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Ways To Earn Extra Nectar Points

Looking for ways to earn extra Nectar points? I’ve reviewed some of the best and easiest ways to increase your Nectar balance.

How to earn extra nectar points
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Nectar is one of the most popular loyalty schemes in the UK with over 18 million members. Starting way back in 2002, Nectar has grown and now there are plenty of ways you can increase your balance – some with very little effort.

Below is a brief summary of the best ways to increase your Nectar points, advantages to the Nectar card, and where you can spend your points.

What can I use Nectar points for?

One of the simplest ways is to use your Nectar points for money off your shopping at Sainsbury’s. Simply hand your Nectar card to the assistant and they can deduct the money from your bill. Or you can use the Nectar app or website to swap your points for money off cinema tickets at Vue. And look for special offers on the Nectar site. For example, for a limited time, you could redeem 1000 points (£5) for an individual pizza worth £12.69.

Other places you can spend include:

  • eBay
  • Argos
  • Caffe Nero
  • Eurostar
  • Sky Store

My favourite way to spend is during the Sainsbury’s Double Up event. This takes place once per year and means that your points are worth twice their value! You can find out more about places to spend your Nectar points.

How much is a Nectar point worth?

It’s never immediately apparent how much points are worth in loyalty schemes. But when it comes to Nectar:

  • 1 Nectar point = 0.5p
  • 2 Nectar points = 1p
  • 100 Nectar points = 50p
  • 500 Nectar points = £2.50
  • 1000 Nectar points = £5.00

Or, you can use the form below to see how much your Nectar points are worth.

Where to find extra Nectar points

Shopping at Sainsbury’s supermarkets

Probably the most common way to collect Nectar points. Look out for bonus offers when in store and don’t just throw away those pieces of paper that come out with the receipt. These offer either money off or bonus Nectar points. And you may think it will be just for items you aren’t interested in, however I find they are for things that I have previously bought.

Shop through the Nectar website

The Nectar website works exactly the same as cashback sites. If you haven’t used them, they are very easy to use. If, for example, you wanted to buy something from Argos, visit the Nectar site and click on the Argos link from there. Make your purchase as usual and you’ll earn some Nectar points. At the time of writing, you’ll earn an extra point for every £1 you spend. There are plenty of sites available, so remember to check Nectar before you make a purchase.

But, if you would prefer cold hard cash compared to Nectar points, take a look at my review of the best cashback sites.

Triple point offers

Keep an eye out for emails. Nectar occasionally has triple point offers, meaning you’ll earn even more points when shopping at certain retailers. The stores that take part tend to change each time.

The Nectar Browser Extension

This is a little toolbar extension that sits at the top of your browser. It’s handy because it reminds you which shops you can collect points for when you’re shopping. And not only that, but you can also collect extra points when searching the web. For every 2 searches you complete, you earn 1 Nectar point up to a maximum of 200 points per month. That’s £12 per year (or £24 if you use them on a double-up event).

Find out more about the browser extension.

Nectar Connect

This is a way of connecting your bank account straight to Nectar. This way, when you shop, you don’t need to swipe your Nectar card. Plus, you’ll also receive special offers for bonus points when you shop at certain stores.

Take a look at my Nectar Connect review.

Check the Nectar site and app regularly

You’ll often find all kinds of special offers on the Nectar site. These can either be used to convert your existing Nectar points for bonus discounts or can be used to earn extra points when you spend. Many of these offers include double points when you shop in a certain store. All you need to do is click ‘Load to card’ and when you make a purchase, your points are automatically added.

You will sometimes find simple extras to boost your points, such as completing short surveys. The survey below took less than a minute.

ways to earn extra nectar points

The Nectar app received an overhaul in October 2019. There are now plenty of options to earn bonus points when shopping for certain items at Sainsbury’s. And surprisingly, they are for items I usually buy, not random bits that I would never use!

