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Over 50 Of The Best Loyalty Cards And Discount Apps In The UK

Looking to get a bit extra back from your shopping? You’ll be amazed by the sheer number of retailers that will give you something in return for spending with them. Take a look at the best loyalty cards and discount apps available in the UK.

The Best Loyalty Cards And Discount Apps In The UK
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The Best Loyalty Cards And Discount Apps

The first loyalty card was introduced to the UK back in the early 1980s by Gary Wilson and was called the Passcard. Homebase introduced their own that same decade with their Spend and Save card. Now, over 85% of us belong to some kind of loyalty scheme.

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with loyalty cards. Yes, it’s great that you get something back when you stay loyal to a certain shop, but you know that deep down, you’re paying extra for your goods. These schemes aren’t cheap to run, so they have to be paid for somehow.

But, you usually can’t avoid them, so I always recommend joining up to as many as you can. With some of the schemes, it’s a great way to save up money to pay for special occasions or an extra treat.

I have a total of 6 cards in my wallet at the moment and another 5 apps on my phone. But they all come with different rewards and bonuses, so below, I’ll go over what you can expect.

Supermarket loyalty cards

The easiest way to build up some loyalty points as we all have to eat, most of the major supermarkets have some kind of loyalty scheme.

Tesco Clubcard

tesco clubcard loyalty

Introduced back in 1995, it is thought that there are now over 17 million users in the UK. You’ll earn 1 point for every £1 you spend in Tesco, with each point being worth a penny.

Your points will be awarded to you every quarter in the form of a voucher.


You can use your vouchers to pay for your shopping. However, Tesco had partnered up with several companies which will triple the value of your points.

Clubcard holders also receive discounts on certain grocery items.


Vouchers are only valid for 2 years after they are issued. If they expire, you will lose your points.

Earn extra

There are several ways you can boost the number of points you can collect with your Clubcard.

  • Tesco Mobile – earn 1 point for every £1 you spend on your contract (includes SIM only).
  • Tesco Bank Credit Card – earn 1 point for every £4 you spend at Tesco or 1 point for every £8 you spend elsewhere.
  • Tesco surveys – when you complete a shop at Tesco, visit and fill out a short questionnaire. You’ll be given 25 points and a chance to win a £1000 gift card.
  • Esso petrol stations – Earn points when you spend at Esso.

Take a look at some of the best ways to spend Clubcard points.

Nectar Card

The Nectar card was released in 2002 and although strongly associated with Sainsbury’s, you can collect and spend points in many retailers.

Argos and Sainsbury’s will reward you with 1 point for every £1 you spend. Each point is worth 0.5 pence.


No need to wait for vouchers, you can just spend your points straight from your Nectar card. But Nectar also partners with other companies so you can boost the value of your points.

Your Nectar points never expire, so there is no rush to spend them.

Once per year, Nectar holds a Double Up event with Sainsbury’s which means your points are worth twice their value.


Although your points don’t expire, if you fail to use your Nectar card over 2 years, your points could be lost. The partner offers aren’t as generous compared to Tesco.

Earn Extra

Again, there are various ways to increase your Nectar balance.

  • Shop through the Nectar website – before you make a purchase at certain retailers, just click on a link on the Nectar site to earn extra points.
  • Nectar credit card – earn bonus points when you spend using your credit card.
  • eBay – earn 1 point for every £1 you spend at eBay.

Take a look at other ways to earn extra Nectar points.

Co-op membership card

One of the most generous loyalty cards from all the supermarkets, Co-op will reward you with 2 pence for every £1 you spend. And the rewards you earn can be spent on your shopping.


  • 2 personalised offers each week based on what you like to buy.
  • Exclusive deals only available for members.
  • Any rewards you earn are matched by the Co-op and given to local causes.


Some products are not eligible for rewards and there is a £1 joining fee.

Take a look at my review to see if Co-op membership is worth it.

Morrisons More

The Morrisons More scheme was changed in May 2021. No longer do you collect points for every £1 you spend, but you are given personalised offers instead.


