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Ipsos Mystery Shopping Review: A Legit Earner?

On the hunt for some well-paid mystery shopper jobs? Then take a look at my Ipsos Mystery Shopping review to see if it is a legit way to make money why you won’t find much better.

Ipsos mystery shopping review
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Another week and another attempt at mystery shopping. And as you may know, over the years I have joined some of the best mystery shopping sites in the UK. This time it was with Ipsos Mystery Shopping UK (formerly GFK). As I’m sure you’re aware, mystery shopping might not make you rich, but there are some great earning opportunities available. And Ipsos UK offered £150 for some of their mystery shopper jobs.

What is Ipsos Mystery Shopping?

Customer satisfaction is a key component for companies to make money in modern society. But how do these companies know if they’re really providing a good service? By employing mystery shoppers. Ipsos Mystery Shopping acts as a go-between for companies and you, the mystery shopper.

Is Ipsos Mystery Shopping legit?

The Ipsos Mystery Shopper brand belongs to a large company called Ipsos MORI. The company was founded in France back in 1975 and expanded into the rest of Europe and North America during the 1990s.

You will not find many mystery shopping or research companies with quite a long history such as Ipsos MORI.

What does mystery shopping with Ipsos involve?

Before you start work, you need to read through what is expected of you, which isn’t complicated and doesn’t take long. Then you need to complete a test to make sure that you understand what you have read and there are a few questions on English comprehension. These questions aren’t too tough compared to some I’ve faced in the past.

Once that’s all done, you fill out a profile questionnaire and give them your payment account details and you’re ready to go.

Within a couple of days, I had notifications of several different jobs in my area. One that was very close by was to have a baby seat fitted to my car. Although that’s more interaction than I would normally like, I thought I would still give it a go, in for a penny etc. It took around 10 minutes to read through what I needed to do, and I booked my shop for the following day.

The test itself took around 30 minutes. It was fairly boring. I have three child seats already in my car and still have no idea how they go in and out. My wife has shown me a number of times, and I nod blankly to pretend that I understand. The moment I need to take them out, I ask her to show me again, she explains, I nod and so on.

This has gone on for eight years now. I then had to do the same to this poor chap who struggled with my car. He did offer to fit another seat, but having almost fallen asleep, I declined and had to tell him I was a mystery shopper. I was slightly worried that he was going to attack me, but he was fine about it all.

Do the mystery shopper jobs pay well?

I filled in a questionnaire when I returned home which took around 15 minutes. And then the following day I received confirmation that everything went well. My payment? £8 for around an hour’s work. Okay, it’s not great but it wasn’t difficult to do.

The most I have earned from Ipsos Mystery Shopping is £86 for having a smart meter installed. Arranging installation and answering questionnaires took no more than two hours in total. If I could earn £43 an hour in my full-time career, I would be a very happy man!

Ipsos UK review

Other jobs available at the moment include a visit to a mobile phone shop. Here you need to buy a new phone and take out a new contract. If you don’t want to keep it, you cancel straight after. For this task, you get paid a rather nice £40.
Also available are telephone mystery shops. You need to phone a company about taking up a service. This you get paid £3 for and there are plenty of opportunities.

There are some £80 jobs available. One is to visit a car insurance company and ask for a quote. You need to record the conversation with a machine (provided by Ipsos UK) and then send back the results. This was available in more than one location.

The most I have been offered is £150! This was to undertake an online mortgage assessment. You didn’t need to take out the mortgage, and the only real downside was that the credit check could not be removed from your file. However, this isn’t an issue for most people.

My Ipsos Mystery Shopping review conclusion

As you can see Ipsos pay varies wildly. The smaller jobs do not pay quite as well as GBW but getting paid £150 for one job is a very good return indeed. Plus, the opportunity to earn money over the telephone may be more suitable for some.

I will certainly be doing some more mystery shopper jobs with them in the future.

Visit the Ipsos site to find out more and sign up.

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