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CheckoutSmart Review – Earn Cashback on Your Weekly Shop

The cost of your weekly shop on the up? Then why not save yourself money by earning cashback on your groceries through an app called CheckoutSmart?

CheckoutSmart review

10-second CheckoutSmart review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Some decent offers do appear on the app from time-to-time. However, don’t expect too many of your favourites as it generally focuses on new products. An app well worth having though.


Inflation has risen sharply recently, which means the cost of everything is going up. Not only this, but we’re seeing “shrinkflation” which is where our products get smaller. Remember the size of a Curly Wurly when you were a kid? So apart from cutting back on what you eat, what can be done? Well, downloading CheckoutSmart is a good starting point.

What is CheckoutSmart?

CheckoutSmart is an app you can download onto your phone that offers cashback on certain supermarket products. You simply register using an email address or Facebook, and you’re then ready to go shopping.

Is CheckoutSmart safe?

The app is owned by Checkout Smart LTD, a British company based in London that has been operating since 2012. Having used the app for the last 2 years, I have never had any issues with privacy or payouts.

How does CheckoutSmart make money?

The cashback you receive doesn’t come out of CheckoutSmart’s pockets. The offers available on the app are paid for by retail companies in order to promote their products. CheckoutSmart will then receive a small commission for this promotion.

What kind of product deals?

You will find offers on many items that you would buy during your weekly shop, and it tends to change from week-to-week. There are always special offers on food and drink and you can often find offers on toiletries from most major brands.

What kind of savings?

checkoutsmart products

This depends on the offer and the product. Generally, you will save anywhere between 50p and £4. There are quite a few items which you can buy, that after cashback, will cost you absolutely nothing. There is also a good choice of offers too, generally in excess of 100.

As you can see above, the Birds Eye chicken is free and the cider is half price. What a perfect evening!

Where can I shop?

All the major supermarkets are covered –

How do I claim?

Checkoutsmart earnings

My CheckoutSmart review conclusion

Is it worth joining CheckoutSmart? It certainly is. There are some weeks where there is nothing that I fancy buying, but other weeks have some great offers. You can also combine cashback with any other offers you find at the supermarket. And sometimes you’ll find similar apps that have the same offers. That means you earn cashback twice!

Find out more or download the app.

If my CheckoutSmart review hasn’t interested you in saving money, why not take a look at other apps that will pay you for scanning receipts.


Are there any other apps like CheckoutSmart?

Yes. Take a look at GreenJinn and Shopmium as decent alternatives. Take a look at my review of both these apps.

Is CheckoutSmart the same as Quidco?

Quidco owns both CheckoutSmart and a similar app called ClickSnap. That means that you are unable to submit the same receipt to both apps.

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