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Market Force Review – Become A Mystery Shopper

How would you like to become a mystery shopper and earning an extra income when it suits you? Well, take a look at this Market Force review to see if it’s worthwhile.

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Market Force Review

I’ve often read on other people’s blogs about how to become a mystery shopper, so before I could recommend it I thought I would give it a go with Market Force mystery shopping.  I asked my wife for some tips as she had previously tried it.  Her reply “I didn’t actually do any, it seemed like too much effort”. That’s the kind of go-getter attitude that made me fall in love with her ladies and gents.

So with that little nugget of advice, I randomly searched for some mystery shopper sites. The first one I stumbled upon was Market Force. After hours of research – or rather “that one will do”, I signed up.

What is Market Force?

Market Force is a mystery shopping site working on behalf of many large retailers. These companies want to know how well (or badly) they’re performing when it comes to customer service and so ask Market Force to find mystery shoppers to test them.

Is Market Force legit?

Market Force is an international company with offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom France and Spain. Founded back in 2005, they now claim that over 100,000 mystery shops are completed through their site every month.

In the UK, Market Force was established in 2007 and have their offices based in Essex.

Is it easy to become a mystery shopper?

You may think it’s quite a straightforward process to become a mystery shopper. Not quite. I had to pass a few tests beforehand. The first was spelling. Luckily I’m a really god speeler. I’ve not had to figure out how to spell words for myself since the late 90’s when I started typing everything up on a computer. Luckily, Google is on hand so that wasn’t too tricky.

Next up a grammar and punctuation test. This wasn’t as bad as it sounds, but took a while just to check everything was right. Finally came a comprehension test.  This involved paying attention, which is something I am terrible at. However, I managed to get through so there’s hope for the rest of you!

market force review

What next?

After a short lie down, it was time to look to see where my awesome skills were needed. Now I live in the Deep South-East (I have a banjo) and there isn’t much to do. You should have seen the excitement on my face when a Subway came to town (which is now closed). If the closest Ikea is over an hour away, then you know you live in the sticks.

But to my surprise, there were three possible jobs. The only thing is, they were all more or less the same – to spend £10 or more at a restaurant, buy at least a main course, drink, and starter or dessert and use the toilets.  I would also need to report on uniforms and the politeness of the staff.  And my reward for this?  £3.25 and I could claim back up to £10 of the meal costs. Early retirement here I come! Oh, and I had a window of three days to do it.

Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) the following day was my daughter’s 8th birthday. Now, I’m not allowed to name the restaurant on pain of death, but Cara had been there before and was more than happy to go again. Which was just as well for her really.

How did it go?

So, on Cara’s birthday, I put on my false beard and glasses and we made our way to the restaurant. To be fair, it was quite a nice meal. The issue is, you can’t really relax. Because you have a list of things to do, and this was my first assignment, I was constantly trying to pay attention to everything that was happening in the restaurant whilst also telling my children to stop arguing every five minutes.

When I got home that evening, I logged on and wrote my report. This took about 45 minutes but I was very thorough because again, it was my first time.  I took a photo of my receipts and submitted it. Then I took a photo again because I realised you couldn’t really see the numbers on the computer. Then I took the photo again because I forgot to write the assignment number on them!

With that all done I could now sit back and relax. And 12 days later I had the princely sum of £13.25 in my account.

Does Market Force pay well?

When you sit down and think that you technically earned £3.25 for that effort, you kind of think “pah!” And with the family in tow, the bill came to almost £50. But, as we were going out anyhow, really this gave us over a 20% discount. That isn’t too shabby if you think about it.

What other people say

When writing my reviews, always like to look online to see what other users think. But checking on Trustpilot, Market Force scores a rather poor 2.6 out of 5. Positive reviews praise the fact that tasks are easy to complete and payment is received very quickly. On the other hand, other users have complained about the fact that you no longer receive any fees for your work, only a small reimbursement.

My Market Force review conclusion

So would I do a mystery shop with Market Force again? Do you know, I would. It’s not really something to make a living from, but it is a nice little discount on your meal. Next time (in fact every time) it would probably be preferable to go without the children. The restaurants these assignments are for are generally inexpensive, so the money from this assignment would cover the majority of the bill for a couple.

However, Market Force mystery shopping isn’t the most generous and there are better-paying sites out there.

To find out more about Market Force, then visit their site.

If my Market Force review has interested you, why not take a look at how to become a mystery shopper?

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