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Half Price Legoland Tickets -Where To Find Them

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On the hunt for half price Legoland tickets? There are plenty about and they’re probably right under your nose. Take a look at how you can drastically cut the cost of your day out.

Not only do we have to contend with rubbish weather in the UK, but we are also a little limited to the number of theme parks we can visit. And when your choice is limited, it means you get charged a lot more.

My first experience with Legoland was a trip to their park in Florida which was quite enjoyable (although it’s not a patch on Disney). And after a bit of nagging, my wife managed to convince me to pay a visit to their park in Windsor. And do you know what? I think the UK park was far better than the one in Florida (excluding the weather of course). But there was one issue… it was so expensive!

How much is a ticket?

The most expensive way to enter the park is to turn up on the day and a buy a ticket at the gate. Always book in advance as it could save you up to 38% per ticket. Ticketing is broken up into 4 colours

Green – for days outside of school holidays

Yellow – for weekends

Blue – for peak holiday periods

Red – for Christmas

7 days in advanceGate Price
Pink Day Ticket £32 £47
Orange Day Ticket £37 £52
Purple Day Ticket £47 £60
Christmas £36 £36
*Prices correct March 2019.

Remember – under 3’s go free!

Blue Light Card holders

If you work for the emergency services and have a Blue Light Card, you can book discounted Legoland tickets through their site or app. This will typically save you around £5 per ticket compared to booking it through The Legoland website. But there is a better way to find cheaper tickets…

Half price Legoland tickets from… Cereal packets

Have you ever sat at your table, early in the morning, munching through your cereal whilst staring at the packet? Or is that just me? Anyway, if you have, you may have noticed an offer on the side of the packet. It will often say something like “Free Adult Entry”.

These vouchers can often be used for all the major parks around the UK, such as Alton Towers, Chessington, Thorpe Park and yes, Legoland. All you have to do is present the voucher and when you purchase a child or adult’s ticket, an adult gets in free. And in case you’re wondering, an adult and a child’s ticket cost the same price.

Now, the above method can be a bit of a pain as you have to queue when you arrive at the park to buy your tickets. But never fear! Cereal packets should have a unique code written inside the box. This allows you to book your tickets online without any need for queuing. You can then print your ticket and scan it on entry. Please note that I did say “should”.

Unfortunately, when we went to book our tickets, one of the packets we had was missing the code which meant we had to choose the queuing option.

half price lego land tickets example of voucher

Which cereal packets?

Kellogg’s. In fact, it’s not restricted to just their cereal packets. You can also find the vouchers on their cereal bar and Fruit Winder packets, although not the codes which allow you to book online. The promotion isn’t always on, so you need to check their current offers by visiting the Kellogg’s website.

I can’t find any vouchers!

If the Kellogg’s site tells you the promotion is on, it’s well worth taking a trip to your local supermarket to have a root around for the vouchers. But if you can’t find any, pop round to a neighbour’s house or ask friends and family. And if all else fails, then eBay is your friend. There are plenty of people selling these vouchers for just a few pounds.

Other Legoland costs

Finding cheap Legoland tickets won’t be your only concern. Parking will cost £6, or if you want priority, it will set you back £12. Personally, I would never choose priority as it isn’t that much closer and you will be walking all day anyway.

Food. If you’re sensible/prepared, then take food with you. A meal (burger, chips and a drink) came to just over £40 for the five of us. I did keep hold of a “bottomless” cup we received with the food so I could go back later on and could grab a drink on the way out of the park. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to, but take that anyway Mr. Legoland!

Bottles of soft drink cost £2.50 each, so you have to weigh up whether you lug your own drinks around, or buy them there.

But don’t let the cost put you off, as I’m sure you’ll all have a fantastic time.

If you’re looking for other ways to save money on family days out, take a look at the Kids Pass.

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