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YourSayPays Review. It Pays… Slowly

Need some cash but short on time? Then why not complete some quick surveys from your computer or phone? Take a look at this YourSayPays review to see how much you can really earn.

YourSayPays home page screenshot

Amongst my friends and colleagues, I’m considered a bit of a king when it comes to survey sites. I’m sure there are better things to be known for, but there we are. I was actually introduced to YourSayPays by a friend who had only been completing surveys for about a month. I have no idea how he found it, but he liked it so I thought I would give it a go.

Who is YourSayPays?

YourSayPays is run by The Leadership Factor Limited, a British company based in Huddersfield that has been operating since 1996.

Taken from their website:

We would love you to join our panel and start giving us your opinions on all kinds of subjects and in return we’ll credit your account.

With your help we provide our clients with insight and feedback quickly.

Our surveys cover all things including shopping, technology, public services and much more. You can sign up with only a few details and you will be able to complete your first survey with us.

The good

The surveys are incredibly short. I’m used to short surveys with OnePoll, but YourSayPays are even quicker. You can complete them on your phone too, which is ideal if you have a few spare minutes when you’re out and about. There are also opportunities to take part in telephone studies. These pay quite well and usually take just 10-15 minutes.

Yoursaypays balance

The bad

Although I managed about £2 in the first 2 days, progress was a little slow after that. Some days I would see 4-5 surveys and then nothing for several days afterwards. And at around 10 pence per survey, I was only earning around 50 pence per week.

From joining in May, my first withdrawal wasn’t made until August. And that only came about because I completed a £10 survey when somebody called me about opticians (I did agree to the call beforehand). There is a setting for you to be notified when new surveys are available. Although I have had this set to yes since I’ve been a member, I’ve yet to receive any notifications.

YourSayPays doesn’t offer a referral scheme either, which can be a nice and easy way to earn money from your friends.

How much can you earn with YourSayPays?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is £20, either via PayPal or Amazon vouchers. I withdrew into my PayPal account, and despite YourSayPays stating that it could take up to 14 days, it took just 3.

It did take me a while to get to £20 but not much effort. 10 pence surveys usually took under 30 seconds and my telephone survey for £10 took 10 minutes. I did waste quite a bit of time checking for new surveys though. Expect to earn the equivalent of £5-6 per hour.

Yoursaypays earnings

My YourSayPays review conclusion

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I like YourSayPays but… it’s very frustrating. I check the site multiple times, almost daily and don’t have a great amount to show for it after 4 months. If I hadn’t received that £10 survey, I would still be some way from cashing out.

As it is, I cashed out I am now on £4.35 and feel inclined to continue until I get to £20 again. It could be some time. If you’re not a patient person, then take a look at my top paying survey sites below.

Update August 2019 – I have managed to withdraw £60 and have another £12 in my account. Not a huge amount from just over a year, but not bad when I consider how long I actually spent on surveys.

Visit YourSayPays to find out more.

Or, if my YourSayPays review hasn’t convinced you, take a look at my top paying survey sites.

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