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How Does Quidco Work? A Quick Guide

Do you fancy earning cashback on your shopping but you’re not exactly sure how it all works? Then I’ll explain all you need to know about how to use Quidco.

how does quidco work?
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I’m an avid cashback site user and have been for almost 15 years. It really is an easy way to get money off your shopping and involves little more than clicking on a link before you shop. And the great thing is, there are plenty of sites to choose from – you can see the best cashback sites here.

But today, I’m looking at how to earn cashback with Quidco, one of the biggest and best cashback sites out there. It can seem a little daunting to start with but don’t worry, it’s all very simple once you know how.

How does Quidco work? Quick Summary

Quidco is a cashback site that refers customers to selected shops. If these customers make a purchase, Quidco earns a commission. And rather than keeping all of that commission, Quidco passes some of it back to you. You can then withdraw your earnings in cash or in the form of gift cards.

Signing up

The first step is to join! Don’t worry, it’s completely free. All you need to do is enter your email address and choose a password. It’s up to you whether you want to tick the box to be sent special offers. It might be best to start with so you get a feel of the kind of cashback you can earn. You can always unsubscribe at a later date if you think the emails are pointless.

signing up to Quidco

And it’s as simple as that. Your account is created and you’re ready to start earning.

*Warning* – when you first create an account with Quidco, you are automatically enrolled on their Premium Membership scheme. It may be better to change to the Basic membership though. For more details, see below.

The app

Quidco also has its own dedicated app. It’s not essential to have, but useful if you shop using your mobile phone quite often. And if you do, why not take a look at some of the best cashback apps?

Earning cashback

This is the easy bit… or difficult if you’re a picky shopper. You need to find a place you would like to do your shopping. Often, you will know where you want to buy from, so it’s just a case of typing the retailer’s name into Quidco’s search bar. But, you can browse listed retailers in the categories section.

how to earn your cashback

Once you have chosen your retailer, you’ll be taken to a page with more details about the cashback you can earn. Sometimes, this page will have several offers listed. For example, new customers may get a different cashback rate compared to existing customers. Or, you may get a higher rate if you buy a specific brand from your chosen shop.

But the links all go to the same page, so don’t worry.

a link to a retailer

Click on the “Get Cashback’ button and shop as you usually do.


To know that you shopped through a cashback site, both Quidco and the store use tracking cookies. They will communicate with each other so they know you are eligible for cashback.

Once you’ve made a purchase, you should receive an email from Quidco to say that your purchase has been tracked. This can take anywhere between a few minutes to 1 week. If your purchase hasn’t tracked, you can let Quidco know (see below).

When does Quidco pay you?

This is actually quite a tough question. Quidco won’t pay you until the retailer confirms that the transaction has gone smoothly and sent the payment over. This can be a matter of weeks or even months. Of course, a retailer doesn’t want to send cashback to you, only for you to return the item for a full refund after a couple of weeks.

On average, it takes 3-4 months before your cashback becomes payable, although I have had to wait for a year before.

almost 4 months for my cashback

Claiming your money

Once your cashback has cleared in your account, it’s time to claim it. You can choose the cash option, which can be paid into your bank account or PayPal. Or, you could opt for a gift card from dozens of shops, including Amazon and Tesco. The benefit to this is that you usually receive a bonus – anything between 2-15%.

You should receive your payment within around 7 days.

Does Quidco cost?

There are 2 membership schemes with Quidco. Basic membership is free and won’t cost you a penny. Or, you can upgrade to Premium Membership. Although no money is ever taken directly from your bank account, Quidco will retain a monthly fee if you earn cashback that month.

Is Premium Membership worth it?

The cost of Premium is £1 every month that you earn cashback. If you earn nothing, you pay nothing. The benefits of membership include:

  • Up to 10% top-up on cashback rates
  • Double the difference highest cashback guarantee
  • Up to 20% payout bonuses
  • Ad-free experience

If you’re a regular user of Quidco, then the fee might be worth it. However, for casual users, you are probably best sticking with the Basic Membership.

How do you change to a basic account?

Hover over ‘User Account‘ in the top right corner and choose ‘Settings’. On the left, click ‘Account Type’, scroll down and select ‘Downgrade‘. Your account will now become a Basic one.

What if my cashback doesn’t track?

Don’t worry, this happens from time to time.

In the top menu, you will see a section labelled ‘Support‘ and then ‘Missing Cashback Claim‘. You will then need to complete your purchase details, such as the time and date (that should be shown anyway), the amount spent and the order number. Once you have submitted your claim, it can take several months before you hear any further.

I would recommend you keep hold of any email receipts until your order has been tracked.

But… cashback isn’t guaranteed

It’s important to note that cashback is not guaranteed. Don’t just choose a retailer because they appear on a cashback site but you can find a better deal elsewhere. Many things can happen that means you never get to see the money that should be owed to you.

Click on the button below to start shopping with Quidco. And when you earn your first £5 in cashback, you’ll receive a bonus £5.

This post contains affiliate links.

How does Quidco make money?

It’s actually not clear on their website how Quidco makes its money. My assumption is that they either take a small part of your commission or, shops pay them to promote their cashback deals on the site or by email.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.