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i-Say Review. Just Another Survey Site?

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i-Say rewards you for your opinions. But is it worthwhile, and how much can you expect to earn?

I don’t know about you, but I would love to be able to work more from home and cut down my hours in the office. That’s why I’ve joined countless survey sites to see which pay the most.

Ipsos i-Say is another survey site I’ve seen recommended on forums, so I’ve spent the last few months completing as many surveys as time allowed.

The good

i-Say provides you with quite a decent number of surveys every day. And, if you get kicked out of a survey after you’ve started answering questions, they reward you with some points as compensation. Most other sites just tell you “tough”. And when you request a voucher, they are usually sent instantly.

There is also a mobile app available. This is great if you’re out and about and find yourself with a few spare minutes. It gives me the chance to earn some money on my lunch break at work!

The bad

Like some other survey sites, i-Say rewards you with points rather than cash. The only reason I ever see to do this is to disguise the value of your surveys.

There is no option to be paid by PayPal. If you’re after money, the only way is by receiving a prepaid Mastercard.

The money

Rewards aren’t very consistent. In general, expect to earn around 250 points for 25 minutes work. With a £5 Amazon voucher costing 690 points, this means your expected pay per hour will be just over £4 per hour.

Is it worth it?

There are better-paying survey sites out there. However, I like the fact that i-Say provides you with an app. I would suggest signing up to i-Say as an extra option for earning money. However, I would check other sites first before completing surveys.

Visit i-Say to find out more and to start earning.


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