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What Is A Uniform Tax Rebate And How Much Can I Claim?

If you work in a job that requires a uniform or even just a branded shirt, then you could be entitled to claim a tax rebate from HMRC worth over £100. Find out what a uniform tax rebate is and how you claim it for free.

uniform tax rebate

Uniform tax rebate

You don’t get much in life for free, so when it comes along, you need to grab it with both hands. If you wear a full uniform or even just a branded shirt and you wash or repair it yourself, you could reclaim £100’s of tax for up to five years worth of expenses.

Now, there are plenty of companies out there who will submit a claim on your behalf. But the fact is, why let somebody take a cut of what you’re entitled to from just a few minutes work? And in the worst-case scenario, you could end up with nothing.

Take a look at these easy steps to claim your uniform tax rebate.

What is uniform tax relief?

Like it or not, many of us have to wear a uniform for work and we have little choice in the matter. That, of course, means extra wear and tare on appliances, more energy used and an increase in cost to us.

So, in recognition of this, HMRC will give uniform wearers tax relief. In short, this means that they don’t pay quite so much tax from their wages.

If you work from home, take a look at how you can claim some of your tax back.

Do I qualify for a uniform tax rebate?

To qualify, you will need to be employed in a job that requires you to wear a full uniform (such as a policeman) or a branded shirt.

  • You are required to purchase, repair or clean the uniform yourself.
  • You are paying/have paid income tax for the year you are claiming for.

How much can I claim for washing my uniform?

The amount you can claim depends on the industry you work in. The standard flat rate is £60. For a full list of industries and rates, take a look at the official government site.

If you are a basic-rate tax payer, that means you are entitled to claim £12 (20% of £60). Higher-rate payers can claim back £24 (40% of £60).

In total, you can claim money back for the previous four years and the current year. So a basic-rate tax payer will be entitled to £60 and a higher-rate payer £120.

Once HMRC receive your claim, and all goes well, you should see your tax code change. This means, in future, the amount you have to earn before paying tax slightly increases.

The claims process

Fill out the P87 form, which can be found here and you can submit online.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your occupation
  • Your details, including your National Insurance and PAYEE reference numbers
  • Employer’s name and address
  • Whether you are claiming a flat rate (the majority of people will be).
  • How you want to be paid – either by cheque or straight into your bank account.

There are other questions on the form but just click No if they don’t apply to you.

If you’ve made a claim previously, instead of completing the form, you can phone HMRC on 0300 200 3300 to discuss your reclaim. You will only usually do this if you’ve noticed that your tax code isn’t correct.

Is it worth claiming for uniform tax rebate?

It certainly is. Don’t listen to those firms that do it for you and then take a slice of your money. The process for claiming your uniform tax rebate is very simple and quick to do.

If you’re employed in the emergency services or various other government departments, take a look at discounts from the Blue Light Card.

And if, you’re interested in reducing your tax bill even further, take a look at the Marriage Allowance offered by the government. It could save you over £200 per year, and can be backdated.

How do I claim the uniform tax allowance

After a few emails, I have included a more detailed guide with a few images below on how to claim your uniform tax refund. Once you’ve selected the P87 form (link above) and you’ve filled in your personal details, you will need to select which tax year you’re claiming for. If you are claiming for more than one year, this will mean making several claims. Once you’ve selected the year, you will need some employment details.

P87 form. Uniform tax refund

On the following pages, you will need to click Yes for flat rate deduction, choose your industry and type in the amount you’re claiming for. This will usually be the maximum allowed for that type of industry. For example, below I have chosen Public Service which will allow you to claim up to £60. In the Expenses claimed box, you enter £60.

HMRC tax rebate

There will be quite a few questions that follow, but if you’re only claiming the uniform rebate, just select no.

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Thursday 13th of July 2017

Fab advice, there's also a laundry rebate if you have to wash your own work clothes at home, it's not mega bucks but certainly worth claiming if you're entitled!

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