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ySense review: How much can you earn?

Looking for different ways to make extra cash from home? Then you can’t go far wrong with an online survey site… although some are far better than others. Take a look at this ySense review to see what to expect and if this really is a decent earner.

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ySense summary

You can find some decent-paying surveys on this site. Unfortunately, ySense will screen you out of many of these before you get paid, so you can waste a lot of your time searching. Not a bad site to join, but there are better ones out there.

– Pete Chatfield

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Number of surveys
Payment per survey
Cashout options
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Extra earning opportunities

Pros and cons:

✅ Surveys can be well-paid
✅ Different ways to earn
✅ Good cashout options

❌ The fact that you can be bounced around between surveys makes it frustrating
❌ Minimum cashout is quite high



ySense UK

If you’ve just stumbled on this review through a search engine, you’re probably unaware that I have joined dozens of survey sites over the years.

Some have been great and earned me £1,000s over the course of several years. Others have just been terrible and I would have struggled to earn more than £100 in the same length of time.

If you want to see some of my favourite sites, why not take a look at my list of the best UK survey sites?

What is ySense?

ySense is what is known as a Get Paid To (GPT) site. This means you earn rewards for completing certain tasks, which can involve taking surveys, watching videos or signing up for services.

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Is ySense a legit site?

Although ySense only started in 2019, it has actually been around for far longer. Until July 2019, ySense was better known as ClixSense.

ySense is operated by Prodege, a company based in Manhattan that also runs Swagbucks, one of the biggest money-making sites in the world. Prodege has over 100 million members across its survey sites, so you can be sure it’s genuine.

prodege -owners of ysense

How does it work?

Creating an account with ySense will take just a couple of minutes. There are profile questionnaires to answer which will ask about your demographics – this is so you’re sent more appropriate surveys from ySense. When your account is up and running, it’s time to earn some cash.

Everything you earn will be paid in US$, which can be converted into £GBP.

Ways to earn

Unsurprisingly, the best way to earn from ySense is from surveys. Payment can start from as little as $0.05 for a quick ySense survey up to $10 if you’re willing to commit more time. How much you’re paid really depends on the length of the survey, although payment and length don’t always correspond. Always check beforehand. When you finish a survey, the money should be added to your account immediately.

There are often plenty of survey opportunities to earn from, but this might not always float your boat. After all, it can become quite boring completing survey after survey. If not, there are a few other ways to make money.

ySense offers – here, you can sign up for various offers and services and earn money for doing so. Some trials may require you to spend money, while others are free. Depending on the offer, you can earn as little as $0.25 up to $100.

For example, you could join Cornerstone (a shave club) and get paid $4. These trials aren’t exclusive to ySense but certainly worth considering.

Be warned though. Some of these offers give you a small reward cash reward in exchange for entering a competition. That may sound good, but all they’re doing is collecting your data and selling it on. For $0.50, is it really worth all your contact details going to 50+ companies?

External offers – if there’s nothing on the ySense site that takes your fancy, you can try some offers from their external partners. These work similarly to the ySense offers and will pay you for taking out trials.

ySense watch – who doesn’t fancy being paid to watch adverts? Well, me. You can watch specific videos through the ySense site in return for a massive $0.01. I admit that you don’t have to do much but it can take around 5 minutes. So, even if you were to watch videos all day, you would struggle to earn much more than $1.

Take a look at other ways to earn money from watching videos for better options.

Daily poll – each day you can complete a poll on the ySense site and you’ll earn $0.01. It might not be much but only takes a couple of seconds.

Referrals – ySense runs its own affiliate scheme. Find your personal referral link on the ySense website to share with others. If they join, you’ll earn between $0.10 and $0.30. If they go on to make $5.00, you’ll get an extra $2.00.

Forum – this is not strictly a way to earn, but a useful tool. This forum is where ySense members can chat about ways to make money and give each other tips.

ySense app review

The ySense app is fairly limited compared to the main site and you’ll only use it if you want to complete surveys when you’re out and about. Still, it’s useful to have if you find you have a spare few minutes. You will need to provide your mobile number if you want to use the app.

Cashing out

A downside to some survey sites is the lack of options when it comes to payment methods. However, ySense has plenty of ways you can claim your money.

The most popular option will be cash through PayPal. Starting with a minimum cash out of $15, the money will be paid straight into your PayPal account and converted to £GBP when you withdraw to your bank. A little warning: PayPal charges its own conversion fee, meaning you don’t get the best value.

If you want cash but don’t fancy PayPal, you could choose Payoneer or a prepaid Mastercard as a payment method.

And if cash doesn’t interest you, you can choose a gift card. These generally have a smaller minimum withdrawal amount, starting at $4.80. They include

  • Amazon
  • Caffe Nero
  • Gap
  • John Lewis
  • Starbucks
  • Tesco

You’ll now get £3 for every $4.80 that you cash out, which is quite poor because $4.80 should be worth around £3.80.

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Any downsides?

Well, apart from the poor conversion rate from $ to £?

There are a lot of surveys that require you to be in some senior management role. To be honest, I don’t know many people who manage large financial organisations, but I guess people that earn £100k+ every year won’t be completing surveys for $1.

Although I filled out my survey profile as best I could, I did find that I didn’t qualify for many surveys that were offered to me. It can be quite frustrating to click through 25 surveys only to be told that you don’t qualify.

How much can you earn with ySense?

Pay is quite inconsistent for ySense. For example, a 3-minute survey could pay $0.80, whilst a 20-minute survey could pay $0.67. How much you earn per hour depends on how selective you want to be.

Potential earnings from ySense

But combined with some of the decent ySense offers, you can expect to earn around £5-6 per hour.

My ySense review conclusion

The ySense platform does give you a decent earning potential. Different ways to make money are always handy so you don’t get bored.

Purely looking at the surveys, they’re quite well paid compared to its competitors. However, there’s no getting over the fact that it can be an absolute pain being thrown out of survey after survey. But this site is worth visiting quite often and combining with others.



How much does ySense pay per survey?

There’s no set rule and it depends on the length of the survey. But on average, expect to earn around $0.50.

What is the minimum withdrawal from ySense?

For PayPal and Amazom, the minimum is $15. For everything else, it’s $25.