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Gener8 Ads Review. Money From Internet Browsing?

Can you earn rewards just from surfing the internet? Take a look at my Gener8 Ads review to see why it’s good in theory, but not so good in practice.

Gener8 Ads review

10-second Gener8 Ads review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Quite an easy way to make a bit extra with very little effort. Although it doesn’t come without its frustrations. Once you have enough tokens, it can become a bit of a chore exchanging them for rewards.

Gener8 Ads

Love them or hate them ads have become a necessary part of life. It’s how many companies and publications are able to cover their costs. For example, I have ads on my site. Not because I like them, but because I have to pay Siteground every month to host my content. It’s not cheap, so having ads helps to cover the cost.

I’ve heard a few bloggers mention a company called Gener8 Ads which would earn me rewards every time I see an advert on the internet. And because I’m constantly online, this looked ideal.

What is Gener8 Ads?

Simply put, Gener8 is an ads company. Many websites (including my blog) have adverts running so they can make extra revenue. The Gener8 extension will block these ads and show you something that they think may be more worthwhile.

Taken from their website:

Gener8 Ads Limited is registered in England and Wales under company number 10903332 and have our registered office at 70 Wilson street, London, EC2A 2DB. 

We have developed the browser extension “Gener8” which can be downloaded via our website and other domains. Gener8 is a free extension that allows you to customise your web experience. Our aim is to empower our users to have more control over their advertising experience.

Once you have installed Gener8 it will sit on your browser and block all display ads on any site you visit. By updating your preferences in your account settings, you will receive display ads according to those preference settings on sites you visit.

How do I use Gener8?

All you need to do is sign up and download an extension to your web browser – either Firefox or Chrome. And each time you see a Gener8’s advert, you earn tokens. Once you earn enough tokens, you can exchange them for rewards from the Gener8 marketplace. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

An example of a Gener8 ad

Is Gener8 Ads safe?

There isn’t much I can find on the company, except the information that’s listed on Companies House. The company has been running since August 2017 and is listed to an address in London. The building is run by a company called Wework, which allows multiple companies to run from a shared office.

After around 6 months of using Gener8, I’ve not had any issues. However, I always recommend that keep all your antivirus software up-to-date. But, when you think about what the likes of Facebook have done with our data in the past, you can never guarantee what happens to your data once it leaves your computer.

How does Gener8 make money?

When you join Gener8, you let them know some of your likes and interests. Then, Gener8 will show you ads from companies that fit your preferences. In turn, these companies will give Gener8 money.

Gener8 also earns income through referrals. In the marketplace, you’ll notice tokens can be traded for product trials. If you sign-up to these, Gener8 will earn a small fee.

The good

In theory, this is a very easy way to earn with very little effort. Signing up and downloading the extension is easy to do, even if you aren’t technically minded.

The app is fairly customisable. It gives you the option not to show you ads on certain pages. So, if you find that Gener8 is causing issues when you visit a certain site, you can just turn it off.

You can also install Gener8 Tabs. This extension allows you to see a new advert every time you open a new tab on your browser.

The marketplace offers various items you can swap your tokens for – from vouchers to electrical goods. You will often see things such as Amazon Alexas and wireless headphones.

And there is the opportunity to earn extra tokens by referring your friends to Gener8.

The bad

One of the things that put me off is the fact you need to add an extension to your browser. The more extensions you have, the slower your browser becomes and the longer it takes to surf the internet.

I used both a Mac (around 2 years old) and a Dell (around 10 years old). With the extension added, my Mac worked fine, but my Dell slowed down tremendously when browsing sites with a lot of adverts.

The claimed pay seems fairly good. The average user should earn 5-10 tokens per day. Needing 100 tokens to earn £9.99, that means most of us would earn between £15-£30 per month.

But after using the extension for two months, 5-10 tokens per day seemed a little too optimistic. I had earned 140 tokens – an average of 2-3 per day.

And then to the marketplace. You only gain access to this once you have referred 2 friends.

And once you have access, trading your tokens can be quite difficult. Most items are only available for a very short window of opportunity. They are released periodically with a countdown timer to tell you when you can purchase. The moment that countdown hits zero, you and everybody else will try and buy that item!

Alternatively, I could donate some of my Gener8 tokens to charity. Or I could spend 1 token on 30% off my first 4 boxes from HelloFresh. This may sound like a tempting deal, but these kinds of discounts can be found anywhere. Plus, Gener8 will actually earn a commission from me joining, so they should be paying me, not the other way around!

Gift cards and rewards available

What sites work with Gener8?

If you’re looking to earn extra tokens, then there are a couple of sites which are laden with adverts.

I find that I can earn plenty more tokens by visiting Daily Mail and Soccerway. Both these sites have far too many adverts, so it’s an easy way to earn some extra.

How much are Gener8 tokens worth?

Tokens aren’t currently set with an exact value. But if you use Amazon vouchers as a comparable value, they work out at:

  • 10 tokens = £1
  • 50 tokens = £5
  • 100 tokens = £10

The Gener8 Marketplace – what’s available?

Items come and go, but so far I have seen wireless earbuds, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Google Chromecast Playstation Classic, Google Nest Mini, and Amazon Echo dots. However, stock is usually restricted to 1 item every few days. That means you have to be very quick to win an item.

There have also been some Playstation 4 games available, although these haven’t been great value. For example, Rayman Legends cost 250 tokens. 250 tokens could have been traded in for £25 worth of Amazon vouchers and the game bought from Amazon for under £15.

Gift cards have included Amazon, iTunes, Steam, Netflix, and Game.

My earnings

In total, I have managed to cash out 5 sets of Amazon vouchers. However, currently, that is the maximum you can purchase. It looks like I may have to buy something else.

A list of Amazon vouchers claimed

My Gener8 Ads review conclusion

Do you know, I can live with only earning between £5 – £10 per month from this site. After all, it takes hardly any effort.

But it is frustrating that gifts are still very limited, even though the site has been running for over a year.

At the moment, Gener8 is not actually selling any ads, which means they aren’t making any money. That’s why you only see pictures of pugs (see above). All vouchers they put up in the marketplace come from their own pockets.

But once enough people have signed up, they will be able to sell ad space and offer a lot more vouchers. When that is expected, I don’t know.

So, although you will hear quite a lot of people saying that Gener8 is a scam, it appears (to me at least) that it’s genuine. For the moment, I will keep earning vouchers and hope more people join.

If you want to try it for yourself, then press the button below. We will then both be rewarded with 10 tokens after you have earned your first one.

If my Gener8 Ads review hasn’t convinced you, why not take a look at some other ways to make money on the side.

*Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

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Gediminas Mimas

Saturday 24th of October 2020

Somehow similar to Brave browser.

Money Saver Pete

Sunday 25th of October 2020

Yes, although I think I'm right in saying that the Brave browser blocks ads completely, whilst Gener8 replaces them,

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