AttaPoll Review – A Decent Way To Make Money?

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Looking for an app that will help you earn extra? Take a look at this AttaPoll review to see how much you can realistically make from their surveys.

Unfortunately, we all struggle with money at some time or another. But rather than let it get you down, why not grab the bull by the horns and start earning extra? And you don’t have to work all the hours in the day either.

If you take a look through my site, you’ll see there are plenty of survey sites out there. Some of them are a little restricted as you need a computer to make full use of them. The AttaPoll app allows you to make money solely on your phone.

The fact is though, some survey sites pay far better than others. The trick is finding trustworthy sites that pay a decent return.

But how good is the AttaPoll app and is it worth using?

attapoll review

The good

Unlike some other sites, AttaPoll rewards you with credits even if you’re screened out early from their surveys. You may only receive 1 credit (1 pence), but it’s better than nothing.

*August 2019* – Unfortunately, the above recently changed. AttaPoll will now reward you with 1 credit for each survey you start – with a maximum of 3 per day. No longer do you receive anything when disqualified.

You’ll receive several surveys every day. Turning on notifications on the AttaPoll app means that you never have to miss a one. The majority of the surveys are fairly short, which is probably just as well as you don’t want to be using up your phone’s battery.

Withdrawing money is a quick and simple process and the minimum amount is only £3.

AttaPoll runs a referral program. You earn 50 credits (50 pence) for every friend that signs up and completes 5 surveys in their first month.

The bad

Some of the surveys are poorly paid. And I mean really poor! I have seen offers of 12 pence for 15 minutes. That’s the equivalent of 48 pence per hour. Now, I’m not sure how desperate you are for money, but I would never recommend completing surveys for that amount.

I also find that I am screened out of quite a high proportion of surveys. However, as I receive a credit for each one, it doesn’t bother me too much.

The money

As with many other survey sites, pay for each survey can vary wildly.

AttaPoll review. Money making app

Completing the top survey will earn you just £1.28 per hour. However, the bottom survey is the equivalent to £10.80 per hour.

Generally, as long as you’re selective, expect to earn around £4-5 per hour. Each month, I expect to earn anything between £20-30 per month. It might not sound like much, but this works out at several hundred per year from this app alone.

You are paid through PayPal and payment is usually sent instantly. As I said above, the minimum you need to withdraw is only 300 credits (£3), which is less than many other survey sites.

My AttaPoll review conclusion

Although there are some fairly insultingly low paid survey offers, I actually quite like this app. Like OnePoll, this is a great way to earn a bit extra when you’re out and about. Combine it with OnePulse and you could be making a decent amount from your phone every week. Just make sure you check how much each survey is worth before you start completing them.

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Or, if my AttaPoll review hasn’t convinced you, take a look at my 10 top paying survey sites.

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