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All About Kids’ Accounts

Money management is something that is rarely taught in schools, but fortunately, there are ways you can do it from home. There are various ‘pocket money’ apps which allow your child to have their own spending card, as well as their own app to track their own spending. And parents can still keep control.

The best pocket money apps reviewed

Rooster Money logo

Rooster Money:

A great app with a low monthly fee. And NatWest Group members could get it completely free.

Revolut logo


This account comes with lots of features, one of them being a child’s account. And, it’s completely free.

Starling Bank logo

Starling Kite:

Starling Kite is free to use and allows you to have up to six child accounts. It lacks some of the features of Rooster Money.

HyperJar logo


Another free account, although the card can’t be used at cash machines. HyperJar has some good cashback offers for adults.


Probably the best child’s account out there. But, it comes at a price with a higher monthly cost and extra fees added on top.

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