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Simply Cook Review – Good Value For Money?

Tired of the same old meals every dinner time and looking for some inspiration? Then why not try out a meal kit? Have a look at this Simply Cook review to see if it could be the answer for you. Plus use the discount code below so you don’t have to pay full price.

10-second Simply Cook review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The meal kits give you some great ideas for cooking, at a reasonable price. But the reason that this is cheaper compared to other meal subscription services is because you don’t receive the ingredients. If you’re looking to have all the food delivered to your door, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Simply Cook review
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I am a rubbish cook. However, over the last few months, I have become far more adventurous when it comes to destroying my food. This is all thanks to meal kits. If you’ve never seen one, a meal kit is a pack sent to your door with everything you need to create a tasty meal. All you need to do is follow the instructions and cook.

Some of the other kits I have reviewed include Gousto and HelloFresh and although they are great for trying new food, they can be a little pricey – you can see my full list of meal kits and subscription boxes here. However, an advert caught my eye for Simply Cook which seemed far cheaper than other companies I had tried before.

What is Simply Cook?

Simply Cook is a meal-based subscription service. But unlike other meal kits, Simply Cook just provides you with spices and recipe cards. The rest of the ingredients you have to buy yourself.

Taken from their website:

At SimplyCook we want to get Britain cooking! Despite our nation’s love of food, recipe programs and celebrity chefs most of us only have 6 meals or less in our repertoire. We aim to change that by making cooking a simple and hassle free process so you can expand your repertoire with ease!

We want to achieve 3 things:
We love flavour – we want your dinners to taste amazing.
We want to save you money – our short shopping lists mean you don’t have to spend on 20 ingredients to cook a tasty new recipe and our meals work out between £3 and £6 per person in total.
Ultimate convenience – you can use our kits when you want, cooking takes around 20mins, and the items you have to add are easily accessible.

Simply Cook Limited is a British company based in London and incorporated in 2014.

How does Simply Cook work?

Just sign-up using the app or the website and order 4 recipes that take your fancy. Your first box usually comes with a discount and will cost between £1 and £3. Within a few days, your recipe kits that include your flavour pots and recipe cards will arrive in the post. Your recipe card will also include a list of ingredients you need to buy.

Then, you can order further meals every 2-4 weeks, whichever works best for you. There is no long commitment, so you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

How much does Simply Cook cost?

Once your discounted trial box has finished, further boxes will cost you £9.99. Of course, you need to factor in the cost of ingredients on top of the box. But Simply Cook calculates that meals usually cost between £3 – £6 per person.

The good bits

There are around 70 meal kits to choose from, with over 30 of these being meat-free. So this is certainly a great option if you’re looking at reducing or cutting out meat from your diet. You can set your dietary requirements too so you can avoid anything that’s likely to make you unwell or you just don’t like the taste of. There are light versions, vegetarian meals and a gluten-free option.

You can set the frequency of your kit deliveries to weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The box fits through the letterbox, so at least you don’t need to be in for the delivery.

The plus point of not receiving fresh ingredients is that you can cook your own meals in your own time. With other meal kits, you have a limited time before your food starts to turn, but not with Simply Cook.

The bad

You still have to do your shopping as usual. Which means that my life is no easier at all. In fact, it can be a little harder. Some of the ingredients that I needed weren’t in stock at my local supermarket so I had to compromise. And when I start adding my own ideas, there seems little point in following the recipe.

My first box

As I said earlier, I was expecting much more to my kit and was quite surprised when my box arrived with the rest of my post. Each kit comes in a box that is split into a further 4 boxes, each containing 3 different ingredients pots. Each recipe card had a little tear-off section with the ingredients which you can take shopping if you wish.

The recipe cards are generally quite easy to follow but could do with a few more images. Sometimes I get a little confused by the descriptions and it’s not totally clear what to add when. Although I am a cooking simpleton.

The meal kits I chose were:

  • BBQ Tandoori chicken with sweet potato wedges
  • Vietnamese Pork
  • Masala lamb chops
  • Sichuan dan dan noodles
simply cook review

Is Simply Cook any good?

Taste-wise, there’s no complaints here. The food was very nice and the cooking times were accurate. I can still never get my food to look like it does on the recipe cards though. Although we dodged the salad for the meal below…

simply cook meal

Flavour Boosts

Recently added to the Simply Cook menu are Flavour Boosts. These pouches can be added to all kinds of meals to help improve the flavour, such as roasts, pasta, stir fry or curry. There are 8 to choose from and can be bought singularly or in bundles if you want better value.

What other people say

Looking at reviews on Trustpilot, the vast majority of customers enjoy using the service, with Simply Cook scoring 4.6 out of 5. Reviewers praise the taste of the recipe kits, although some people complain of their subscriptions renewing without their knowledge.

Simply Cook refer a friend

If you’re a fan of Simply Cook, why not tell your friends about it? Just share your personal code that you’ll find in your account area and you will both receive a free box.

And save a bit more…

If you bank online, check to see if your account has any retailer offers. Many of the major accounts like Lloyds and Santander do. All you need to do is activate the offer and cashback will automatically be paid into your current account when you make your Simply Cook purchase. From Santander, this was £7.

Simply Cook cashback from Santander

My Simply Cook review conclusion

So, is Simply Cook worth it? This really depends on what you’re looking for. This doesn’t give you a complete cooking solution like Hello Fresh and Gousto but it is far cheaper. Plus, it’s a little more flexible. Because it’s just a flavour pot included, you’re not constrained to having to make the meal within just a few days.

The food does taste good, but you have to consider whether a flavour pot and a recipe card each time is actually worth the subscription cost. But if you think it is, take a look at my Muscle Food review to see why it provides good value meat that you can use for Simply Cook recipes.

Simply Cook discount code

If you’re not sure if Simply Cook is for you, then why not order a trial box? Use the button below to order your first box for just £1.

A little tip

When I went to cancel my subscription I was offered 20% off. For life! That meant all my recipe boxes would cost just £7.99 each. Not bad value, but still a little expensive for me. But if you like Simply Cook, this is something to consider.

simply cook review

If you want to try new food, but not just meal kits, take a look at my Degusta Box review. For under £10, you will be sent all kinds of different food.

Please note that this post contains an affiliate link.


How long do Simply Cook boxes last for?

We all get sidetracked from time-to-time, or things fall to the back of our cupboards. Kits will generally last for 2-3 months and all have an expiry date written on them.

Is Simply Cook healthy?

As I said above, there are plenty of meals to choose from. If you’re looking for a healthier option, you can choose meals from the ‘light range’. These are all under 600 calories per portion. As for the other meals on the regular list, it is not clear how many calories they contain.

Does Simply Cook have a minimum subscription?

No, you can cancel at any time.

Is there a Simply Cook free box or trial?

Currently, there aren’t any freebies on offer. The best you can do is a discounted trial box. This ranges from £1-£3.

Does Simply Cook include meat?

No. Their meal kits only include flavour pots and a recipe card. No ingredients are sent.

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Dr Roy Kenneth Acland

Sunday 20th of December 2020

Do you supply the complete meal or is it just the flavourings in little pots. Please clarify.

Money Saver Pete

Sunday 20th of December 2020

Unfortunately, Simply Cook only provides the flavourings and recipes. You will need to purchase the actual ingredients.

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