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Degustabox Review – Try New Food at Great Prices

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Looking to try some new food, but don’t want to spend a fortune? Then take a look at this Degustabox review to see if it’s right for you.


Okay, before we start, let’s tackle the name. Degustabox isn’t the most inspiring of titles. To me, it is a little too close to the word disgust. However, I believe the company originates from Spain, so I’ll let them off.

What’s the idea?

Degustabox is giving you the chance to try out new products to the market from major brands. Every month they will send you a new box with more food to try. Plus, you can invite friends to sign-up and earn yourself free boxes.

So, in the interest of science (?), I decided to order a box to find out what kind of things you could expect to find. With good reviews already, I wanted to try myself.

I made my order on the 8th and received a confirmation email immediately. My delivery date was expected for between the 20th and 26th – as each month’s box is only sent during a set period. On the 21st I received a text and email to tell me that my box was to be delivered the next day, and the following morning I was given the hour that the box would be with me. So far, so good.
And then I had a look through the box.

Degustabox review

The good…

A bottle of wine worth  £4.99. That’s almost all my money back, so if the worst comes to the worst, I could drink that and forget about the box.

Two packs of sweets. Fun to share with your friends apparently. I didn’t get the chance as my kids ploughed through them.

Some “No added sugar Beanz”. Baked beans to you and I – a staple diet in our household, so always appreciated.

Some Peppersmith mints for keeping your breath fresh. I’m not sure what they’re trying to suggest?

The bad…

Willy Chase’s Fit Popcorn. This was flavoured with goat’s cheese, red onion and thyme. And I thought it was disgusting. However, my kids loved it. I do wonder if they’re human dustbins, and it didn’t last long.

The ugly…

My face eating said popcorn. Although it’s not great at the best of times.

My Degustabox review conclusion

Overall, the box for just £7.99 is great value. I received 14 items worth a total of £22.39 according to the literature. You also receive some recipes and a magazine called Pepper. It’s for women of style and substance. Not being a woman, having no style and not knowing what substance means, I didn’t read it.

I did find that I gave some of my food away to friends as it just wasn’t to my taste, but I still got my money’s worth. I’m not keen on paying full price for future boxes though.

With that said, you can cancel your subscription at any time too, just by completing a form online.

Click on the banner below if you want to try out a box yourself for just £7.99.

If you’re interested in trying different foods and feeling a little more adventurous, take a look at this HelloFresh review.

Please note that I was not paid for this Degustabox review and the service was paid for by myself. The banner does contain an affiliate link to Degustabox.

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