is amazon subscribe and save worth it?

Is Amazon Subscribe and Save Worth It?

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Amazon offers a way to cut the cost of your weekly shopping. But is Amazon Subscribe and Save worth it?

The cost of our weekly shop has almost doubled over the last 20 years, although a 4-pack of Stella is apparently cheaper, so it’s not all bad news. With these ever-increasing prices, it’s more important to shop around to find the best prices.

Fortunately, we are no longer stuck with just the major supermarkets when we want to buy our groceries. Recent years has seen the rise of budget supermarkets, such as Aldi and Lidl and also the option to buy online.

One of the major online players is, of course, Amazon. Having come a long way from just selling books, you can buy almost anything from them. And one interesting option they have introduced is Subscribe and Save.

What is Amazon Subscribe and Save?

Subscribe and Save is fairly self-explanatory.  Subscribe to an item, and save money!

There is a list of items that you can subscribe to. Once you choose an item you want, you select how often you would like it sent. This can be anything from once a month up to once every six months. Once subscribed, you will save 5% on the list price. But the potential savings don’t stop there. Subscribe to five or more items to be delivered in one month and you will save 15%.

amazon subscribe and save

And, if you find that you’re using less than they send, you can postpone your delivery until another month.

Every month, you receive an email from Amazon telling you what you are subscribed to and when they will be sending it. You have several days to change or cancel your order if you wish.

Is Amazon Subscribe and Save worth it?

In the table below, I’ve chosen five random products. The first column lists the price from Amazon, the 2nd has the best, regular price listed for the major supermarkets on mySupermarket. The final column shows the best price including any special promotions that are being offered.

Amazon PricemySuperma-rket PriceSupermarket Special offers?
45 Andrex Toilet Rolls (44 Rolls from mySupermarket) £14.88 (0.33p each) £20.75 (Tesco) (0.47p each) £2 reduced price (Sainsbury's) (0.43p each)
18 pack Huggies Baby Wipes £10.20 (0.57p each) £18 (Tesco) (£1 each) 2 x 12 pack for £12 (Tesco) (0.50p each)
8 pack Gillette Mach 3 Razor Heads £10.97 (£1.37 per blade) £14.00 (Asda) (£1.75 per blade) £14.99 3 for 2 (Superdrug) (£1.25 per blade)
Finish All-in-1 Max Lemon Dishwasher 90 Tablets £10.20 (0.11p each) £12 (Tesco 84 pack) (0.14p each) None available
Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser, 750 ml x 3 £3.83 (£1.28 each) £7.50 (Sainsbury's) (£2.50 each) £1 per bottle reduction Tesco (£1.50 each)

*Prices correct 20th Nov 2017. Amazon price includes 15% reduction.

As you can see from the table, Amazon Subscribe and Save prices are almost always cheaper, even compared to supermarket’s special offers. Even if you don’t subscribe to five items every month and only receive 5% off, you will still save money.
Anything to watch out for?
First of all, you need to be a Prime member. But with so many other benefits, it’s certainly worth considering.
is amazon subscribe and save worth it?
is amazon prime worth it video
Just because you subscribe at a certain price, it doesn’t mean you will always pay that amount. Prices go up and down, so when you receive a notification from Amazon, make sure it’s still a bargain. I once had 3 cans of deodorant almost double in price from one order to the next. And remember, if you have five items on Subscribe and Save and you cancel or postpone one, you will only receive a 5% discount rather than 15%.
So, is Amazon Subscribe and Save worth it? After 12 months of receiving toilet roll from them, it’s a definite yes from me. However, I have found that there are fewer bargains to be found now than compared to when I started using the service.
If you’re interested in other ways of saving money with Amazon, take a look at Amazon Pantry.cashback with amazon

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