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Looking For The Best Cashback App? Take A Look At These

Searching for the best cashback app? Then take a look at these options and see how you can start saving money.

Possibly, one of the simplest ways you can make money is through cashback. It’s almost like receiving an instant discount. The issue is remembering. This is where a cashback app comes in handy. What better way to remember, than having it at your fingertips on your phone? Here, I have listed some of the best cashback apps.


If you haven’t used TopCashback before… where have you been? This is my favourite cashback app as it tends to pay the most. Simply sign-up for an account, download the app and make sure you visit it before you make any purchases.


Very similar to TopCashback, although I find that cashback rates aren’t always quite so good. This isn’t always the case though, so it’s worth checking both apps before you make a purchase. Quidco does have one advantage though, they often have more special offers. For example, they often offer you £2.50 back if you spend £5 or more which they notify you of through the app.


Like the above 2, just open the app and click on the link to your favourite shop to earn cashback. However, you can only withdraw the money you earn into a child’s savings account. This doesn’t have to be your child but could be a friend or family members. KidsStart has one advantage over Quidco and TopCashback – they give Amazon cashback! This is incredibly rare to find and if you’re a regular Amazon user, certainly worth signing up to.

Shopping apps

These differ slightly from the cashback apps above and refer specifically to grocery shopping.

best casback app

Each app will have different offers that will help reduce the cost of your weekly shopping. Depending on the app, they can be store specific. For example, you can earn £1 cashback for buying 3 loaves of bread, but this is only valid from Tesco.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you submit your receipt through the app and earn your cashback.


This app has a map with stores local to you and the various offers listed. To claim, you need to scan the product barcode and take a photo of the receipt, and then the money is added to your account. The minimum withdrawal amount is £5 and this can be paid into your bank or PayPal account.

Apple users can download here

Android users can download here.

Sign up using the referral code AMUAFFUR, you will receive a special offer and I will receive a small referral fee.


This app is run by Quidco, so you will need an account with them first before you get started. Again, make your purchase, upload a photo of the receipt and the cashback will appear in your Quidco account within 14 days. Like Shopmium, some offers are store specific.


CheckoutSmart operates the same as the above 2 apps, except that their offers aren’t store specific. This does mean fewer offers but also means less traipsing around. You can request payment at any time, either through PayPal or your bank account but there is a 5% fee for anything under £20.

Apple users can download here

Android users can download here


Similar to the other apps, but GreenJinn is slightly limited as it only covers Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. However, more supermarkets are planned. The app allows you to exclude vouchers that you’re not interested in, which makes it far easier for you to find relevant offers. Like all the others, it’s a case of taking a photo of your receipt and submitting it. Once you reach £1.50, you can withdraw your earnings to PayPal or your bank account.

Apple users can download here

Android users can download here

GreenJinn screenshot

Receipt cashback apps

You may have thought that receipts were only useful for when you had a problem with your stuff. Well, not any longer! This app pays for your receipts. All you need to do is to take a snap of that small piece of paper and submit through the app. You will then earn coins and when you have enough, you can trade them in for Amazon vouchers or PayPal.

There are plenty available. Take a look at my page on the best receipt scanning apps.

Which is the best cashback app?

I have to go with TopCashback as the best cashback app. It covers a range of shops and often has the best rates.

I find the shopping cashback apps a little limited. Although they can provide some good bargains, you can sometimes find items you actually want.

If you want to find out more about cashback sites, read more about TopCashback and Quidco.

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