Amazon Mechanical Turk Review – A Thumbs Down

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Thinking of seriously working from home and making a decent living? Take a look at this Amazon Mechanical Turk review to see if it’s possible and how much you could earn.

I have joined lots of sites over the last few years in order to make extra money. The problem I often find with a lot of the sites, especially survey providers,  is that they may pay well but there’s only a limited opportunity to earn from them.

Moving away from surveys, Amazon Mechanical Turk pays you for completing a range of tasks, known as HITs. In fact, these HITs are actually set by others and Mechanical Turk acts as the middleman. And the astute amongst you will have noticed the word Amazon in the company name. The good news is, yes, it is that Amazon. That means at least you know the company isn’t suddenly going to pack-up, owing you money.

Signing up is a little different to most other sites. First of all, you apply and then have to wait for a couple of days before you find out if they’ll accept you or not. It’s not really clear what they are checking for.

If and when you get the all clear, you need to fill-in a form called W-8BEN. This form tells the US government that you are not a US citizen and don’t need to pay them tax. This sounds far more daunting than it really is, as the forms comes more-or-less completed and you just need to electronically sign it.

The good

There are a lot of HITs available for you to complete. If I’m honest, I think you could sit there all day and still have plenty more to do the next day. And as you know this site is affiliated with Amazon. You can be confident it is legitimate. Within 10 days of completing your first hit, you can transfer your earnings straight into your Amazon account.

Amazon Turk Mechanical review

The bad

There are some quite odd tasks on Mechanical Turk. For example, one HITs was to find the twitter username of one of Donald Trump’s party. This only paid $0.05, so really, should only take a few seconds. But if you could find it that quickly, you wouldn’t bother paying somebody else to do it for you.

Many of the better paying HITs require you to have a certain HIT score before you can attempt them. For example, a $10 paying HIT may require you to have completed 100 other hits beforehand. The problem is, many of the initial HIT’s you complete pay $0.01 for at least 5 minutes work. And I am not working for $0.12 per hour.

The money

Because of the sheer number of HITs and the fact they don’t all tell you how long they take, this is a difficult one to price up. However, I think you would be lucky to earn any more than £4 per hour. And that’s after you get through all the low paying HITs at the start.

My Amazon Mechanical Turk review conclusion

As a big fan of Amazon, I was desperate to like this site. But because it was so poorly paid, it has taken me months to write a review. This is not a site I will be coming back to.

You can take a look at Amazon Mechanical Turk.

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