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Home Insurance For Childminders

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If you’re a childminder, you may notice that finding home insurance can be tricky and expensive. It needn’t be and find out where to find the best deals below.
You may be thinking why I am I writing a post on home insurance for childminders? After all, it’s quite a niche topic. Well, my wife is a childminder and finding suitable insurance was something I struggled with for many years.

Before we decided to sacrifice all peace in our house, when it came to insurance, I would enter our details into a comparison site and choose the best deal. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work if you run a business from home. Many insurers will refuse to give you cover as they see you as a higher risk.

Let me tell you, there is far more carnage (and risk of breakage) in my house when we have friends and family around most weeks, compared to having a couple of other people’s youngsters toddling around the house.

I am not willing to pay through the nose for insurance, especially when my wife already pays for public liability insurance.

So I gave up on comparison websites. I took a look at some specialised companies that offer home insurance for childminding but found they often charged more.

Mainstream providers

Trawling through home insurance providers, I found a pleasant surprise. Direct Line had this little gem in their T&C’s:

home insurance child minder

That’s right, in Direct Lines’ eyes, childminding is not counted as proper work (joking)! The good news is you can mind from home without penalty. No longer do you need to pay extra, for what is very little risk.

I called Direct Line to check the above and they confirmed that minded children are treated as your own.

Any other companies offering home insurance for childminders?

Another company you can look at is Churchill. This is another mainstream provider and will offer a very competitive price.

Both Churchill and Direct Line are underwritten by U K Insurance Limited. This basically means that they all provide exactly the same product, just at slightly different prices.

When you come to renew your insurance, I recommend getting quotes from both of these insurance providers. This year, my renewal with Direct Line came in at over £50 more expensive than the previous year. I called them and said another company had offered a renewal at last year’s price (a little white lie) and they matched it.


I had to change this post slightly as until 2017, Nationwide was also underwritten by U K Insurance Limited. However, they changed their underwriters and child minding is now considered a business. That means they’re no longer any use to us!

Any other discounts?

Make sure you check cashback sites before getting quotes. In my experience, both companies appear and disappear from there fairly frequently. At the time of writing, Direct Line is the only company available on TopCashback, offering £10.50 back.

Take a look at my page if you want to know more about cashback sites.

Also, take a look at my review of the Hoop app. It’s free and allows you to find local groups – a great help to any childminder!

I would love to hear back from anyone that has any other ideas when looking for home insurance for childminders.

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  1. Hi I have never had any problems with home insurance I’m always honest stating that I childmind used a comparison site. admiral asked how many children at once I minded I said 6 under 8s but I’m insured for up to 12 as per my pacey liability insurance (I never have that many) they said I was only allowed 6 on premises at once to be covered by their insurance. I’m currently with Hastings who have said your normal provider is unable to insure you this year but AXA will underwrite a policy for you for 386 per year!!! Please shop around as you have been with us several years it may be cheaper elsewhere . we will not auto renew this quote please ring to renew (hour of the phone later) RUDE …….. they seem not to even keep me as a customer has a new legislation come into place for insuring childminders this year ???

    1. Post

      Hi Sharon. I’m not aware of any new ruling, but I have seen insurance providers change their stance with regards to childminders before. I think your renewal quote shows how loyalty counts for nothing! Good luck with finding a better deal.

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