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Tryit Review: Get Free Products To Your Door

How do you fancy getting your hands on some products… absolutely free? Then look no further than Tryit. Take a look at what to expect when you join.

tryit review
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The best things in life are free. Well, apart from venereal disease. Which although free, is something I could do without.

But I do love getting products for free. Regular readers may have read my post about becoming an Amazon product tester, or seen how you can sometimes qualify to test products through survey sites like i-Say and Panelbase. But these do require some degree of effort. But there is a site that will send you products for free without you having to put the work in beforehand – Tryit.

What is Tryit?

Tryit’s mission is to help you discover new products. It won’t cost you a penny to join and anything sent to you is yours to keep. All Tryit wants from you is for you to share your opinion.

Looking through the Tryit website reveals that products sent out for testing include soft drinks, snack bars, face wash, dog food and many more.

How does it work?

Follow the link below and start by filling out some profile questions. Now, this isn’t a quick process and can take up to 15 minutes. You’ll need to answer a whole range of questions, such as the type of pets you have, your lifestyle and your diet. This allows Tryit to build up a profile of you and find suitable products you should like.

If you’re selected, Tryit will send you an email to confirm you’re still interested. Then, you’ll receive your box through the post. Usually, you won’t know what’s arriving until you open the package.

Once you’ve received your product and tried it out, you may be asked to share your thoughts about how you found it through a quick survey. Doing so will earn you Priority Points. And what do points mean? Well, in this case, it increases your chance of receiving another box to try.

But there may be other ways to earn points too. For example, you can share pictures of your product on Instagram and Facebook. And not only that, but you can also win prizes like a £500 Amazon gift card if your photo is considered to be the best.

My first box

I (rather excitedly) received an email and text message on a Saturday, telling me that I was a match for a new campaign and all I needed to do was confirm a few details. Needless to say, at the fear of losing out, I did quickly. On the following Monday, I received another email confirming that I was a match and warned that my product would be sent out shortly.

Unfortunately, it was sent via Hermes (who don’t have the best reputation), but my box arrived on the Tuesday of the next week.

Upon opening, I was a little disappointed… dog food. I really fancied some chocolate. Although I should have known as the details I had confirmed earlier were all dog-related. A bit of a giveaway.

But, it was good quality dog food. My dog loved the James Wellbeloved and a quick check on their site showed it usually sold for around £12.

my first tryit box

So, what’s in it for Tryit?

Why would a company send you products for free? Well, for one, Tryit can get your feedback on the items. Once I had tried the dog food (well, my dog did), I had to complete a survey about my thoughts on the product. In total, it took around 10 minutes. You don’t have to complete these surveys, but it will mean that you won’t receive any Tryit boxes in the future.

But I think another reason here is for exposure. As people fill their social media feeds with these products, it’s a cheap but decent form of advertising. I think companies are taking notice that personal recommendations can count for a lot.

Would I try another box?

Absolutely. As it hasn’t cost me anything, there’s little to lose. Well, I could start to annoy my friends on Facebook if I keep receiving boxes, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. We’ll have to see if I receive any more products.

But be warned… it did take me almost 5 months before I received my first Tryit box.

Click on the button below to sign up for Tryit.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.