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MuscleFood review: Good value for money?

Are you looking for some good quality meat or do you just want to move towards ordering your food online? Take a look at this MuscleFood review to see what you can expect and if it really is worth the money.

musclefood review

MuscleFood summary

If you’re looking for good quality meat, then MusleFood is the place for you. Plus, it tends to be cheaper than the high street. But when comparing the cost against a supermarket, you need to factor in delivery fees too… so ordering in bulk is a must.

– Pete Chatfield

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Choice of food
Value for money

Pros and cons:

✅ Lots of meat to choose from
✅ Good quality ingredients
✅ Some great special offers

❌ You need to order in bulk due to the delivery charge
❌ Some meat has a short date life than I would like



MuscleFood review

I spent years putting off ordering from MuscleFood. For me, the name conjures up images of well-built men in gyms eating whole chickens. And let me tell you, I don’t even know where my nearest gym is, let alone have I ever set foot in it.

And although I find supermarket meat quite good value, I can find it a little bland – especially the chicken. So after seeing a special offer for MuscleFood, I thought I would give it a try.

What is MuscleFood?

MuscleFood is a food delivery company that offers premium meats, prepared meals, drinks and supplements. Based in Nottingham, the company has been operating since 2013.

How does MuscleFood work?

I’ve used quite a few food delivery service companies before, such as Gousto and HelloFresh, with quite good results – take a look at my review of the best food subscription boxes available. However, whilst these focus on meals, Muscle Food has far more options when it comes to ordering.

Meal plans – if you’re looking to get fit or lose weight, then a meal plan might be for you. You can choose three meals per day and snacks from over 100 options. Just select if you want to do this 5, 6 or 7 days per week. Of course, having a full meal plan isn’t the cheapest option out there but will save you a lot of time.

Meat – as it sounds, just choose your favourite meat to buy.

Hampers – let Muscle Food choose a selection of meats for you and get a tasty discount too.

Build Your Own Box – if the hampers above don’t take your fancy, you can build your own. Just select how much you want to spend and add your favourite meat.

Prepped Meals – ideal for anybody looking for healthy lunches. You can choose between having 5 or 7 lunches delivered each week.

Meals – if you don’t want to take out a meal plan, you can buy your evening meals separately. Although you will get a 20% discount if you buy 5.

Snacks, drinks & supplements – aimed towards the more health-conscious amongst us.

Delivery costs

All food is delivered using recyclable or reusable plastics. The food is kept in insulated boxes, which means it stays chilled for 48 hours. That also means you don’t have to rush home to meet the delivery driver and shove everything in the fridge.

For orders under £75, delivery costs £5.99. For orders above, the cost is just £1.

Is MuscleFood good value for money?

I am certainly keen on buying better quality meat, but I have my limits and I’m not happy paying through the nose for it. So, I decided to give one of MuscleFood’s hampers a try. And what immediately caught my eye was the Chicken & Beef Hamper, which included extra chicken as a bonus. The hamper included:

  • 20-24 Premium Chicken Breast Fillets – 5kg
  • 6 x 200g Extra Lean Beef Steak Mince
  • 6 x Heritage Range ™ Rump Steaks – 170g

The price of the hamper came to £43 with £5.99 for postage. Ok, so spending close to £50 on meat seems like quite a large amount, but there was a lot of meat included.

But how does it compare to meat bought from a supermarket? I used Tesco as a comparison as it’s UK’s most popular.

It’s difficult to get an exact comparison as Tesco offers meat in different weights, plus various packaging sizes have special offers. However, the prices below are for standard-price products:

  • Chicken Breast Fillets 500g £3 – 5kg = £30
  • Aberdeen Steak Mince 500g £4 – 1.2kg = £12.50
  • Tesco Finest Rump Steaks 510g £8 – 1.02kg = £16

In total, the Tesco equivalent cost £58.50.

That means, even considering the postage costs, MuscleFood is actually £9.51 cheaper than buying from Tesco.

My box arrived after three days, with several ice packages keeping it cool. The expiry dates were good, with the chicken being best before six days and the rest of the meat having eight + days. But this wasn’t much of an issue, as most of it would be frozen anyway. I like my meat, but there was too much to get through in a week. MuscleFood does guarantee that all food will arrive with three or more days’ use-by date.

When it came to the actual taste, I wasn’t disappointed. The chicken was far nicer than the supermarkets’ and had no added water. It also meant that the chicken didn’t shrivel up into nothing after cooking. In fact, I had so much chicken to get through I had to turn to Simply Cook to give me some more cooking ideas.

my musclefood hamper

MuscleFood refer a friend

If you enjoy the products you receive from MuscleFood, why not tell your friends about it and earn a bit extra? All you need to do is visit your account section on the site and generate a unique code. Send this to your friend and they’ll receive a £5 discount on orders worth £40 or more. But the best thing is, you’ll get the same discount after they’ve made their first order.

Other MuscleFood discounts

As well as the refer a friend offer, there are a few other ways to get a discount on your food. Students get money off through UNiDAYS, whilst key workers are given a £5 discount when uploading their ID. Also, check the MuscleFood site for discount vouchers available to everyone.

What other people say

As always, when writing my reviews, I like to look at other people’s opinions. Over at Trustpilot, MuscleFood scores an excellent 4.3 out of 5 from over 100,000 reviews. Positive comments focus on the good quality meat and decent value for money.

On the negative side, most complaints come from people not receiving their order or items missing when it arrived.

My MuscleFood review conclusion

When it comes to meat, the product is of far better quality compared to the supermarkets’ own. And on top of that, it’s also cheaper. If you are able (and willing) to buy your meat in bulk, this is a great way to do it.

The meals are a little pricey, but they are meant more for convenience and healthy living. They are a great idea for anybody on a bit of a health kick and short of time or ideas. In fact, the meals are a little cheaper compared to many other food delivery companies.

As a little tip to find the best offers, click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the MuscleFood page.

Under the menu ‘Information’, select ‘Discount Codes’ to see the best deals.



Is MuscleFood Halal?

Although MuscleFood did offer a selection of Halal meats back in 2015, none of its meat products is listed as Halal.