is amazon prime worth it?

Is Amazon Prime Worth It? The Good And The Bad

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You may have heard about some of the benefits, but is joining Amazon Prime worth it? I will go through some pros and cons of Amazon Prime membership for UK residents.

Believe it or not, Amazon Prime has been running in the UK since 2007. Back then, it was just a case of receiving free delivery with your orders, so whether Prime membership was worthwhile was fairly easy to work out.

However, over the last few years, membership prices have risen but we have also seen new benefits introduced – making it far harder to work out how valuable membership really is.

Below, I’ve broken down the benefits to see how worthwhile Prime really is.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Membership for a year will cost you £79.99 for a year. You may be lucky enough to find a deal for £59.99 and these generally appear in the run-up to Black Friday. Alternatively, you can pay a monthly fee of £7.99.

Over the year, this will set you back £95.88, so it is a more expensive option to the annual fee. However, you aren’t tied to a longer contract, so you can cancel if you don’t think you’re receiving decent value.

Prime benefits


The 1st benefit that springs to most people’s minds when it comes to Amazon Prime is free, next day delivery. Usually, next day delivery costs £5.99. So, if you make 12 orders or more per year, this covers the cost of an annual Prime membership. Or, if you can wait, you can use standard delivery for £4.49.

But delivery doesn’t have to cost non-Prime members… orders over £20 qualify for free standard delivery anyway.

So, if you make a number of small orders over a year and need your items quickly, Prime is great value. I use this all the time for last minute gifts, mainly for children’s parties. If you’re more patient and tend to spend over £20, then Prime Delivery might not be much use to you.

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Prime Video

With 1000’s of movies and TV shows on offer, Prime Video will be of interest to those of us who enjoy a night in. Obviously, there is far too much to list here, but there some Prime exclusive shows worth checking out. The Grand Tour, American Gods, Vikings and Jack Ryan all receive excellent reviews. A downside to the video service is that some of the best movies come with an extra charge (usually starting around £3.99). I’m never keen on paying a monthly charge and then extra on top.

Personally, I would not pay £79.99 per year for Prime Video alone, but it’s a nice extra to have when you’re looking for something new to watch. But, I certainly wouldn’t say it was as good as Sky or Netflix.

is amazon prime worth it video

Prime Music

Prime Music offers access to over 2 million songs all ad free plus hundreds of playlists, featuring Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Paloma Faith, P!nk, and Coldplay.

Having access to so much music really is good value, but can also be a little frustrating. As you search through songs and find a track you want to play, you’ll sometimes find that to listen, you will need to subscribe to Amazon Music unlimited. Starting from £3.99 per month, this will give you access to over 50 million songs. Which makes the 2 million I mentioned earlier seem very small.

Again, on its own, this service is not worth £79.99. However, it can be nice to have if they have the song you want.

Prime Reading

Prime members get access to a rotating selection of eBooks, magazines, comics and more! For keen readers, this is great as you will have a constant supply of new material. If you’re more of a selective reader though, you may struggle finding anything you want to read. In fact, you will probably be better off visiting your local library.

Early access to deals

We all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become big news in the UK over the last few years, with Amazon often leading the way. Over the sales period, Amazon offers something called Lightning Deals. This is a short-term discount (usually for an hour) on a limited amount of stock. Prime members will be given early access to some of these, meaning they have less of a chance of missing out.

is amazon subscribe and save worth it?
Is Amazon Subscribe and Save worth it?

So, is Amazon Prime worth it?

This is actually quite a tough one. All of the perks above are there just to encourage you to spend more. Music, Video and Reading all offer great material… to a certain extent. But you’ll often find that there will be the temptation to pay for a certain film/book/song.

Delivery is extremely useful, but as I said above, if you spend over £20 and can wait, you can receive it for free anyway. If you have Prime Delivery, you’ll find yourself always going to Amazon without checking prices elsewhere.

It’s odd because I haven’t painted Amazon Prime in a great light, yet I am a member. However, this is probably due to the fact that I earn a lot of Amazon vouchers from all the online surveys I complete! I am also a member of Music Unlimited, which I think is very good value.

If you’re not sure whether you would get the most out of Prime, then why not take out a month’s free trial? It will give you a good opportunity to see how much use will get from all of the perks. And if it’s not for you, you can always cancel without charge.

Click below to find out more or start your free trial.

If you do take out the trial, click on the Prime membership button in your Amazon account. From there, click on the button to remind you when your trial has 3 days left to run. That way, you will receive an email to remind you to cancel if you don’t want to pay for continued membership.

If you enjoyed my post ‘Is Amazon Prime worth it?’, why not take a look at these great ways to earn free Amazon gift cards.

How do I cancel Amazon prime?

I thought I would add this because many subscription services are a pain to cancel. With Amazon though, it is simple.

Click on “Your Account”, then “Prime” and then “End Membership and Benefits” in the bottom left hand corner. It takes seconds.

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