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HelloFresh Review – Is It Worth The Money?

How would you like to be able to create a variety of meals, using fresh ingredients that aren’t complicated to prepare? Well, wouldn’t we all. But take a look at this HelloFresh review to see why it can give you some great meal solutions, but it’s not always the best value for money.

hellofresh review
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10-second HelloFresh review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A good range of food, fairly easy to prepare and decent tasting. However, it’s not the cheapest way to cook and is more suited for people with busy lives… and some disposable income. But using their introductory offer is certainly worth trying out. And with all meal kit companies, the more you order, the cheaper it is.


Let’s get a couple of things straight before I start my HelloFresh review. First of all, I hate cooking. I’m absolutely useless at it and really don’t have the patience. Second, I live off the same rubbish food. Whether it’s a takeaway or something that takes 15 minutes from the freezer, I’m not too bothered about how good it is for me, as long as it doesn’t take much effort.

As a father of 3, this is obviously a terrible example to be setting for my kids. So, with the hope that I could drastically increase my meal repertoire to more than 3 dinners, I decided to give meal kits a try.

But how did HelloFresh compare to the other meal kits and subscription boxes I had signed up to?

Who is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh delivers meal kits in North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. They aim to deliver fresh ingredients to your door so you can prepare some great-tasting meals by following simple recipes.

The headquarters of HelloFresh is based in Berlin, Germany and the company generated a staggering revenue of €1.28 billion in 2018.

How much does HelloFresh cost?

How much you pay depends on how many people you are cooking for and how many meals you need. 3 meals for 2 people works out at £29.99 or £5 per meal. 4 meals for 4 people costs £56.98, which is slightly cheaper at £3.56 per meal.

But those aren’t the only costs. Afternoon delivery slots will cost you an extra £1.99, so opt for a morning if you can as that is free.

And not all meals are included in the plan. There are ‘premium meals’, which you have to pay anywhere between £1 and £5 extra.

2 people3 people4 people
2 mealsN/A£32.99£34.99
3 meals£29.99£41.99£45.99
4 meals£34.99£48.99£56.98
5 meals£41.99N/AN/A

HelloFresh offers 3 types of meal boxes. The Classic Box has a wide range of recipes, the Family Box caters for all ages and the Rapid Box is aimed towards people that have under 20 minutes to cook. You can choose how many people you want to cook for (from 2-4) and how many nights you want to cook (3-5).

So, does HelloFresh save money?

Looking at the prices above, I highly doubt it. But that’s not the main point. HelloFresh is about convenience and trying new food with minimal effort. If you’re looking for cheaper food, you will need to look for recipes and shop for ingredients yourself.

Is there a minimum subscription?

One concern you may have is that you’re not keen on being stuck with HelloFresh meals every week. Fortunately, you won’t be. Although technically HelloFresh is a subscription service, you’re not forced to have meal kits delivered each week. You can just visit your account before the cut-off day (currently every Tuesday) and skip your delivery for that week.

My first box

The box was much bigger than I expected, but this was partly due to the fact that the chilled goods were wrapped so well to keep them at a decent temperature. Although I didn’t want my food going off, I also noticed that there was a tremendous waste of packaging.

Best before dates weren’t ideal either. My box arrived on a Thursday and contained 2 lots of hard cheese, both of which expired on the Saturday. This obviously gave me very little wiggle room when I could cook.

And there was a small problem with the ingredients. I was supposed to receive a clove of garlic, but this was nowhere to be seen. Delving deeper into my box, I did find 2 boxes of tomato and garlic puree when there should have only been 1, so I guess this was where the mistake was made. This wasn’t a big issue as I’m not a fan of garlic, but it’s a little concerning that they got the ingredients wrong on my first box.

Meals included:

  • Tasty Chicken Wraps
  • Pork Biryani
  • Herby Sausage Bolognese

The results

Were the meals easy to cook? Yes, is the simple answer. Preparation took about 15-20 minutes and roughly another 25 minutes to cook. There were a lot of ingredients that I would never have even considered, but it wasn’t complicated to do. Instructions were very clear, but unlike me, try to read through them before you start!

Unfortunately, they don’t teach you how to be artistic with your food. I may not have made it look good, but it’s not like I was going to share it with the world…

My hellofresh meal


The taste

They do say that the proof is in the pudding, although not in this case as there isn’t any dessert. The meals tasted really good, even though they were cooked by me. Even food that I would try to avoid, such as spinach leaves, added great flavour.

HelloFresh refer a friend

If you like HelloFresh, then don’t forget to tell your friends all about it. And not because they get £20 off of their first box if they use your code, but because you’ll get £20 credit to your account.

My HelloFresh review conclusion

I do feel like I have achieved something. Even though almost everything was handed to me on a plate (not literally), I still had to put some effort in. I’ve tried some new food and the recipes have given me some good ideas to try in the future, which was the main reason for me taking out the trial.

And for anybody wondering how healthy the meals are, the 6 that I received ranged from 800-1200 calories each.

Is HelloFresh really worth it?

Would I order another box? Hell yeah! But that is because I forgot to update my account in time and they automatically sent me out another load of ingredients. Whoops.

I enjoyed the food and the change of ingredients, but I can’t really justify spending that amount on food each week. But it is something I like to dip in and out of every couple of months.

And it’s certainly worth trying the trial with HelloFresh, as the discount on your first order means it’s better value than you would receive in a supermarket. It’s up to you to decide whether the convenience and variety are worth the cost of a continued subscription.

HelloFresh referral code

Click on the banner below using my referral and you’ll save 50% off your first order.

If you’re interested in trying new food, but don’t think a meal subscription service is for you, take a look at my Degusta Box review.


Can HelloFresh save you money?

Although it helps to cut down on food waste and the stress of shopping for ingredients, you would be able to source the food for cheaper yourself.

Where do I enter my promo code?

When you activate your account, there is a summary box which will say ‘Got a promo code?’ This is where to enter your code.

Where does HelloFresh deliver to?

They deliver to mainland UK, The Isle of Wight, The Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey (Excluding Herm) and Northern Ireland. They currently don’t deliver to the Scottish Highlands or Islands. 

Are HelloFresh boxes insulated?

The food is contained in special insulation along with ice packs. This means that the food can stay fresh outside o

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Monday 5th of July 2021

You didn't mention savings on impulse buys at the store. And this leads to fewer calories in the house. My gf is the queen of this. A $4 cupcake, a fashion magazine, some obscure spice we use once, lettuce and fruit we end up trashing. Plus, we eat out less . Overall, a win for us.

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