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InboxPounds Review – Consider Yourself Warned…

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Looking for a way to make extra money? Take a look at this InboxPounds review to see why you might be best looking elsewhere.

Since beginning my online money-making journey, I have joined a pretty mixed bag of survey sites. Some have paid surprisingly well, whilst others have been slightly insulting. I can often get a feeling about whether a site is a decent earner or not within 30 minutes of joining. With InboxPounds, I found out sooner than that.

The good

There are a couple of easy ways of making money. For example, I could download a couple of apps to my phone and earned 20 pence for each of them. All I needed to do was open them and they could then be deleted. However, in two months, I only saw two opportunities to do this.

Every time you attempt a survey, you’ll receive a spin on the InboxPounds Spin & Win wheel, which gives you a chance to earn extra.

There is a referral scheme which could help your earnings grow. Convince your friends to sign up and you’ll earn 10% of all their earnings.

The bad

The surveys are really poor value. You’ll be lucky to earn more than 40 pence for 20 minutes work.

And when you consider that I stumbled across this site after seeing an advert on my outlook email account which offered £30 per survey.

inboxpounds review

Although you’ll notice that InboxPounds ends their statement “Get Paid £30 per Survey” with a question mark, which seems to say even they’re not sure. But it certainly looks more tempting than 40 pence per survey.

You do get paid cash for searching the web. However, this is 1 pence for every 4 searches, so it’s not really worth the effort.

The Spin & Win wheel wasn’t really worth the effort. In 10 spins, I managed to win 4 pence.

inboxpounds review, spin & win


The money

A little difficult to price this one up as there are different ways to make money. On average though, I think you would struggle to earn much more than £2 per hour. There are various ways to withdraw your earnings, including Amazon, iTunes and Tesco vouchers. Or, if you prefer cash, you can be sent a cheque.

The only real way to make money is to sign up for the various offers on the InboxPounds site. But, as most of these offers cost you money, it’s not really a feasible way to earn decent money.

My InboxPounds review conclusion

This really is one site to avoid. To be honest, it kind of feels like they are just after your data which they will sell on. When I click on surveys I get this notification:

inbox pounds review

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of sites (such as Swagbucks) that make money on the back of you signing up for different services and trials. And I’m sure they sell your details on. However, these sites tend to pay you more for surveys and give you plenty more earning opportunities.

You can join InboxPounds by using my referral link, but personally, I don’t really think it’s worth your time.

Take a look at my top 5 paid survey sites instead.

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