  • Receive offers for products you use.


Can only be used through an app. No physical cards available.


Unlike the above, you don’t earn points with myWaitrose. Instead, you’ll earn exclusive discounts sent to you each month.


  • Free hot drink when you make a purchase but you will need to bring your own cup.
  • 20% off selected fish on a Friday.
  • 5% off all professional dry cleaning & laundry services at Johnsons the Cleaners.
  • Free newspaper if you spend £10 in-store or £60 online.


The offers sent to you aren’t always particularly relevant. The other perks aren’t worth a great deal.

Iceland Bonus Card

The Iceland card will give you £1 back for every £20 you spend. When you’re shopping, you can either deduct the £1 straight away or leave it on your card for another day.


  • Exclusive product discounts
  • 1000’s of chances to win great prizes
  • Free Home Delivery in store or online
  • A gift for your birthday
  • £2 welcome gift when you register


The exclusive discounts aren’t particularly thrilling.

Lidl Plus

This is an app only loyalty card which will give you discounts on your shopping.


  • 4 new coupons every Thursday.
  • Exclusive discounts.
  • Scratchcards.


Not a loyalty scheme as such. You will also need to link it to your phone.

Marks & Spencers Sparks Card

Introduced back in 2015, the Sparks card can be used in both the clothes section and the food courts in M&S. Originally, you were able to collect points but this was scrapped in 2020. Although it’s no longer strictly a loyalty card, you can find some decent offers.


  • Chance to win free shopping.
  • Personalised offers, just for you.
  • Every week, some customers will receive a little gift.
  • A charity donation with every purchase.


Apart from the personalised offers, there’s little else on offer. The chances of winning one of the bonuses are very slim.

Asda George Card

Asda has been the only major supermarket that has stayed away from loyalty card schemes. However, they are currently trialling a George Rewards programme in 16 stores across the UK. This can only be used online and earns you points when you shop. But it’s important to note that the card can’t be used on groceries – only clothing and homeware.


  • Earn points for signing up.
  • Earn points for referring friends.
  • Use your points to unlock discounts.


The scheme is fairly new and so it’s yet to be seen how good the rewards really are.

Health and beauty cards

There are many health and beauty loyalty schemes available in the UK, but those that you can find are quite generous.

Boots Advantage Card

Boots Advantage loyalty card

Boots will give you 4 points to your Advantage card for every £1 you spend. As each point is worth 1 penny, that works out at 4% back for each shop. You can choose to upgrade to Advantage Plus for £20 per year, which will give you a 10% discount on almost anything in Boots.


  • One of the best paying loyalty cards you will find.
  • Receive personalised offers through the Boots app.
  • Health & Beauty magazine for free.
  • Collect double points from the parenting club.
  • Students receive a 10% discount.


You can’t make part payments with your points. That means you need to make sure that you have enough points on your card before you make a payment.

Superdrug Health & Beautycard

Launched back in 2011 as the Beautycard, it was renamed the Health & Beautycard in 2015 to appeal to a wider audience. You’ll earn 1 point for every £1 you spend in Superdrug. Once you reach 100 points, you can exchange them for £1.

That means you earn 1% back on each shop.


  • Lower prices for members.
  • Bonus points offers.
  • Exclusive discounts on a Thursday.
  • A treat on your birthday.


Points will expire after 2 years of earning them. Plus, you also need to use your card once every 12 months or your points will be removed.

The Body Shop – Love Your Body Club

You’ll earn 10 points for every £1 you spend and when you reach 500 points, you can exchange them for £5. That means you earn 10% back every time you shop.


  • Get £5 worth of points on your birthday.


You’ll be invited to ‘exclusive members-only parties and sneak previews of new collections’. So an excuse to try and sell you extra products.

Holland & Barrett Rewards For Life

With Holland & Barrett, you’ll collect 4 points for every £1 you spend. Each point is worth 1 pence which means that you earn 4% from your shopping.


  • Earn 300 points just for joining.
  • Receive exclusive offers.
  • Earn bonus points for purchasing certain products.


