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Crowdology Review – One To Avoid

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Take a look at this Crowdology review to see how much you can expect to earn per hour and why I think there are better options out there.

I have spent a fair amount of time searching for survey sites and often seen people recommend Crowdology on UK forums, so I had high hopes for earning a decent amount from this site. So I spent the last few months trying to earn as much as I could.

Crowdology has been around for several years

Taken from the Crowdology website:

What is Crowdology?

Crowdology is the fastest growing online panel, where members complete paid surveys for market research. Market researchers from businesses, agencies, education, media and government contact us to gather information and opinions from our panelists, who represent the diverse demographics of the population.

The good

You are paid in cash rather than points, which always makes it far easier to see how much your time is really worth. I often receive at least 2 surveys every day. They are usually quite short so they can be completed quickly. Another plus to Crowdology is that when you complete a survey, your rewards are credited instantly unlike some other sites.

You can withdraw your rewards either in the form of cash through PayPal or in Amazon vouchers. PayPal is usually paid to you within 2 days.

You can complete most surveys from your mobile, which is always good for people on the go.

The bad

If you decide to withdraw via PayPal, you will be charged a 2% fee to do so. In today’s market, there really isn’t a need for it when Crowdology could use the likes of Circle. If you opt for Amazon vouchers, you could have to wait for up to 4 weeks which is quite a lengthy wait.

I find that I can also get screened out of surveys fairly often. When this happens, you are often redirected to other possible surveys provided by a company called Cint, but the pay and length of time differs. So, for example, you could click on a 10-minute survey for a 50 pence reward but get rejected for it. You could then be offered the same amount for a survey that takes double the time. Then you spend several minutes trying to find a survey that offers a decent return.

crowdology review

There is no referral scheme offered either. That means that even if you could convince your friends to join, you wouldn’t receive anything for your troubles.

The money

How much you are paid per survey varies a fair amount.  On average though, I was earning around 90 pence for a 15-minute survey. That works out at a rather disappointing £3.60 per hour. In all honesty, nearly every other survey site I have signed up to pays more.

My Crowdology review conclusion

I was very disappointed with this site, especially when I had heard so many positives about it. In fact, it’s one of the worst paying survey sites out there. I usually suggest signing up to most sites, just to give you an extra opportunity to earn, but I’m not convinced by Crowdology. By all means, join, but I think your time would be better spent on other survey sites.

Take a look at my top 10 paying survey sites.

Banned from Crowdology!

Just to update… I recently couldn’t log onto my Crowdology site. I use it very rarely but went to check my balance after completing a survey a few weeks before. However, I couldn’t get into my account. So I sent an email and received this reply:

problems with crowdology

No explanation of what I had done wrong! Oh well, there are better sites out there anyway.

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