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Neevo Review – Extra Money From Home?

How does earning extra money by testing AI systems sound to you? Take a look at this Neevo review to see what’s involved, and more importantly, how much you can expect to earn.

Neevo review

I make the majority of the extra money I earn through survey sites and fortunately, I quite enjoy it. Find the right sites and you can make a decent amount and they can be quite interesting. The downside is that you can’t guarantee your income. There are some great sites (take a look at my top 10) but they provide a limited number of surveys.

Of course, you could try some of the poorer paying survey sites, as they have a constant supply, but do you really want to be working for £2 per hour? That’s why I decided to look elsewhere for earning opportunities when I find myself twiddling my thumbs.

What is Neevo?

According to their website, Neevo is:

A global community working to improve the artificial intelligence (AI) behind a whole range of technologies. Join and you could help create anything from smarter virtual assistants to more realistic video games or even self-driving cars.

Neevo is operated by DefinedCrowd Corporation, an AI company with offices in Seattle, Lisbon, Tokyo, and Porto. They provide data for some major companies such as Mastercard, Yahoo Japan, and BMW.

So what does Neevo actually involve?

As we all know, voice recognition is everywhere you turn. Whether it’s on your phone, TV or smart speaker, you’ll probably have at least one device that needs it.

The issue is, it’s a technology that is very difficult to get right. The U.K. isn’t a massive country but just think of all the different accents there are. That means that any system with voice recognition will need to listen to 100’s of different voices so it can learn how words are pronounced. And that’s a lot of work when you think how many words there (171,476 in the English language alone).

So that’s where we come to the rescue. We use our understanding of the English language to help these AI systems develop.

The work

Joining Neevo is a fairly simple process. You will need to let them know the languages you speak and your fluency level. Then, you provide some basic details and an email address and you’re ready to roll. That is if, there are any jobs waiting. Sometimes you have to wait for an email to let you know.

neevo review

The jobs on offer vary slightly, although they are all associated with the AI mentioned above. And the more work involved in each task, the more you will be paid. You will usually need to do a short test before you start any job.

The most basic tasks require you to listen to some phrases. You compare them to the text on the screen and mark them right or wrong.

For a bit more money, you may be needed to check that the text on the screen has been edited correctly. For example, you may be required to add something known as ‘tags’, which denote noise.

Using the Neevo app on your phone, some tasks will want you to read text out loud and record your voice. This will then be analysed in the same way as above.

The most money you can earn is over the phone. This involves you speaking to another participant and loosely following a script. Like the tasks involving the app, your chat is then analysed by other Neevo users. Although sometimes, you even analyse your own speech!

The bad bits

When it comes to the tasks, the answers can be fairly subjective. For example, if correcting speech, you may be required to add if you could hear background noise… but only if it’s significant. The issue is, your definition of significant will probably be different from mine.

Neevo uses several people to work on a task and then chooses the most popular result to denote the correct answer. That means that if you analyse a sentence correctly and another 2 users incorrectly, you will be marked as wrong.

There is no feedback on your work. Even during the test, you will be asked 10 questions and you’re only told how many you’ve answered correctly. So you could spend a day completing tasks incorrectly.

Below, you can see how I spent an hour on a task, only to find out several weeks later that 157 out of my 197 jobs were rejected!

Issues with Neevo

How much can you earn with Neevo?

It’s very difficult to quantify expected earnings with Neevo because the length of time each task can take changes so much. For example, in speech correction tasks, one job can take 2 seconds and the next one, 50 seconds. It really depends on the luck of the draw.

But from the job’s I’ve completed, I would expect most people to earn around £8-£9 per hour.

And one more thing, the payment system is terrible. You will be paid your earnings through PayPal, but when you will receive them seems to be completely at ransom. I’ve had to wait over 40 days before and there’s no way to tell which payment is for which job. In fact, one job could be split into several tiny payments.

It makes keeping track of money owed to you as almost impossible.

My Neevo review conclusion

This is quite a frustrating site. Compared to many usual money-making sites, there is a potential to earn a decent amount of money. But I can never complete tasks with the confidence I’ll get paid for everything I do.

This is certainly a site worth looking at, but it doesn’t come without its frustrations.

If my Neevo review has increased your interest in earning some extra money, why not take a look at other ways to make money on the side.

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