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Cancelling Sky To Get A Better Deal – Save Up To 60%

Love Sky but found it’s becoming too expensive? Take a look at how cancelling Sky to get a better deal could slash your costs by as much as 60% without losing any channels. A phone call (or online chat) is all it takes. Oh, and a bit of patience.

Cancelling Sky to get a better deal

Perhaps you’re like I used to be, spending years with Sky, sighing every year they send you a price increase and promising yourself you will look at changing your package.

Let’s be honest, Sky+ is brilliant and they have the best shows but have you ever considered how much you pay and what you actually watch. Last year my bill for TV alone stood at £82 every month before discount.

And ask yourself, do you really get full value for the amount you pay?

I tend to watch some of the big shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I also watch some football when I get the chance and the kids occasionally watch some of their programmes and a few movies. But spending close to £1000 a year on TV is quite eye-watering, especially when you consider how many hours you actually use it for.

how to get sky cheaper for existing customers
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Is it just Sky you can reduce your bill with?

Now the following isn’t specific to just Sky. You can try it with Virgin, BT and TalkTalk, it’s just that they are the company I have dealt with the most.

You may see all the adverts from Sky which offer you a free TV or a heavily discounted subscription if you’re a new customer.  But why don’t they offer deals to existing customers?

cancelling sky to get a better deal

The fact is, a large amount of the cost to Sky is getting you up and running in the first place. From sending you a nice new box, to sending an engineer out to set up the dish or just setting up your account, it all costs money and it won’t be cheap.

But what are the costs after that? They send updates and a signal to your Sky box and not much else. Ok, so some customers may require a bit more assistance than others, but the majority of us have little contact with Sky.

Why not take a look at some cheaper alternatives to Sky?

How can I get a better deal with Sky as an existing customer?

There are three main ways you can get get a cheaper deal as a Sky customer.

  • Check your online account for any existing offers
  • Cut some channels from your subscription
  • Hand in your notice

The first two options are fairly simple. The third is a little tougher but will usually give you the biggest discount.

1. Sky offers for existing customers

You may not be aware, but on the Sky website, there’s an area that offers cheaper deals for existing customers. All you need to do is log in to your account and check what’s available to you. These aren’t groundbreaking offers, but very easy to do and will save you a few pounds just through a click of a button.

2. Downgrade your Sky package

Now, if you fancy the simplest way to save money on your Sky bill, it’s by cutting the channels that you watch. If you have a movie and/or sports package and you don’t really use them, you can save a lot of money just by cancelling them. However, for most people, these are their favourite channels, so it’s not a great option.

Alternatively, you could look at losing some of the entertainment channels. The issue with this is that it won’t save you a huge amount. At most, you will probably reduce your Sky bill by around £10-20 per month at the most. Just give Sky a ring to see what your options are.

3. Cancel to get the best Sky deal

If the easy options above don’t appeal to you and you’re out of your 12-month minimum contract, then why not haggle and keep your favourite channels?

Before you dive in, it’s always best to do a bit of research to see the deals Sky is offering to new customers and what offers their rivals like Virgin and BT have on the table.

Once you know this, it gives you a bit more to haggle with.

Just follow these steps.

1) Give Sky a call or speak to them via live chat on t’web. Phone calls tend to be quicker, but not everyone is comfortable with speaking on the phone. Live chat avoids this, although it can be much slower, with agents taking minutes to reply to simple questions.

Tell them you want to leave and explain the reasons why. Tell them that you find it too expensive and want to save money. Let’s face it, paid TV isn’t an essential service and one that many of us should be willing to ditch if we are struggling financially. If you have found a better deal, let them know. And if Sky has a great deal for new customers (they usually do), let them know that you’re disappointed your loyalty isn’t rewarded.

The Sky agent will nearly always offer you a discount because they “value your custom’. Now, this is generally a poor offer and will be in the region of £10 a month. Okay, a saving is a saving, but we can get more.

Be firm and stick to your guns. I’ll be honest, this call can last for anything up to 30 minutes as they look at cutting things from your package or increasing your discount. But, just tell them you’re not willing to pay that much and the agent will give you a date that your contract ends (this is usually 31 days from your call).

