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populuslive review. Making money from surveys

Looking for a survey site that pays better than most? Then this one could be for you. Take a look at this PopulusLive review to see how much you can earn.

I have now lost track of the number of survey sites I’ve joined over the last few years. Some have been a bit of a disappointment and only pay a couple of £s per hour. However, I’ve seen a lot of positive comments about PopulusLive, so decided to give it a try myself.

Who is PopulusLive?

Taken from their website:

Populuslive is the online research community created by Populus. Populus provides intelligent research and informed insight for clients in the worlds of business, culture and politics. We specialise in stakeholder audits, providing insight for communications and government relations teams and offering strategic advice based on our research and experience.

Basically, like all other survey sites, they pay you for your opinions and then sell them on to other companies.

The good

PopulusLive pay very generously for their surveys. In fact, I would go as far as to say only Prolific Academic can compete for the amount paid. Surveys are generally very quick to complete, and the longest I’ve spent on one is just under 15 minutes.
populuslive review. Money making survey

Apart from one, all the surveys I have received can be completed by a computer, phone or tablet which means you can fill them out wherever you are.

And, if you start a survey but you don’t qualify for one reason or another, you are automatically entered into a £250 monthly prize draw,

The bad

You won’t see regular surveys from PopulusLive. Over the time I’ve been a member, I generally received around 2 or 3 a week. Plus, I was kicked out after just a couple of screening questions from several of these surveys, which is always frustrating.

My other gripe is the fact they pay you by cheque. Yep, just like it’s 1995, you have to make a trip into town and queue for hours in your local bank. Why an online company can’t pay you digitally, I have no idea…

PopulusLive don’t offer a referral scheme, which is often a handy way to make extra money from survey sites.

The money

On average, expect to earn around £1 for every 5 minutes. So that equates to a pretty impressive £12 per hour. You will do very well to find another site that pays as well.  However, you will only be sent money when you reach £50, and did I mention that this would be made by cheque? Grrrrr!

My PopulusLive review conclusion

This is a must to sign up to. Yes, the cheque thing is annoying. Yes, you can get screened out of surveys and yes, waiting for that £50 limit can be frustrating. But the truth of the matter is, they pay far more than most other sites.

I still prefer Prolific Academic though. Surveys at both sites pay similar amounts, but with Prolific, you can earn on a more consistent basis and you can withdraw anything over £5.

Sign up to PopulusLive or to find out more.

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