You can only spend your points when you receive your vouchers, which are sent out 4 times per year.

Fast food loyalty schemes

The last few years have seen the large fast food chains jump on the bandwagon of loyalty schemes in an attempt to attract returning customers. Most have opted for an app rather than a physical card.

KFC Colonel’s Club

KFC Colonel's club rewards

Possibly one of the better loyalty schemes. Every time you make a purchase of £3, you receive a stamp (2 stamps if you spend over £15). When you reach 3 stamps you receive a free side, 7 stamps a free snack and 11 stamps £5 off.


  • Free food through the stamps.
  • Exclusive offers from the app.
  • Free snack for joining.


You don’t receive any push notifications for the offers and need to check them yourself.

McDonald’s App

McDonald’s was unusually slow in releasing its app compared to its competitors but has finally done so. There are no loyalty points, although you can earn a free McCafe when you buy 5 any size drinks. Long term McDonald’s customers may remember that this used to be done by a physical card.


  • Receive discounts – such as £5 off £15 spend.
  • Order your food in advance.


The discounts don’t seem to come very often. In a year, I have received only 3.

Burger King App

Again, no loyalty points but you will receive discounts on certain menu items.


  • Good deals on food.


Most of the best deals are for 2+ people. You can also find some of these offers listed in major papers.

Greggs Rewards

The Greggs app took a bit of an upgrade in 2020 and instead of collecting stamps for hot drinks only, you earn rewards for almost anything. There are 6 different stamp categories and once you receive 9 stamps in one of these categories, you can redeem them for a free item.


  • Free food and drink.


You can only collect stamps for specific categories. For example, buy a drink, a sausage roll and a sandwich and you’ll earn 1 stamp in each category. You will need to visit 8 more times to earn your free items.

Subcard from Subway

Many years ago, Subway used to offer a physical card on which you could collect stamps. Once you reached a certain number, you could use it to towards a buy one get one free on 12-inch Subs. However, Subway soon figured out that people were selling lots of these cards already filled with stamps on eBay for next to nothing. So, that scheme was scrapped and we now have a digital card.

Earn 10 points when you spend £1. Once you reach 100 points, you can start redeeming your points for free items.


  • Earn double points on a 2nd purchase if you return within 7 days.
  • Join Subsquad with up to 8 friends. If they make a purchase within 4 hours of you, you both receive bonus points.
  • Receive exclusive offers through the app.


You must use you card at least once per year or you points will expire.

Krispy Kreme Rewards

krispy kreme loyalty rewards

Using this reward scheme and you will earn 10 ‘smiles’ for every £1 you spend. Reach 100 smiles and you will earn a free original glazed doughnut or 1000 smiles will get you a free dozen!

You can add your smiles just by scanning the code from your doughnut box.


  • Free doughnut just for joining.
  • Personalised rewards and birthday surprises.


The only downside is they aren’t the cheapest of doughnuts. But so nice…

Restaurant loyalty cards

Not to be outdone by their fast-food competitors, plenty of restaurants also offer apps with either a loyalty scheme or exclusive discounts.

Nando’s Card

Nando's loyalty card

I was unsure whether to place this in the fast food or the restaurant section, but here we are. When I first visited Nando’s, they gave you a physical card and they would place stamps on it when you made a purchase. Now, it’s all gone digital and can be done through their app. Make a purchase for £7 and above and you’ll earn a Chilli Point. When you reach 3 points, you can start to claim free food.


  • Free food.
  • The more points you collect, the more valuable the food.


Your points will expire after 1 year. If you don’t use them, they will be lost.

Frankie & Benny’s App

This isn’t a loyalty app, but you can find some decent money off offers. Plus, you can pay for your food through the app. That means you can do a runner without leaving a tip…


  • Discounts on food.
  • An offer on your birthday.


A lot of the offers can be found elsewhere or by visiting on certain days. The tastecard often has a buy one get one free offer, so provides better value.

Toby Carvery App

Personally, one of my favourite places to eat. Again, this app isn’t really a loyalty scheme as you don’t earn rewards when you buy anything. However, you will gain access to some special deals.


