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Valued Opinions Review – Not A Bad Earner

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Looking for the best survey sites? Take a look at this Valued Opinions review to see how much you can earn and whether it’s worthwhile signing up to…

If you’re on the hunt for an easy way to make some extra money, you can’t go far wrong with survey sites. But you’ll soon discover that some are far better than others.

Why Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions is an established survey company that started out in 2004. They are part of the largest online survey company in the world and claim to have over 3 million members. Sign up and you can complete online surveys, diary studies or test products at home.

The good

There are usually plenty of surveys available compared to other sites.

Occasionally you will be asked to complete further tasks such as a weekly diary or visiting price comparison websites. These tasks are better paid and you can usually earn anything between £10-£20.

Another benefit to Valued Opinions is that you will sometimes qualify for product testing. That means you are asked to test certain products such as kitchen roll, biscuits and bagels – and get paid for it. I was also lucky enough to test a new recipe for a chocolate bar for a major brand.

There is an app which you can download so you don’t have to be tied to a computer to earn rewards.
When you request payment, it is usually sent immediately.

The bad

Surveys can be a little boring. They usually cover shopping, TV, banking and insurance. You can also be annoyingly screened out of surveys fairly often.
My main gripe with this site is that they charge you 50 pence every time you withdraw a gift voucher. I’m sure they’re already making money from each survey you complete anyway.

The money?

Valued Opinions reward you in vouchers such as Amazon, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and Argos. As I said, they do charge a fee of 50p for every voucher you order, so you need to take this into consideration when working out your pay.

Earnings average around £5.00 per hour.

Surveys generally pay between 50p-£2.50 and last from anywhere between 5-25 minutes. If you receive a survey with a diary, expect to be paid a lot more.

Anything else?

The only advice I can offer for this site is to sign up for email notifications when new surveys are available. However, you can also regularly check throughout the day for any updates. Below you can see how much I managed to earn just from a spare 30 minutes each evening.

valued opinions review

And my favourite survey of all time involved me ordering from Domino’s which was paid for.

Yes, that’s right. Not only did I get paid to complete a survey on pizza, I got paid to eat it too!

My Valued Opinions review conclusion

I enjoy using this site and find that I receive far more product trials from them compared to any other survey site. I just find it incredibly frustrating to be charged every time I request a voucher payout.

Click here to visit Valued Opinions and start earning.

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