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Storewards Review And Invite Code

How would you like to earn a bit extra just from taking photos of your receipts? Well, there are several apps that will pay you to find out more about your shopping habits. Take a look at this Storewards review to see how much you can expect to make. Plus, use the invite code below to earn bonus coins when you join.

storewards review

10-second Storewards review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Not a bad little earner as receipt scanning apps go. These will never make you a fortune but are great as an easy side-income. It’s generally easy to use, although it doesn’t like taking photos of A4 receipts. Combine with other similar apps to really boost your income.


Over the last few years, I’ve managed to make several hundred pounds just from scanning receipts. Okay, so it’s not a life changing amount, but it helps towards Christmas and takes little effort.

I have several receipt scanning apps that I use regularly and one that I recommended everybody avoided called Receipt Hog. Anyhow, in August 2020 it was announced that Receipt Hog was closing for UK customers and instead, users were directed to another app called Storewards. In the hope that it couldn’t be any worse, I decided to give it a go.

What is Storewards?

As I touched on above, Storewards is a receipt scanning app that will reward you with coins for taking photos of your receipts. Once you reach a certain number of coins, you can exchange them for for Amazon vouchers or PayPal.

A list of accepted receipts

How does Storewards make money?

Why would any company pay you for your receipts? Well, the data Storewards collects is used for marketing purposes. It is collated with other user’s data and sold on to companies that have an interest in shopping habits. The information you provide is not identifiable to you and Storeward’s clients will never be able to contact you directly.

Which receipts are accepted?

First of all, you are limited to only submitting 35 receipts each week, although for many of us, that shouldn’t be a problem. You must also take your photos within 14 days of receiving your receipt. Storewards will accept receipts from most retailers. In fact, it’s easier for me to list where receipts aren’t accepted from:

  1. Post Office
  2. Service receipts/payments
  3. Household bills
  4. Credit card slips
  5. Hand-Written Receipts
  6. Ticket Stubs
  7. Refund/Return of Purchase Slips
  8. Receipts From Non-Retailer Businesses (i.e. service, entertainment, government, utilities)
  9. Bus
  10. Railway
  11. Cinema
  12. Lottery
  13. Entrance to a venue
  14. Bank
  15. Petrol/gas
  16. Money exchange
  17. Money transfers
  18. Money withdrawals
  19. Parking
  20. Leisure sports (swimming, squash, etc.)

What is a valid receipt?

For a receipt to be valid it must have the name of the product purchased. For example a product code isn’t acceptable. A receipt must also include the following information:

  • Store name (address and phone number if available).
  • Purchase date 
  • Purchase time
  • Purchase’s total.
  • Barcodes (if any).
  • The product and price

How do you earn coins?

For every receipt you submit, you receive 600 coins. Submitting receipts also moves you up levels and each time you hit a new level, you are given a coin bonus. You can invite friends using your own invite code and will receive 1000 coins when they have their first receipt accepted.

Not only that, you can earn further coins by logging into the app 5 days in a row and by answering short surveys.

Is it easy to use?

One of the main gripes when it comes to receipt apps is not always how much they pay, but how easy they are to use. Some (like Shoppix), tend to be very good. You take your photos and the app recognises the receipt without any issues. Others can be a little more temperamental. Receipt Hog was always one that I found that liked to reject photos, no matter what angle I used.

Storewards is generally quite good… but it struggles with A4 receipts. I say struggles, it will never accept them from me. This is very frustrating as I do an online shop with Tesco each week and the receipts always come on A4 paper.

And if you have an issue with a receipt, there is little you can do. I have contacted Storewards before as the app told me that one of my receipts had already been submitted, even though it was brand new. Customers services told me that as the process is automated, they can’t override the system or award coins.

Storewards now allows you to earn from sending your e-receipts. However, it’s nowhere near as generous and only gives you 50 coins for each receipt and you can only send in 5 per week. Rival apps, like Shoppix, pay you the standard amount for e-receipts and don’t have such a strict limit.

Potential to earn amazon gift cards

Bonus points

There are a couple of ways to earn bonus points. You can link your Amazon account to Storewards for 2000 coins and your email account for 1000 coins. You will then receive these coins again for every month the accounts to stay connected.

This isn’t something I feel comfortable doing as you need to enter your login details for fairly sensitive accounts. Not that I think there is anything wrong with Storewards, but the fewer places these details are shared, the better. And it’s not like they’re paying you much for the privilege.

bonus points you can earn from Storewards

How much can you earn?

Let’s be realistic here, receipt apps are never going to earn you a fortune. However, the same receipt can be used for multiple apps and used together, they can be quite a good earner. In fact, if you download all of them, there’s no reason why you couldn’t earn £200+ per year.

From this app alone, how much you earn depends partly on how often you shop. A £5 Amazon voucher will cost you 50,000 coins – the equivalent to 83 receipts. But with the added coins from the other tasks I mentioned above, you should be looking at far fewer receipts.

If Amazon vouchers aren’t your thing, you can withdraw through PayPal instead. The only issue is that this costs you slightly more in coins.

My Storewards review conclusion

All in all, not a bad app. The likes of Shopprize and Shoppix pay slightly more, but there’s not a huge difference. And if you using one app to take photos of receipts, you might as well use them all.

Storewards invite code

If you fancy giving the app a try, click on one of the links below to download it to your device. And use my invite code 2ia03 for bonus coins. Please note that Storewards only invites a limited number of people, so it’s not always possible to sign up.

Android usersdownload the app

iOS usersdownload the app

And why not take a look at some of the other receipt apps you can download too?

Please note that this post contains an affiliate code.

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