  • Access to deals available just through the app.
  • 25% off mains Monday to Friday.
  • Use the app to book your table and pay bills.


You can sometimes find vouchers online that give you better deals compared to the app.

Beefeater Reward Club

Use your app to collect points when eating in at Beefeater and you’ll earn 5 points for every £1 you spend. When you reach 500 points you can put them towards discounts for your food.


  • 50% off food when you join.
  • Free celebration meals.
  • Exclusive discounts.


Points are only valid for 12 months after collection.

Coffee Shop loyalty cards

This is a very competitive market, especially when you consider some of the major chains are just several feet away from each other in many towns. Below is a brief summary of the rewards available, but you can take a look at my more in-depth review of the best coffee reward schemes.

Starbucks Card

starbucks rewards

Did you know Starbucks is owned by McDonald’s? Anyhow, spend £1 at Starbucks and you’ll collect 3 stars. Once you get to 150 stars, you can claim a free drink.


  • Collect 450 stars and become a Gold member – get extra shots of espresso, dairy alternatives, selected syrups and whipped cream – all on the house.
  • Gold members also receive a free drink on their birthday.


It costs £50 before you get a free drink, so it’s not the greatest value.

Costa Coffee Club

At Costa, you’ll collect 5 points for every £1 spent. Once you hit 100 points, you can then exchange them for £1 towards your purchase.


  • Earn 100 points for joining.
  • You can use your loyalty card with Costa’s Express machines.
  • Chance to win extra points when you make a purchase.
  • Slightly more generous compared to Starbucks.


If you don’t use your card in a 12 month period, you could lose all your points.

Caffè Nero loyalty card or app

You can either choose a physical card or opt for the app. You’ll earn a stamp every time you order a barista made drink and when you reach 9 stamps, you’ll earn a free drink.


  • Link your debit or credit card to the app for convenience when paying.
  • Earn exclusive rewards.
  • Your stamps don’t expire.


None really. Very little goes against this loyalty scheme.

Pret A Manger – YourPret Barista

Unlike in the USA, Pret doesn’t have a loyalty scheme in the UK. However, it does offer a subscription service too. For £20 per month, you can enjoy up to 5 coffees, teas, frappes or hot chocolates every day. And you can have the first month for free.

Fashion and Retail

H&M Membership

H&M Membership card

Formerly known as H&M Club, you’ll collect 1 point every time you spend £1. If you collect 300 points in 1 year, you’ll become a Plus member.


  • 10% discount off your first purchase.
  • £3 off for every 100 points you collect.
  • Free standard delivery when you spend £20.
  • 25% off your favourite item on your birthday.
  • Plus members receive free standard delivery and exclusive experiences.


Some of the perks come as standard from most other companies, like delivery.

House of Fraser Recognition Card

Collect points in store and online, with 1 point for every £1 you spend.


  • 500 points can be exchanged for £5.
  • Exclusive offers and events.
  • Bonus points for your birthday month.


You only have 3 months to spend your rewards.

Urban Outfitters Rewards

Use your loyalty card at Urban Outfitters and you’ll receive 20 points every time you spend there. Your points can then be exchanged for rewards.


  • 10% off your first purchase.
  • Earn points without having to spend (such as joining their email list).
  • Move up tiers for even more rewards.
  • 100 points will earn you £5.


It’s a shame that no matter how much you spend on 1 visit, you only receive 20 points.

Levi’s 247

Probably the most famous jean brand out there, Levi’s also runs its own loyalty scheme which gives you 10 coins for every £1 you spend.


  • Receive free coins when you join.
  • A special gift on your birthday.
  • 500 coins will give you £5 to spend.
  • Early access to sales and promos.
  • 10% off first order.


Not available in every Levi’s store.

TK Maxx Treasure

TK Maxx claims to do it differently – you don’t collect points, but a key each time you shop.


  • Collect 5 keys to receive a reward.
  • Rewards include a private chef experience or eco friendly straws.


