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OnePoll Review: Scam Or Legit Money Maker?

Want to earn money from surveys, but don’t have much time to spare? Then take a look at this OnePoll review as it may be the solution for you.

10-second OnePoll review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Ideal survey site for people with busy lives. The majority of surveys will take under 2 minutes and can be completed from your phone. Payouts are a little slow though and can take up to a month.

OnePoll quick surveys
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I am now earning a couple of hundred pounds each month from survey sites. But sometimes I can struggle to complete any during busy days. Plus, I don’t always feel like sitting there and filling out surveys for half an hour. That’s why I like sites that offer quick surveys that I can do when I’m out and about. That’s where OnePoll comes in.

Can you really make money from survey sites?

Certainly. I’ll be honest, it’s not a way to make a full-time living but it is a great way to boost your earnings. There are a number of survey sites out there that pay peanuts, but there are also some decent sites to keep an eye on too.

And the good thing is, you only have to put in as much effort as you want. If you only aimed for £3 per day, that’s over £1,000 extra per year!

What is OnePoll?

OnePoll is owned by OnePoll Limited, a multinational company with bases in New York, London and… Bristol. The company was formed back in 2010. Taken from their website:

OnePoll specializes in intelligent research – interacting daily with our trusted and engaged panel to deliver richer, more valuable insight.

Is OnePoll safe?

OnePoll has been operating for over 10 years and works with some big names across a range of industries. This is a site I have been using for several years and they’ve always paid out.

How does OnePoll work?

OnePoll is slightly different to other survey sites as they pay smaller amounts for their surveys, typically 10 – 15p, although I have completed surveys for as much as a £1.

Because of this, their surveys are far shorter. I have been paid 10p to answer one question before. Now it may not sound like a lot, but you are able to go through surveys very quickly and it doesn’t take long to build up a decent amount.

I like this site because you can dip in and out as much or as little you like. You can complete surveys when sat in the car (although not best when driving), waiting for a bus or sat at work when your boss isn’t looking. The surveys can be quite interesting too and cover a whole range of topics.

My earnings from OnePoll

OnePoll also runs a referral scheme. If you refer somebody and they complete a survey, you receive 50 pence. When they reach £20, you receive £1 and then £2.50 when they reach £40. You can refer up to 15 people, which could make you a decent amount of cash.

Edited 2022 – please note that the referral scheme is currently not active.

If you live close to London, you have the chance to earn a lot more money. OnePoll often looks for people to give their opinion on video. For around 15 minutes of work, you can earn £50.

OnePoll video earnings

OnePoll app

OnePoll has also introduced an app, which is far easier to use compared to the main site when you’re on your phone. You can also arrange for the app to send notifications to your phone when new surveys are available.

The bad

One downside to this site is the fact that it’s very rare to find any surveys at weekends. And nothing can be more frustrating if you’re only 15p away from being able to withdraw your money and then having to wait till Monday to get that final survey. Another issue is that the minimum withdrawal amount is £25 (recently reduced from £40), so it can take a little time to reach.

Another thing about reaching your £25 goal… wait until you get to £24.90. You’ll then struggle to see any surveys for several days, sometimes as much as a week. I’m not sure if OnePoll hope you will give up, but it’s not only me that it happens to

Payouts can be a little slow and can take anything up to 28 days. I had one take even longer, but OnePoll sent me an email explaining and an extra £5 as compensation.

The OnePoll site can be a little temperamental. On the odd occasion, surveys will slow down and take ages to load. And, every few months it seems to crash altogether! I have seen it go down for several days without any explanation from OnePoll.

Issues with logging on to OnePoll

How much can you earn with OnePoll?

This is a little tough to quantify. I have completed surveys for 10p that have taken me 2 seconds and received the same amount for surveys that have taken 2 minutes. Expect to earn around £5 per hour. Generally, I earn around £20 a month.

How do you withdraw from OnePoll?

Your earnings can be paid out into your PayPal account or into your bank via BACS.

Neither come with any fees, with BACS taking an expected 28 days and PayPal 30 days.

My OnePoll review conclusion

OnePoll is certainly worth signing up for and is a great introduction to survey newbies. In fact, I have been completing surveys with them for over 2 years. They are a little slower than other sites when it comes to payments, but this isn’t a big issue. Just remember to check for surveys regularly as they can disappear quite quickly.

Or, if my OnePoll review doesn’t excite you, take a look at my best paid survey sites.

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