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OnePulse Review – An Excellent Money Maker

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OnePulse is an app that you can download for your mobile phone and earn cash rewards. Take a look at this OnePulse review to see how much you can expect to earn.

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to earn money. Because I work full-time and often running around after my children, one of my favourite ways is to earn using my phone. So when I found an advertisement for OnePulse, I was instantly interested.

Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your phone, you will need to fill out some basic personal details. Then, you can start to answer Pulses.

There are two types of pulses – those that pay and those that don’t. But for every pulse you complete, you’ll receive XP. And the more XP you have, the more your money Pulses are worth.

Who is OnePulse?

OnePulse is owned by StartPulsing Limited, a British company based in London that started in 2011. They operate in the UK, USA and… Kenya.

Taken from their website:

We challenge the status quo of the research industry. We challenge our clients to question the way they make decisions. And we challenge our community to stay informed in the world of fake news and constantly learn more about the world around them.

The good

Pulses are extremely short. Usually, they are just three quick questions that will take you around 10 seconds to complete. Sometimes, you may need to watch a video, but they only last a minute.

If I only completed money Pulses, I would be earning the equivalent of over £30 per hour! Withdrawing your earnings is very quick and it goes straight into your bank account. The minimum amount you can withdraw is relatively low at just $5 and is paid almost instantly into your PayPal account.

The bad

The number of pulses I receive changes weekly. Sometimes, I can earn $2-3 in a day, and then go several days without anything.

The app is a little buggy. I often find that when you receive a notification that you have a money Pulse, the moment you click on it, the app will take a while to load and often crash. I assume this is because several hundred people are all trying to access the app at the same time.

And you don’t have long to answer money Pulses. OnePulse must have a set number of participants they require and once they reach that limit, you won’t be able to answer the Pulse. On average, I find you have around 5 minutes before they disappear.

Don’t expect to always receive notifications for money pulses either. Both my wife and I have the app and often, only one of us will only get a notification when a new pulse is available. Check the app regularly!

OnePulse review

The money

Recently, OnePulse changed how they paid you from £ to $. This was so they could also target the US market. They claimed that this would increase the number of money pulses received, although I didn’t see any change. I currently earn $0.36 per Pulse. When you join, your Pulses will initially pay out less but will increase in time.

Level 1 – 25 cents
Level 2 – 26 cents
Level 3 – 27 cents
Level 4 – 28 cents
Level 5 – 29 cents
Level 6 – 30 cents
Level 7 – 31 cents
Level 8 – 32 cents
Level 9 – 33 cents
Level 10 – 34 cents
Level 11 – 35 cents
Level 12 – 36 cents
Level 13 – 37 cents
Level 14 – 38 cents
Level 15 – 39 cents
Level 16 – 40 cents
Level 17 – 41 cents

I earn around 25 pence for about 15 seconds work from OnePulse. Technically speaking, that’s about £60 per hour. If only I could get Pulses every few minutes and I could give up work. Realistically, I usually earn between $5-7 per week.

My OnePulse review conclusion

I’m liking this app more and more. I found that as I reached a level I was comfortable with ($0.35) per pulse, turning on notifications just for money pulses meant that I was making a decent amount from little effort.

And take a look who is 23rd top all-time earner…

And in case you’re wondering, Tony Cottee is a footballer from the 80’s/90’s.

Any tips for using OnePulse?

Make sure you have notifications turned on for cash pulses so you don’t miss out. When you’re new to the app, I would also complete as many XP pulses as you can so you start earning more. Notifications don’t always work, so check your app frequently. I also find that I sometimes need to reset the app before I can see a new Pulse.

OnePulse also has groups that you can join. Join as many as you can to make sure you receive more Pulses.

If you want to download the app, then Apple users click here

Android users click here

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