The rewards are a little hit-and-miss. There won’t always be something you want.

Matalan Rewards

You don’t receive reward points with Matalan Rewards, but you could earn a voucher every time you scan your card.


  • Money-off voucher for joining with an email address.
  • Money-off voucher on your birthday.
  • On the spot vouchers when you shop.


You won’t receive many money-off vouchers when you scan in store.

M&Co Loyalty card

M&Co claim that this is the best loyalty programme on the high street. You’ll collect 5 points every time you spend £1, which can then be exchanged for vouchers.


  • 15% off for joining.
  • Invitations to loyalty events.
  • Exclusive discounts.
  • A birthday surprise.
  • 500 points earn you a £5 voucher.


The exclusive discounts aren’t that great.

Monsoon Rewards

Another loyalty scheme that will earn you 1 point for every £1 you spend. Plus, you could even become a VIP member.


  • 15% off your first purchase.
  • Free next day delivery offers.
  • Exclusive birthday gift.
  • Monthly competitions.
  • VIP members receive unlimited free next day delivery.
  • 100 points equals a £10 voucher.


Vouchers are only valid for 12 months.

Accessorize Treat Yourself

This loyalty scheme pays 2 points for every £1 you spend. You can then exchange your points for money-off vouchers.


  • 100 points equals a £5 voucher.
  • An exclusive treat on your birthday.
  • Double points day.
  • Move up the levels for free next day delivery.


You’ll need to spend £250 to receive free unlimited next day delivery.

IKEA Family

IKEA family card

This club brings ideas to life. Apparently. You aren’t rewarded with points for spending, but you will receive other benefits.


  • Free workshops and events.
  • Great offers and surprises.
  • Free hot drink Monday to Friday.


The perks are a little limited and there’s not much of an incentive to stay loyal.

Pets at Home VIP

Great for all you animal lovers out there, the Very Important Pet(s) Club has over 10 million members. Although you won’t receive points for shopping there, you’ll receive plenty of other benefits.


  • 10% off your first shop online or in store.
  • Receive vouchers tailored for you.
  • Help animals every time you swipe your card.


Pets at Home isn’t one of the cheapest pet stores, so the vouchers you receive don’t help too much.

Paperchase Treat Me

You don’t collect points with Paperchase, but the more often you shop, the more rewards you receive.


  • £5 on your birthday.
  • Benefits on payday weekend.
  • Free delivery upgrade online.


No real downsides to this one.

My John Lewis

One of the biggest retailers in the UK, My John Lewis offers exclusive rewards and discounts.


  • Enjoy offers tailored just for you.
  • For every £1 you spend, you are entered into a prize draw.
  • Invites to member-only events.
  • Receive £5 off beauty purchases when you recycle five empty beauty products.


The member-only events aren’t much to get excited about.

Waterstones Plus

If you consider yourself a bit of a bookworm, then this is the reward scheme for you. You’ll earn a Plus stamp for every £10 you spend, and the stamps can be converted into money-off vouchers.


  • 10 stamps is equal to £10.
  • You can earn and redeem in the shop, cafe or online.
  • Stamps can be used as part payment.


No real downsides to this scheme!

Smiggle VIP

This is a shop that my children love to drag me into, selling all kinds of bags and stationery. When you shop in-store, you’ll receive stamps that will earn you a free gift.


  • 10% off your first purchase.
  • Special treat on your birth month.
  • Be the first to know about offers and exclusives by email.


The benefits are a little underwhelming in general.

Dobbies Garden Club

Dobbies is the largest garden centre chain in the UK and offers 2 types of loyalty scheme. Club will reward you with 1 point for every £1 you spend and Club Plus offers double points with some of the extra benefits below.


  • Club and Club Plus members receive money-off vouchers when they reach 100 points.
  • 2 free hot drinks every month.
  • 10% off plants, bulbs and seeds all year round.
  • A special birthday treat.
  • Priority booking for events.
  • Exclusive member offers and promotions.


Club membership is free, however, Club Plus will cost £12 pr year. It’s only worth upgrading if you’re a regular visitor.

