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Which Are The Best Paid Survey Sites?

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Looking for the best paid survey sites? Take a look below to see which are the best sites to sign-up for and how much you can expect to earn per hour.

I know many of us think about it, but how do you go about earning extra money? One great way is by completing online surveys. Okay, so it won’t make you rich, but it’s very easy to do and how many other ways can you earn from the comfort of your sofa? Plus, you get a chance to have your say about certain brands and sometimes you may even get to try new products.

However, after several years of experience, I’ve learned that some survey sites are far better than others. Below, I have listed my top five in order of preference with how much you can expect to earn.

The best paid survey sites
1.Prolific Academic.

An easy choice for the number 1 spot. The surveys here are usually created by lecturers and students at universities. The great thing is, they usually receive grants to write these surveys. This means that the money they pay to you isn’t theirs, which often makes them more generous.

A couple of things to note; you need to keep an eye out quite often for new surveys, otherwise they fill up quickly. Also, during the holidays, there are fewer surveys.

Expected pay per hour: £9

Click here to visit Proflic and start earning.

2. Panelbase

Another must have site. They pay you just for signing up! This survey site will normally give you between 2 or 3 surveys every day. Occasionally, you will strike it lucky and be chosen to trial a product and get paid for the privilege!  Every time you enter a survey, you are also entered into a prize draw to win prizes. Although I haven’t won anything yet…

Expected pay per hour: £7

Click here to visit Panelbase and start earning.

3. Valued Opinions

Similar to Panelbase, Valued Opinions pays an almost identical rate for each survey. However, with Valued Opinions, I found myself being offered product trials more regularly and there were generally more surveys. But why have I ranked it lower than Panelbase? Valued Opinions pays you in vouchers, but charges you 50p for each one.

Expected pay per hour: £6.50

Click here to visit Valued Opinions and start earning

4. OnePoll

Not as well paid as some sites above, but I love OnePoll. Generally, the surveys only pay about between 10-30p. That may sound a little hard going, but some of the surveys take just seconds to complete. This site is great for people who are short on time or those on the constant move as you can complete surveys from your phone too.

Expected pay per hour: £5

Click here to visit OnePoll and start earning

5. YouGov

This site isn’t one of the best earning, but the surveys are slightly different and more interesting. You are asked a lot about your views with regards to current affairs, which I always enjoy giving! You don’t receive many surveys, so it’s definitely one site to use alongside others.

Expected pay per hour: £4

Click here to visit YouGov and start earning

These are the best paid survey sites I have joined so far. I am currently reviewing others, so will keep this page updated if I find others that pay more.



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