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OneOpinion Review

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Looking for a way to make some decent money in your spare time? Then take a look at this OneOpinion review to see if it’s the survey site for you.

It’s official, there are more survey sites about than you can shake a stick at and I have joined many of them. I stumbled across OneOpinion after a random google search. Taking a look at some reviews gave some mixed messages, so I thought I would try it for myself.

Who is OneOpinion?

Take from their website:

We’re on a mission to make it easy to share your opinions and earn rewards.

Gathering consumer opinions from surveys is the foundation of how many of the products and services that are used every day were created! OneOpinion members have answered hundreds of thousands of online surveys, influencing how companies create and improve their brands, and make important business decisions.

We are committed to putting our member’s needs first and value the time and cooperation of everyone who participates in our surveys. We work hard to make it simple for you have interesting survey opportunities, earn rewards and cash out fast.

The good

OneOpinion generally has plenty of surveys available, so a good opportunity to earn. They also have one of the best resolution services I have seen. Usually, if you have a problem with a survey not paying out, you have to submit a form and wait several weeks. But with OneOpinion, you just need to visit the chatbot, type in “survey didn’t credit” and they generally pay-up there and then! This has happened several times to me.

If you are screened out of a survey, you still receive some points but this is limited to 5 times per day and is only worth 5 pence each time.

OneOpinion is also a great gateway to other earning opportunities. I joined a small online focus group talking about bathrooms. For an hour’s work, I earned £30. I also joined up to a product testing site through OneOpinion. I tested a brand new vacuum cleaner and was paid £75 in Amazon vouchers for my trouble!

oneopinion review
The bad

Pay isn’t great for surveys. Many of them pay only around 40 pence for 10 minutes which is less than many of my favourite sites. There is no referral scheme, so no opportunity to earn a bit extra through your friends.

The payment method is also a pain. You can withdraw your earnings when you reach £25 as a prepaid credit card either as a digital or physical version (the physical card costs £5). Now, this is where I have an issue. I opted for a digital card, but it’s a real chore trying to spend an exact £25. Most stores don’t allow you to use different payment methods, so if your order comes to £25.01, you can’t use your digital card. If your shopping comes to £24, there’s a good chance you’ll never get to spend that £1 remaining.

In the end, I used my money to buy gift cards from Amazon so I didn’t lose anything.

The money

As I said above, pay isn’t great. Not all pay as badly as 40 pence for 10 minutes, so expect to earn around £5 per hour. However, that doesn’t include potential earning opportunities from other linked sites, which can increase your money considerably. When you withdraw earnings, it usually takes around 3 days before you receive your digital card. Physical cards will take longer.

A word of warning

Twice, I stopped receiving surveys from OneOpinion. I contacted them and they asked where I was completing surveys from and whether I was using a VPN (I wasn’t). After a 3rd time, they told me that my account was permanently blocked. After I sent them a typically British, strongly worded email, they reinstated my account. Touch wood, I haven’t had any problems since.

My OneOpinion review conclusion

There are quite a few negative points to this site, more than I would like. But with that said, I keep coming back to it. Thanks to OneOpinion, I managed to earn £75 plus a £75 Amazon gift voucher in just over 6 weeks. This is certainly a site to keep an eye on if you want to earn money consistently over the year.

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