Credit card

I mention this through slightly gritted teeth. Credit cards can actually be profitable if you use them sensibly. The Nectar credit card from Sainsbury’s earns you points every time you swipe. How many points you earn depends on where you shop. But, if you spent £100 per week at Sainsbury’s, £20 at Sainsbury’s petrol station and £100 elsewhere, you would earn 19,552 points per year (£97.76).

Or, the American Express Nectar card will earn you 20000 points if you spend £2000 in the first 3 months. Plus, you earn 2 points for every £1 you spend or 3 points if it is with a Nectar partner. This card does come with an annual fee of £25.

Extra points are useful, but if you don’t pay off the balance each month, the amount you make in points is soon wiped out by your interest repayments. Always think carefully before taking out any credit.


Sainsbury’s has been in the financial sector for quite a while now and offers a range of insurance products.  Take out home, car, pet or life insurance and you will earn extra Nectar points when you shop at Sainsbury’s grocery stores or their petrol stations.

Take out 1 insurance product and spend £100 per week on groceries and £20 on fuel will earn you 12,064 points (£60.32) over a year. However, these insurance products stack with each other, giving you the chance to extra. If you have all 4 insurance products, you would earn 30,160 points (£150.80). See how many points you can earn

As with everything though, don’t just be swayed by the rewards. Check to see if you can get a cheaper price elsewhere.


From time-to-time, Sainsbury’s will offer Nectar points if you take out a loan through them. At the time of writing, you can earn 6000 points (£30) if you take out a loan of between £7,500 – £25,000. And unlike other providers, Sainsbury’s offers a very competitive rate at just 2.9%.

bonus nectar points from a Sainsbury's loan

Sainsbury’s Energy

Just like every man and his dog, Sainsbury’s is now an energy supplier. Switch your electricity and gas to Sainsbury’s Energy and you will instantly earn 4000 points (£20). On top of this, duel fuel customers also receive triple Nectar points when they shop in Sainsbury’s stores, up to a maximum of 7000 points per year.

Single fuel customers receive 2000 points for switching and double points when shopping in Sainsbury’s up to 3500 points per year.

Again, check other tariffs before switching. For example, Bulb offers new customers £50 for switching to them.


A very simple one. Every time you buy an item using PayPal through eBay you are awarded 1 Nectar point. All you need to do is log in to your eBay account and link your Nectar card. Keep an eye on your Nectar account as there are occasionally bonus points on offer.


For as long as I can remember, you could always collect Nectar points when you filled up at BP. However, this all came to an end in May 2019. But never fear, as they have a new partner in Esso. Here, you can earn 2 Nectar points for every 1 litre of fuel or 2 points for every £1 you spend in-store.

Train tickets

You can earn 2 Nectar points for every £1 you spend on Avanti West Coast and LNER. To be eligible, at least one part of your journey needs to be on one of their lines.

Daily Mail Rewards

If you’re a regular reader of the Daily Mail, then the MyMail rewards scheme will be just what you’re looking for. Each copy of the Daily Mail newspaper has a unique code printed on the rear page. Enter the code into your MyMail account and you could earn 80 points per week – or over 4000 per year!

Find out more about the Daily Mail rewards scheme.

Free Nectar points

Of course, all of the above options involve you spending money. There is only one way that I know of that will give you free points for nothing… well, except for your time.

Survey sites

There are several survey sites out there that will pay you in Nectar points for you to share your opinions.

Nectar Canvass is the most popular site to start earning extra points. On average though, only expect to earn around 40 points for 10 minutes work. That works out at only around £1.20 per hour. Even if you exchange your points at the double up event, the pay is still pretty poor.

There are a couple of other survey sites that offer Nectar points too. Lifepoints and MySurvey are sites that I have reviewed in the past. To be honest, there are better-paying survey sites out there, so I would only visit these if you are desperate for more Nectar points.

Surveys to earn nectar points

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to earn extra Nectar points. But with some of the options above, please consider carefully if it’s the right financial decision. Don’t take out Sainsbury’s car insurance for £50 worth of extra Nectar points if you could find the policy far cheaper elsewhere.

And of course, you’ll want to make the most of all your Nectar points. Take a look at how to make the most of Sainsbury’s double up event.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.