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Branded Surveys Review – Make $100+ Per Month

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Looking to earn a little extra in your free time? Then take a look at this Branded Surveys review to see how much you can earn per hour and why their daily poll is easy money.

Most of us get at least a few minutes spare every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes sat in front of the TV. So why not put that time to good use and earn a bit extra? There are lots of survey sites out there, so it’s a case of deciding which are the best fit for you and more importantly, which pay the most.

Who is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys is an American company owned by Branded Research, based in San Diego, California, and has been operating since 2012.

Taken from their website:

At Branded Research, the survey-taking experience of our community members is our top priority. We aim to provide our clients the best possible insights from people who are treated as more than simple data points. Our panelists are members of communities whose collective opinions and insights are qualified through willing, natural interaction. We believe a quality experience for our panelists ultimately gives our clients the quality market research results they expect.

Earning rewards is very easy to do. Signing up is simple and earns you 100 points in just five minutes. You can then earn extra by filling in some profile questions and answering a quick daily poll. Then, it’s time to start tackling some proper surveys.

The good

Although Branded Surveys awards you points instead of money for completing surveys (one of my pet hates), it’s easy to convert as 1 point is equal to $0.01. So, complete a survey for 100 points and you earn $1.

You only need to reach 1000 points ($10) before you can make a withdrawal, which you can hit quite quickly. You have the choice of withdrawing by PayPal or by voucher.

There’s a decent enough choice of vouchers that include Amazon, iTunes, Tesco and several more.

You can also earn 5 points every day by completing the daily poll (which takes seconds).

You earn points if you’re screened out of a survey. This is usually between 1-6 points. Ok, so these aren’t massive sums but not many sites reward you for failure.

To encourage you to complete more surveys, there is a leaderboard for you to compete against other survey takers. Extra points are awarded to those who finish in the top 50 for daily and weekly leaderboards and top 30 for monthly rewards. Bonus points are also given out to random winners.

branded surveys money

As you can see, James N has managed to earn over 15,000 points in a week – over $150! Plus a bonus for being top of the leaderboard.

Branded Surveys also has a useful refer a friend scheme. Get some of your friends or family to sign-up and you’ll earn 50 points.

I managed to earn just over £50 in 10 days.

branded surveys review

The bad

There aren’t too many bad points with Branded Surveys. One of my main gripes used to be that it would take a couple of weeks before points from completed surveys were credited to your account. However, this has changed recently and they are now added instantly.

With that said, I have had points removed from my account several weeks after I completed the survey, without any explanation.

You can be screened out of quite a few surveys, but as you’re normally compensated, this isn’t so bad.

The only real negative is that I don’t think the surveys pay quite as well as some of the best sites. They are on par with the likes of Panelbase and YouGov, but they don’t match the best out there, such as Prolific.

The money

There are plenty of surveys available, but how many points you earn seems to vary wildly. I have completed surveys that pay 20 points for 12 minutes work, and then completed another survey in 3 minutes for 40 points. On average, expect to earn around £5-6 per hour. However, refer friends and become an Elite Gold Member and you could earn slightly more.

branded surveys elite

As you can see, when you become an elite member, you can gain bonus points when you complete a certain number of surveys. If you become a Gold badge holder, you could boost your earnings by 19%.

Branded Surveys have recently sped up their payment service and money should reach you within 1-2 working days. Gift cards usually take a day longer.

It is important to note that because you are paid in US dollars, it does mean that if you’re based in the UK, the amount you receive in £s can vary depending on the exchange rate.

I recommend that you allow Branded Surveys to email you when surveys are available so you don’t miss out on any potential earnings. You can easily turn this off if you get fed up with notifications.

My Branded Surveys review conclusion

Just like every other survey site out there, Branded Surveys won’t make you rich. However, I find that I can regularly make over $100 per month from this site alone. I also like the fact that it is easy to earn points from the daily poll and you can earn extra from your friends. This is certainly a site worth signing up for.

Sign up to Branded Surveys >>

And using my referral link, earn your first 100 points in a minute!

Alternatively, if my Branded Surveys review hasn’t convinced you, why don’t you take a look at my top 10 paying survey sites?

Some Branded Survey tips

Check the site regularly and complete as many short surveys as you can, even if the pay doesn’t seem great. The more surveys you complete, the bigger the bonus you can receive.

If you can, check from a mobile and a computer. Both sites often offer different surveys.

Make sure you are consistent with your answers. Branded Surveys will send out questions occasionally to check that your answers match those in your profile.

Ignore the Partner Survey part of the site. These surveys are generally very poorly paid.

Please note that this post contains an affiliate link but all views are my own.

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