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Shopmium App Review – Save Money on Your Groceries

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Fancy an app that gives you discounts towards your weekly shop? Take a look at this Shopmium app review to see what kind of savings you can make. Plus, use my Shopmium referral code for a bonus to get you started.

Fed up with the fact that your weekly shop seems to be getting more expensive? Of course, you are. But apart from cutting back, how do you beat the rises? There are several apps out there that give you money off certain products. Shopmium is one, but how does it work?

Where to start?

First of all (surprisingly), you need to download the app. Follow my links below if you’re using your phone.

You will then need to register the country you live and then sign up using an email address or Facebook. And that’s it. Once you’re signed up, you’ll instantly have a list of offers to use.

What discounts can I expect?

All kinds of food and drink are listed. Bread, milk, cheese, cereal, alcohol, it’s all there and it changes every few weeks. Some of the discounts allow you to try the product for free, whilst others offer the product for around half price.

Shopmium review

How does it work?

Simply pop into a store and purchase the product. When you get home, you scan the product barcode using the app. You then take a photo of the receipt and you receive your cashback. This can then be transferred into your bank account or via PayPal. It really is that simple.

Which stores are covered?

Taken from their FAQ’s:

Shopmium is retailer independent, meaning you may purchase qualified products at any retailer the product is sold, unless the terms and conditions suggest otherwise. However, you must buy the product in a store that provides a computerised receipt with the name of the store, clear product details and the date and time of the purchase. Receipts from small delis or markets are sometimes not accepted since they are prone to fraud attempts.

This means that unlike some of the other apps, Shopmium’s special offers aren’t linked to any specific retailers. That means you can buy the product anywhere you like. But, after using the app for a few months, I discovered that this wasn’t always true. I kept receiving an offer for bread that could only be redeemed when bought in Tesco.

Any other features?

The app has a handy map that shows you local stores and which products are stocked there. This saves you trying to find a product that isn’t even sold in that store! And you can refer your friends to receive £4 in referral credits

Where to download the Shopmium app?

Apple users can download here or Android users can download here. When you sign up if you use my Shopmium referral code AMUAFFUR, you will receive a special offer and I will receive a small referral fee.

My Shopmium app review conclusion

Is it worth it? Kind of. It’s certainly worth downloading, but it can be tough to find items you actually want. And if you end up buying things you don’t want, it’s not really a bargain. But offers change regularly, so you should check back on a weekly basis.

Also, take a look at CheckoutSmart for another app that offers discounts on your weekly shop.

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  1. You can make some great savings with these cash back apps. The only problem that I sometimes find is that they all have the same offers available. That said, if you benefit two or three times, that’s got to be good.

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  2. I must admit this is the one I don’t use for some odd reason, perhaps because when I first came across it the app/company seemed so new I didn’t want to risk it. Will download now. For me, the classics that many of us have probably had a little while, like Checkoutsmar and ClickSnap, are barely used anymore as the offers just aren’t relevant enough on a regular basis like they used to be. Great post! 🙂

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      Yep, I still think they’re worth downloading but it does take me a while before I find something I need.

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