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MOBROG Review. A Handy Money Making App?

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Find yourself with a bit of free time? Then why not try earning some extra money from your phone? Take a look at this MOBROG review to see how much you can earn.

I’m not sure about you, but I probably spend far more than I should on my mobile phone. But the good news is that your phone doesn’t always have to be a drain on your finances, it could actually make you money. I have tried various ways to make money from my phone with varying success, so decided to give MOBROG a go.

Who is MOBROG?

Taken from their site:

MOBROG is a service provided by SPLENDID RESEARCH GmbH that allows individuals to register as participants for online-surveys – free of charge and without any obligation. You will be invited by email to take part in our surveys. You can participate in some of the surveys immediately, via an online questionnaire or the mobile phone app.

The good

You can choose to download the Mobrog app or if you prefer, you can just complete surveys from your browser. There are often several surveys every day, which means a decent opportunity to earn.

There is a refer a friend scheme, which will earn you 64 pence for everybody that you convince to sign up and they complete 3 surveys.

The bad

The first thing I noticed was that the site and app had ads. This is the first survey company that I have ever seen use this and actually found it a little frustrating. As a survey company, really, they should be making money from surveys. And yes, I know I have ads on my blog too! However, I try to make sure my ads are appropriate and no, I do not want to explore Japanese women. I’m sure they’re very nice, but my wife may have something to say about it.

mobrog review

Another issue with Mobrog is that they don’t host the surveys. That means they redirect you to another survey site, which often means less money for you. But more frustrating than that, you often have to go through quite a few screener questions. And let me tell you, it can get very frustrating filling out your age and sex and then getting thrown out. Why direct you to a survey if you’re too young or old in the first place?

The money

Although Mobrog directs you to other survey sites, their pay isn’t actually that bad and on a par with most others. Expect to earn just under £5 per hour. You can withdraw your earnings when you reach £4, either using PayPal or Skrill. If you withdraw via PayPal, expect it to reach your account within a matter of minutes.

My MOBROG review conclusion

Overall, MOBROG turned out better than I first expected. It can be a little frustrating when you are thrown out of surveys, but it’s always useful having another way to earn money from your phone.

Find out more about MOBROG or sign up

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