DIY rewards

If you’re into home improvement, or you just have a house that needs constant work, then you should look at joining one of the below reward schemes.

B&Q Club

b&q club loyalty card

The biggest DIY chain in the UK, this is a loyalty scheme that will send you a range of offers.


  • £5 off a £30 spend when you join.
  • 10% discount on key cutting.
  • Receive discount vouchers by email.


You tend to only receive discount vouchers after you’ve spent in-store!

Wickes Trade Pro

Wickes Trade Pro is only available to tradespeople resident in the UK.


  • 10% discount on everything.
  • Be the first to know about the latest deals and discounts.


Only available to people in the trade.

Toolstation Customer Card

Toolstation sells tools and building materials and has over 400 stores in the UK.


  • Provide an email address to be entered into a monthly prize to win £1,000.


Except for being able to shop in Toolstation, there are no other benefits to having this card.

Fuel loyalty cards and apps

If you drive your own car (or fill up cars at work), then it’s well worth joining as many fuel loyalty card schemes as you can.

Of course, most supermarkets have their own petrol stations, so you can always use your supermarket loyalty cards there. But many of the major petrol station chains also run their own schemes.

BPme Rewards

BPme rewards scheme

BP used to be part of the Nectar programme, but launched their own rewards scheme in 2018. You’ll earn points when you fill up or when you spend in their store.


  • Special offers such as double and triple points.
  • Give points to your friends and family.
  • Redeem points either with BP or for a range of gift cards.


You need to download the app to your phone to have full control.

Shell Go+

Having the Shell Go+ loyalty card will give you money off food, drink and more importantly, fuel.


  • 10% off all hot drinks and a range of food.
  • 10% off selected Car Care.
  • Spend £10 or more on fuel, or £2 or more in-store, and you’ll earn a visit. After 10 visits, you’ll get a money off fuel reward.


For many of us, it could take some time before you get money off fuel.

Texaco Star Rewards

Apparently, this is the UK’s No.1 for guaranteed fuel rewards – you’ll save 1p for every litre of fuel you buy.


  • Earn 1 point for every litre you buy.
  • Exchange 500 points for £5 off fuel.
  • Or, use your points for gift vouchers to use at shops such as Argos.


You will need to use a key fob to earn your points. No app is on offer at the moment.

A few other tips to save money

Rewards and loyalty cards aren’t the only way to save money when shopping.

Cashback sites

Sites like TopCashback, Quidco and Airtime Rewards can earn you money back on top of any rewards points you earn. Take a look to see the best cashback sites.

Cashback credit cards

Cashback sites aren’t the only way to get money back, some credit cards give you money every time you spend with them. It’s usually only around 0.25%-0.5%, but it soon adds up. Just remember to pay the balance off in full each month, otherwise the interest outweighs the cashback.

Take a look at more on cashback credit cards.

Bank accounts

Some of the major banks, such as Santander, Barclays and Halifax offer special rewards linked to your debit card. Just activate the offer and when you shop at a certain store, you can receive as much as 20% cashback.

Take a look at how to get paid by your bank.


Is Boots Advantage Plus worth it?

If you decide to join, you’ll receive 10% on most things in Boots for a fee of £20 per year. If you spend over £200 each year in Boots, then Advantage Plus will probably be worth it. However, if you spend under this amount, it will be of little value.

Does Asda do a loyalty card?

Asda does not give you a chance to earn loyalty points when shopping for groceries. They do offer a ‘George Card’ which allows you to earn points when you shop online for homeware and clothing.

Does ASOS have a loyalty scheme?

Not anymore. ASOS used to run A-list, which rewarded you with points when you spent with them. However, this was cancelled in 2018.

Does Homebase have a loyalty card?

No. After leaving the Nectar scheme in 2016, Homebase no longer has a loyalty scheme.

Does Wilko have a rewards or loyalty scheme?

No, Wilko does not currently have a loyalty programme.

Does Esso have a loyalty card?

Esso doesn’t run its own scheme, but instead, is part of the Nectar programme.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.