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Panelbase Review And £3 To Get You Started

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Survey sites are an easy way to make an extra bit of money from home. Take a look at this Panelbase review to see why this is a site you should sign up to.
If you’re looking to earn some money from home, then why not try a few survey sites? Regular readers of my blog will know that I can easily earn over £1500 each year without leaving my living room. Plus, I work full-time and have 3 children.

One of the sites I use regularly to help me earn extra is Panelbase.

Panelbase is an online research panel which rewards members for participating in market research surveys. They claim to be one of the fastest growing research communities on the internet.

Not only do they pay for completed surveys, but every survey that is attempted is also entered into a prize draw. And if you don’t qualify for the survey – you gain another entry, meaning it’s to your advantage to attempt as many surveys as possible. Prizes range from £1 to £50 and your winnings are paid into your Panelbase account.

2 x £50.00
10 x £10.00
20 x £5.00
100 x £2.00
250 x £1.00


Who is Panelbase?

Panelbase is run by Dipsticks Research Limited, which is a British company based in Northumberland. They have been operating since 1999.

Taken from their website: is one of the fastest growing research communities on the internet, offering members the opportunity to provide their opinions on a range of products and services, as well as topical issues.

As a registered member, you can earn rewards for participating in different typed of research studies.

The good

You’ll receive surveys fairly regularly, and they pay a consistent rate, unlike some other sites. All the money you receive can be withdrawn as Love2Shop or Compliments vouchers or you could have the money transferred directly into your bank account. The minimum balance to withdraw £10, which you can often reach within a week.

You will sometimes be lucky enough to qualify to test products. In my first few weeks, I was sent some toilet paper which I was paid to use! I have also tried out chocolate bars and tested new whitening toothpaste.

I have also been lucky enough to join some online focus groups. This usually involves around 50 people chatting (via your keyboard) about a certain product. They last no longer than an hour and pay anything between £30 and £50.

The bad

You will sometimes start a survey and then get kicked out soon after. This can be frustrating, especially when you’ve just filled out your age. If you’re the wrong age, you shouldn’t be sent the survey in the first place!

I have attempted over 500 surveys in the last year. I have won a grand total of £0 from the prize draws…

Unlike other sites, there is no referral scheme, so you can’t earn money by getting your friends to sign-up.

Some surveys are device specific. For example, Panelbase may be looking for you to download software for your computer or an app for your phone. The more devices you own, the better chance you have of earning.

Withdrawing can be a little bit of a pain too. If you want payment into your bank, you will need to fill out your account details each time. It’s good that Panelbase doesn’t store this information, but I’m always nervous that I’ve entered in a wrong digit.

The money

One of the best paying survey sites around. Expect to earn in the region of £6 per hour.

Below is how much I have managed to earn over the last five weeks of surveys – although I’m not sure if I should be insulted by the name of the web page…

panelbase review

I have withdrawn money to my bank account several times, and it typically takes just under a week to show.

Over the last eighteen months, I have spent less than an hour each week completing surveys and managed to earn over £470 – plus several freebies!

panelbase review

My Panelbase review conclusion

I love this site and have used it constantly for the last 18 months. Yes, the prize draw does seem like a waste of time, but I’m willing to forgive that.

And just to add, after 900 surveys, I received this notification:

panelbase prize


And, if you’re still not tempted when you register you will automatically be given £3 into your account!

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If my Panelbase review hasn’t convinced you, why not take a look at some of the best paying survey sites?

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