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Domino’s NHS discount: How to claim 50% off

If you’re an NHS employee looking for great prices on delicious pizza, did you know that you qualify for 50% off from Domino’s Pizza? If not, take a look at what’s included and how you can claim your discount.

Domino's NHS Discount - 50% Off

Domino’s NHS discount

I don’t like to keep mentioning it as it feels a little insulting, but we all know that the majority of NHS staff aren’t rewarded fairly for their work.

But fortunately, NHS employees qualify for some exclusive deals at some of the biggest retailers in the UK. Ok, so it’s not the same as a pay rise, but it’s better than a poke in the eye. And one of the best deals available is the Domino’s NHS discount of 50% off. 

Now, I’ll be honest. Pizza from Domino’s is never the cheapest and you need to have quite deep pockets if you want it often. But with its choice of gluten-free pizza and vegan options, getting 50% off can be a fantastic deal.

You can also see how NHS workers get an amazing deal at Pizza Hut. 

How to get 50% off

This is an incredibly simple discount to claim. All you need to do is pop down to your local Domino’s store and present a valid ID card, such as your NHS ID, when you collect your food. This will automatically qualify you for 50% off your pizza – that’s large pizzas, medium pizzas, small pizzas or even a personal one.

It’s important to note that you can only get the discount if you’re paying in-store, as you need to show your ID. So, this is fine for collection but not delivery.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for anybody looking to save money though. Domino’s no longer offers free delivery and now charges £1.99. So there’s a little bit of money saved if you collect.

Is the Domino’s discount available in every store?

Domino’s is a franchise, which means that discounts and offers aren’t always nationwide and can vary from store to store. However, I have yet to hear of a store that doesn’t offer 50% off for NHS staff. But if it’s the first time you’ve used the store, it’s best to check the discount is valid before ordering.

Is it available for all food and drink?

So here’s the thing. The discount is for pizzas only. This isn’t so bad if you’re the kind of person who orders a large pizza, and that will do. But if you like ordering extras such as ice cream, potato wedges, or even some tomato sauce, then only the pizza qualifies for the discount.

Are any other discounts available?

If a discount on just your pizza just isn’t enough, then there are several ways to find alternative discounts.

Check the Domino’s website

Rather surprisingly, some of the best and latest deals can be found by directly visiting the Domino’s website. Just click on the deals section at the top and you should find a Domino’s discount code. Just add it to your basket for an automatic discount at the checkout page. This could be a half-price medium pizza, buy one get one free or a certain percentage off (usually between 30 and 45%) your whole basket, including sides and extras.

Blue Light Card

If you’ve been an NHS employee for several years, I’m sure you’ll be aware of the Blue Light Card. If you’ve forgotten your NHS ID, you can show your Blue Light Card card instead in-store for the same 50% discount. But this card comes with one big advantage over the standard NHS ID.

You used to be able to find Domino’s voucher codes on the BLC website, which could be used for discounts when ordering online. However, they have disappeared, so it doesn’t hold any advantage over the NHS ID.

You can visit my post on the Blue Light Card to find out about some other huge offers available.

A Domino's discount with the Blue Light Card

Follow them on social media

Domino’s occasionally offers fantastic deals to customers who follow them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These tend to appear during major events, such as the World Cup final or a Jubilee and are only available for a limited time.

Check cashback sites

I’m a big fan of cashback sites, which often offer pretty hefty discounts. In the case of pizza companies though, the best offers are for new users only. Just click on the cashback link before you make your first order, and you’ll earn some money back. But, this is only a couple of percent, so isn’t a massive amount.

Student discount

If you also happen to be studying, you’ll be pleased to know that a Domino’s student discount is also available. This can be claimed through Student Beans or UNiDAYS, giving you a 35% discount on your whole order.

But remember, you can only use one voucher code for each order. So, if you have a code for free garlic bread, you can’t combine this with another Domino’s voucher code.

Other money-saving tips

There are further ways you may be able to save money on your takeaway. Keep an eye on the offers from your current account provider. For example, banks like Barclays, Santander and Natwest offer special deals if you purchase using your debit card, which can be as much as 15%. Take a look through your banking app to see if Domino’s pizza is one of the stores listed.

Also, consider using the Chase debit card when shopping. This gives you 1% back every time you use it, up to £15 per month.

Other NHS discounts

Domino’s isn’t the only store offering discounts to NHS workers. Why not take a look at:


Is there a Domino’s movie night?

You may have heard of a Domino’s movie night, which offers you a free film with your pizza. However, this offer does not run in the UK.

Is there a Domino’s code for the NHS?

No, there’s no specific code. You just have to provide your ID.


Sunday 11th of June 2023

Dominoes wouldn't give me 50% off with blue light card they only offered 30%