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The Top 10 Best Paid Survey Sites

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Looking for the top 10 best paid survey sites? Well, I have written this handy review of all my favourites so you can stop searching and start earning.

I know many of us think about it, but how do you go about earning extra money? One great way is by completing online surveys. Okay, so it won’t make you rich, but it’s very easy to do and how many other ways can you earn from the comfort of your sofa?

Plus, you get a chance to have your say about certain brands and sometimes you may even get to try new products.

However, after several years of experience, I’ve learned that some survey sites are far better than others. But to save you time from having to look through all my reviews, I have listed my top ten in order of preference.

Please note that I am based in the U.K. However, several of these sites are also available to survey hunters from the U.S.

And also note that unlike other sites that claim to tell you the best paid survey sites, mine is genuine. You see, some people only recommend a survey site because they are paid commission. 4 of the sites I list below will earn me nothing if you join (1, 2, 5, and 7 in case you’re wondering).

The top 10 best paid survey sites

1.Prolific Academic

prolific academic

An easy choice for the number 1 spot. The surveys here are usually created by lecturers and students at universities. The great thing is, they often receive grants to write these surveys. This means that the money they pay to you isn’t theirs, which often makes them more generous.

A couple of things to note; you need to keep an eye out quite often for new surveys, otherwise they fill up quickly. Also, during the holidays, there are fewer surveys.

Sign up to Prolific Academic >>

2. PopulusLive


This may seem a little strange, but PopulusLive is 2nd on my list, even though technically it pays more than Prolific. Surveys are easy and quick to complete and pay more than any other site I have used.

However, there are 3 things that let it down. Surveys are infrequent, you are only paid once you reach £50 and payment is by cheque! Although I now have a banking app that allows me to deposit cheques from my phone.

But don’t let those things put you off. It’s still a great paying survey site.

Sign up to Populus Live >>

3. Panelbase


Another must-have site. They pay you just for signing up! This survey site will normally give you between 2 or 3 surveys every day. Occasionally, you will strike it lucky and be chosen to trial a product and get paid for the privilege!  Every time you enter a survey, you are also entered into a prize draw to win prizes. My total winnings stand at £1…

Oh, and you get £3 just for joining by following the link!

Sign up to Panelbase >> 

4. YouGov


This is a similar site to PopulusLive. Surveys don’t come along as often as I like and the pay isn’t quite as good. However, the surveys are always interesting and they pay in cash with a minimum of a £50 payout. Combine this with PopulusLive and it can be very nice to have a £100 payout every few months.

Sign up to YouGov >>

5. OnePoll


Not as well paid as some sites above, but I love OnePoll. Generally, the surveys only pay about between 10-30p. That may sound a little hard going, but some of the surveys take just seconds to complete. This site is great for people who are short on time or those on the constant move as you can complete surveys from your phone too. And, you earn £2.50 just for joining!

Sign up to OnePoll >>

6. Testable Minds

Similar to Prolific, the majority of surveys come from universities. They pay well but not quite as well as Prolific. Plus, spaces on surveys are very limited, so you need to be quick if you want to earn.

Another plus point is that earnings are paid in cold, hard cash.

Sign up to Testable >>

7. OnePulse


This is only available through an app on your phone. OnePulse offers 2 types of survey, those that pay cash and those that reward you with XP. And as your XP increases, the more cash you get receive when you complete a paid survey. Although the pay is relatively low (around 25 pence), surveys only take you a few seconds. This is a good little earner for very little effort.

If you want to download the app, then Apple users click here

Android users click here

Best paid legit surveys
I am 77th in all-time earners for OnePulse!

8. Branded Surveys

branded surveys

This site makes my top 10 list for a few reasons. There are far more surveys than nearly every other site and they pay quite well. Plus, complete more surveys and you have a chance of being awarded bonus points for finishing top of the leaderboard. Another benefit is that you receive compensation if you are screened out of a survey.

Sign up to Branded Surveys >> and earn your first 100 points in a few minutes.

9. Swagbucks


Possibly one of the biggest sites out there. This isn’t just a survey site – there are plenty of other ways to earn too. In fact, you need to be selective in the surveys you complete as some pay quite badly. But once you come to terms with the site and take advantage of their special offers and games, you can earn a decent amount. And convince your friends to join and you earn 10% of all their future earnings!

Sign up to Swagbucks >>

10. Qmee


New to my list is Qmee. This is a site where you can earn from your computer or an app on your phone. Pay for each survey varies a lot, so make sure you’re picky. However, complete surveys 6 days in a row and you receive 10% extra. You can withdraw money to your PayPal account at any time. And, you’ll get 50 pence just for joining.

Join Qmee >>

Well, that’s a list of my top 10 best paid survey sites. I’m forever joining new sites, so I will update this page from time to time if I find something better. If you know of any other sites, please let me know below.

My advice would be not to sign-up to just one survey site. The more you belong to, the better chance you have to earn money. And if you think a survey is too long for the amount they pay you… don’t do it!

Or, take a look at how I earned over £1000 worth of free Amazon gift cards last year.

Please note that some of the links above are affiliated.

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