2) Now play the waiting game. Be strong. I usually receive a call within 2 weeks from the retention department at Sky. Although one year, I didn’t hear anything until just a couple of days before my contract was due to finish. The discount Sky offers is generally in the region of 40-50% and sometimes I also receive a credit to my account. This can be as much as £50.

You can also check your online account and see what offers are available during your notice period. Some people have reported that they have seen major discounts here too.

how to reduce your sky bill

What if I really don’t want to leave?

Then don’t. If you haven’t received a decent offer and you’ve only a few days left before they cut you off, give them a ring and tell them you want to stay. They should still offer you some kind of discount but at least you can keep your account running.

What are the best Sky retention deals?

This can change depending on the month and what deals they’re willing to give out at the time. But I have never been offered less than 30% when following the above method. And the best deal was 60%, although this has only been once.

The bravest amongst you could let the contract end. When I did, within around a month I started to receive cards through the post from Sky offering various discounts. They started at 50%, rose to 60% then decreased back to 50%. Some of them also offered account credit too.

Any issues?

Okay, so that initial call to Sky can be a bit tedious, but for between 30 minutes and an hour of your time, you could be looking at saving anything up to £500 a year. This is the best way to reduce your Sky bill without losing any of your favourite channels.

But bear in mind that if you sign up for a new discounted deal, you may be tied in for 12 – 24 months. Don’t get bogged down into a new contract if you think you’re going to need to leave in the very near future. But this isn’t always the case, just make sure with the agent before agreeing.

To get the ball rolling, give Sky a call on 03337 590 958. Alternatively, visit the Sky site and contact live chat. This is a little slower, but at least you don’t have to speak to somebody.

Take a look at how to watch Sky Sports without a subscription.

Does this work for broadband too?

Sky is a little more reluctant to haggle for broadband and landline rental prices, but it’s certainly not impossible to get a discount. But don’t expect to get anywhere near 50% off, 20% being far more achievable.

I hope my about how to reduce your Sky bill has been useful. And if you have a spare few minutes, take a look at Sky Protect, which can offer some decent value insurance.


How can I reduce my Sky package?

Visit My Sky and sign in. Then select the product you would like to remove from the Your Package section. Then, follow the links to make the changes

How do I view my Sky bill?

On your Sky remote, press interactive. Highlight My Account, then press select. Then, highlight View my Sky bill, press select and enter your PIN. To view your current bill, highlight My current bill and press select.

Can I cancel Sky if I can’t afford it?

You can cancel by giving 31 days’ notice. If you are not tied into a contract there will be no charge, otherwise, you will have to buy out the remainder of your contract. If you are struggling financially, then contact Sky to speak to them about your options.

Can I leave Sky if they increase their prices?

Unfortunately, you can’t leave your Sky TV contract penalty-free if they increase the cost of your bill. However, if your broadband and phone bill goes up, you can leave after giving 30 days’ notice.

How much does it cost to leave Sky?

If you’re out of contract, it won’t cost you anything. Otherwise, Sky will need to calculate a termination fee which varies from house to house. However, it will usually be equal to how much you would pay if you stayed with Sky for the rest of your contract.

Will Sky offer me a better deal if I cancel?

Yes. As I said above, the major cost to Sky is the equipment you receive and for an engineer to visit. It’s in their interest to keep as many customers as possible.

How long before Sky cut you off in 2021?

If you fall behind with your bill payments, Sky will restrict your account. You will then have 50 days to pay what you owe before your account is closed and your debt is passed to collectors with early termination fees added.

What is the Sky cancellation number in the UK?

To cancel your Sky subscription, call 03337 590 958. If you’re a Sky Talk or Sky Mobile customer, the call is free. Otherwise, you are charged the same as 01 and 02 numbers, although these are usually part of inclusive packages.

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David Yardley

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Hi Can i cancel my Sky 18 Month Contract broadband deal the engineer is coming out tomorrow or or am i better to give them 31 day notice than haggle with them? The deal including Sky Signature, Netflix he said I got deal as he took set up fee of £36 etc and changed Sky Cinema for Netflix? Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

Money Saver Pete

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Hi David. When you take out new broadband or TV with Sky, you have a 31-day cooling-off period where you can cancel your service without penalty. If you give them notice during that period, I think it will be unlikely that they will give you a better deal. It's more likely that they will just terminate your service. And the danger is, you may be left without a broadband service altogether. It's not something I would personally do.

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