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Roamler Review – A Handy Way To Make Money

Looking to make some extra money in your free-time? Then mystery shopping could be the answer for you. Take a look at my Roamler review to see what you can expect and how much you can earn per hour.

Roamler review

I’m constantly looking for ways to make money on the side. With a growing family, any extra income can always help. That’s why I find apps a really useful way in helping to earn extra as it means I can do it from home or when I’m out and about.

I have had differing degrees of success with mystery shopping in the past. I have found some brilliant jobs which have earned me £50 from nothing more than a couple of phone calls. I’ve also had some fairly pointless jobs which have paid me £10, after spending £20 on dinner. Yes, it’s nice to have money off a meal but you can’t make money if you’re spending it!

Roamler is a mystery shopping company that I have only just got around to trying. Everything is run from an app on your phone, so almost anyone can do it.

Who is Roamler?

The Roamler app you will be using is owned by Roamler UK Limited, a British company based in Birmingham that has been operating since 2016. However, Roamler is an international company that first started back in 2011.

Taken from their website:

Roamler helps the most important brands make sure their products are always visible and available in supermarkets, stores, bars, restaurants, etc. We’ll ask you to fill in short questionnaires, take pictures, act as a mystery shopper, refill shelves with products, build up promotional displays, and much more! Tasks will be displayed to you according to your location, skills, and experience level.

Signing up

Like any mystery shopping site, Roamler doesn’t just give you a task and let you get on with it. First of all, Roamler explains what they expect from you as a mystery shopper and guidance on how to complete their tasks. You will then need to complete a short test afterwards to make sure you understand. Don’t worry though, it’s all pretty straightforward.

As you complete these tests, you will be awarded with XP. This XP moves you up levels and the higher the level you are, the more earning opportunities you receive. You will need to complete 1 mystery shop before you receive paid tasks, but it’s a very quick job and takes just a couple of minutes.

The good

Out of all the mystery shopping sites I have joined, Roamler seems to offer the most jobs. Even in my local (and small) town, there were over 20 jobs available. Most tasks will take you no more than a few minutes and the pay works out well.

Roamler is very good at explaining what is expected before you accept each task. With some other mystery shopping sites, I have found that when you get to the store and open the task, suddenly the list that you need to complete gets longer and longer. But Roamler gives you a full explanation before you start.

Roamler earnings

The jobs on offer can be quite varied. If you enjoy a chat, you can accept a task questioning shop owners about a specific brand’s display in their store. Or, you can visit a bar and order a pint to see if it’s poured perfectly. If it is, you tell the barman and they win a prize. If not, you just walk away. Unsteadily if you decide to stay for several pints. There were actually 2 of these tasks in close proximity when I checked, so great for an evening out!

It doesn’t take long for tasks to be reviewed and paid – usually within a couple of hours. However, when new and popular tasks appear, the review may take a little longer but Roamler will warn you.

The bad

For a reason I’m not completely sure of, to join Roamler you need to be sent an invite code. This may be to stop people from setting up multiple accounts and completing the same jobs. Although the tasks are short, they don’t pay big bucks. Usually, you’re looking at £2-3 for each job. Generally, they’re not worth making a specific trip for but good if you happen to be passing.

Some of the tasks also require you to take quite a few photos. As you’re trying to maneuver back as far as you can to take a photo of a shelf, other customers will give you some odd looks.  Roamler does provide you with a letter of authorisation in case staff ask whey you’re doing, but nobody has ever bothered to ask me.

How much can you make from Roamler?

You can withdraw your money through PayPal and it usually arrives in your account within an hour.

Your rate of pay is a difficult one to judge because of several factors, such as how far the task is from your home and the varying rates of pay. For example, the pint pulling task above doesn’t need to take any longer than finishing your drink (if you want to). And because they are very close together, you could earn £14 in under 30 minutes. The £2 tasks take around 5 minutes each and with travelling, you could probably complete 6-7 within an hour.

Expected pay per hour: £12

My Roamler review conclusion

Rating: 4 out of 5.

So, is joining Roamler worth it? This is a very good mystery shopping app. There will never be enough jobs to make a full-time living but it’s certainly a great way of supplementing your income. Plus, you could use it with the Field Agent app and earn even more when you’re out and about.

Follow this link to join Roamler.

Visit The Money Shed if you are looking for a Roamler invite code and somebody from the forums should be able to provide you with one.

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