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i-Say Review. A Site Worth The Effort

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Take a look at this i-Say review to see if it’s worthwhile joining and how much can you expect to earn per hour.

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I don’t know about you, but I would love to be able to work more from home and cut down my hours in the office. That’s why I’ve joined countless survey sites to help reach my goal. But having joined a lot of these sites, I’ve discovered some pay far more than others. If you want to make a decent amount, you have to be quite choosy who you use.

Ipsos i-Say is another survey site I’ve seen recommended on forums, so I’ve spent the last few months completing as many surveys as time allowed.

Who is i-Say?

i-Say is run by IPSOS EMEA Holdings Ltd. This is a UK company, based in London and has been running since 2003.

Taken from their website:

It’s time to speak up!

Every day your i-Say experience will be different,fun and thought-provoking.

Voice your opinion on global brands, entertainment, advertising and more. Your opinion is always valued.

The good

i-Say provides you with quite a decent number of surveys every day. And, if you get kicked out of a survey after you’ve started answering questions, they reward you with some points as compensation. Most other sites just tell you “tough”. And when you request a voucher, they are usually sent instantly.

There is also a mobile app available. This is great if you’re out and about and find yourself with a few spare minutes. It gives me the chance to earn some money on my lunch break at work!

i-Say also offers a loyalty point scheme. This rewards you with extra points when you complete a certain number of surveys in a year. It’s not a great amount, but extra points are always welcome.

i-say review

i-Say also runs a refer a friend scheme. That means for every friend that you recommend who signs up and completes a survey, you receive 100 extra points.

isay review

You may also be lucky enough to be chosen to review products. I was actually paid to test some new washing detergent. It might not look great, but it smelt lovely!

i-Say has also recently a Poll Predictor. After you complete a survey, you can answer a 1 question poll about the users of i-Say. The closer you are to the correct answer, the more entries you earn towards entering a prize draw.

Prizes include some decent items such as game consoles and robotic vacuum cleaners.

The bad

Like some other survey sites, i-Say rewards you with points rather than cash. The only reason I ever see to do this is to disguise the value of your surveys.

There is no option to be paid by PayPal. If you’re after money, the only way is by receiving a prepaid Mastercard.

i-Say also occasionally offer you surveys that reward you with an entry into a prize draw. Personally, I always avoid these. Do you really want to spend 20 minutes of your time completing a survey with just a small chance of being rewarded?

And don’t expect too many chances to try products. I’ve only had the opportunity a couple of times in just over a year.

The money

Rewards are fairly consistent. In general, expect to earn around 250 points for 25 minutes work. With a £5 Amazon voucher costing 490 points, this means your expected pay per hour will be just around £5.50-6 per hour.

i-Say have recently introduced a marketplace, so you can exchange your points for goods instead of just reward cards. From my research though, it’s not great value. I saw a TomTom Rider 40 for 44,090 points. Alternatively, your points would be worth £440 in Amazon vouchers and you could purchase it directly from Amazon for just £279.

Having a look through, I couldn’t see anything that I would consider a bargain.

My i-Say review conclusion

There are better-paying survey sites out there. However, I like the fact that i-Say provides you with an app. I also love the fact that you earn points even when you are kicked out of surveys, which is quite unusual in the survey world.

I think signing up to i-Say as an extra option for earning money is a good idea. However, I would suggest checking that the likes of Prolific don’t have any surveys available before you complete one with i-Say.

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