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How To Get Paid For Searching The Web – The Truth…

Can you actually earn extra money from searching the internet? And which sites should you use? Take a look at how to get paid for searching the web and how much you can really expect to earn.

4 sites that pay you for searching the internet

  • Microsoft Rewards
  • Qmee
  • Swagbucks
  • Serpclix

Like me, I’m sure you’re looking for some new ways to earn extra money from home. Well, one of the favourite ways of boosting my income is from my computer. Who can ask for a better way to make money than from your own sofa?

How do you get paid for searching the web?

Take a look through google and you’ll see plenty of stories about “great ways to earn from searching the internet”. But is it really such a good earner?

There are several sites you can join that will pay you when you search on the internet. All you need to do is type a word into the search bar and you’ll start to earn rewards. Although how much you earn depends on the site. And in all honesty, it’s not a large amount.

Microsoft Rewards

Previously known as Bing Rewards, unsurprisingly, Microsoft Rewards earns you points when you search using Bing.

You will earn 3 points for every search you make, with a maximum of 30 searches per day.

You can redeem your points for sweepstakes to win items such as a Surface Go 2, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and an Xbox Series X. They cost 200 points to enter, although there’s no indication of how many people actually take part.

You can also exchange your points for gift cards from Microsoft and Xbox, or from retailers like Currys, Tesco and Pizza Express. These £5 gift cards start at 7,600 points – or just over 2,500 searches.

It is possible to earn extra points by completing quizzes and using the Edge browser, although these only pay between 10 and 30 points. The best way to earn bonus points is if you purchase items through the Microsoft store.

However, all the above is based on you being a level 1 member. Move up to level 2 by reaching 500 points and you can earn 5 times more points on and save 10% on Microsoft rewards.

Find out more about Microsoft Rewards.

microsoft rewards for searching the internet


Qmee is primarily a survey site, but there are ways to earn a little bit extra. One of these is by making internet searches. This is very limited though, to 9 pence every 5 days or so.

You will need the Qmee extension installed on you computer too, and when you make a search, the results will be shown on the left hand side. You just need to click on the link and the money will automatically be paid into your Qmee account.

You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal or by gift card.

Take a look at my Qmee review.

How To Get Paid For Searching The Web


Swagbucks is one of the biggest money-making sites available on the internet and has paid out a total of £259,766,876 in cash and free gift cards. One of Swagbucks main selling points is that you can earn from watching videos and searching the net. But the truth is, Swagbucks is mainly a survey site.

To earn, you just need to enter the term you are looking for in the search bar on the Swagbucks site. Generally, an internet search will earn you 4SB, but you don’t automatically earn SB for each search. In fact, it can sometimes take 20 – 30 searches before you earn anything.

Occasionally, you will see some searches with bigger returns than 4SB, but this isn’t usual. Unless there is a special event on. For 1 week every month, there are special collector’s bills you can collect. These pay between 5 and 25SB, with a bonus if you collect them all.

With regards to cashing in your search results, you will need 700SB before you can earn a £5 Amazon voucher. That is the equivalent of 175 searches. The most you can earn from is 2 searches per day, so it will take you close to 3 months to reach your voucher. If you take advantage of the collector’s bills, this should be closer to 2 months.

Take a look at my Swagbucks review.

Swagbucks search win


This is actually a site dedicated to paying people for searching the internet. Companies and individuals want their sites to rank higher on google and to help with this, they pay the public to visit.

There are specific phrases you need to search for, which pay either $0.05 or $0.10 each. Once you’ve searched for the phrase, click on the link, wait a short while and then wait to be paid.

Searches can only be made via google through Microsoft Edge or Firefox and you will need to add the Serpclix extension to your chosen browser.

The number of phrases are limited though and I wouldn’t expect to earn much more than $10 per month from Serpclix.

You are paid at the beginning of each month and the money is paid straight into your PayPal account.

Take a look at my Serpclix review.

searching the web with Serpclix

Can you make much money from searching the web?

Unfortunately not. Let’s be honest, typing words into a search bar isn’t the hardest job in the world and nearly anybody can do it. That’s why this isn’t a great earner. Searching with Qmee and Swagbucks is only meant as a small bonus to go with their surveys.

Microsoft Rewards will earn you something, but is it worth searching Bing 2,500 times for £5? Well, that’s up to you.

Serpclix is the only site to focus on paying you for internet searches. But even with that in mind, it’s not a great earner.

Overall, don’t expect to earn much more than £10 per month from web searching. It’s not a tough way to earn an extra income, but it certainly won’t change your life.

If my post about how to get paid for searching the web has made you think there are better earners out there, why not take a look at the best paying survey sites?


How can I earn money by searching on Google?

Both Serpclix and Qmee pay you when you search through Google. Swagbucks uses the Bing search engine.

Is Microsoft Rewards worth it?

If you complete 30 searches per day, it will take you 84 days before you qualify for a £5 voucher. Your time is probably better spent elsewhere.

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