yourself. Take note of the prices and the stores.

Cashback sites

Next, we’ll want to go and take a look at Quidco and TopCashback. Look at my post on the best cashback sites to see the best cashback sites available. Most major stores are listed there and you can often find special offers.

When I recently purchased my dishwasher, I decided on a Beko model. Boots Kitchen Appliances (a company I had never heard of before I searched on google) were offering 2% cashback at TopCashback. However, at Quidco, this was 8%.


Once you have an idea of cashback, it’s a case of looking for vouchers. This is quite a quick process. Head back to google, and type in the name of the store and voucher (e.g. Boots Kitchen Appliances voucher). Take a look through the first few hits on google, and it should be pretty obvious if any money-off vouchers are available. I was fortunate enough to find a valid £10 off code.

Now, this is where it gets slightly more complicated. In the example above, if you click on “See code” you’ll see the code and be taken to the Boots website. If you’re planning on claiming cashback, you don’t want this. Clicking through from two sites can cause them to conflict with each other. Boots may be confused about which site sent the referral, so the cashback may not be paid.

The two options you have are;

  • click on the code, write it down and clear the cookies on your computer.
  • click on the code from another device that you won’t be purchasing from.

Bear in mind that cashback sites state that cashback will not always be paid out if you use codes not approved by them. However, I have yet to have a cashback site not payout because I used a code.

Also worth reading

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Credit card

If you can, use a credit card that gives you money back every time you purchase. Credit cards give you extra protection in case of loss or fraud. Just make sure you pay it off before you’re charged interest.

How much can you save?

Finding the best white goods deals does depend slightly on luck. Cashback deals and vouchers come and go pretty often, so finding the best deal can be a matter of timing.

My most recent purchase, a Beko dishwasher, I purchased from Boots Kitchen Appliances. It was £10 more expensive from here compared to Appliances Direct. However, I received £29.60 cashback from Quidco and found a £10 discount voucher. On top of this, we received over £14 worth of Boots Advantage points.

So with around 15 minutes of searching, I managed to save myself almost £45, the equivalent of over 10%

Finding the best white goods deals

You don’t have to be a super sleuth to find the best white goods deals. The next time you make a purchase, spend an extra few minutes looking for vouchers and on cashback sites. You could save as much as 20% overall if you look hard enough.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.